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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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International missions our coalition "cripple" production and export of oil Daash



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International missions our coalition "cripple" production and export of oil Daash

Post by rocky on Thu 07 Apr 2016, 4:31 am

International missions our coalition "cripple" production and export of oil Daash

 Baghdad / a. Q. B 

Led bombing campaign carried out by theinternational coalition, particularly American planes against oil resources for theorganization of the Islamic state in Syria and Iraq, to reduce the capabilities of the jihadists on oil production and ruled almost exclusively on the potential for export, the opinion of two experts Frenchmen. During their appearance before the French National Assembly, said the head of "strategies and energy policies , " Francis Perrin and president of theFrench Union petroleum Industries Francis Dozo " the ability of the organization of the Islamic state on oil production fell to between 10 thousand and 30 thousand barrels a day, compared to about twice that in thesummer of 2014." said Perrin said . " air strikes carried out by US - led coalition have a significant impact, especially since the launch of operation + Taadl and Yves 2+ in the fall of 2015, which specifically target oil points controlled by jihadists. " He explained that" this process specifically target oil installations, and excavation sites, pumps, and in some cases , wells, refineries, and refineries Minor, and oil pipelines, trucks ,tanks, and points of storage and the combination , "he said . " Daash oil network targeted as a whole. " He added that" oil revenues (for the organization of the Islamic State) is thus in a significant decline since thesummer of 2014 due to global and effectiveness of Western strikes prices decline and the decline of oil exploitation conditions , "adding that" the maintenance and operation works very hard, they have to fend forwhatever facilitate. " He added that" revenue is much lower today on what appears to be recalled often, not to exceed $ 400 million year, and probably less than that, or even less than that. " for his part, the French Federation petroleum Industries chairman Francis Dozo, that" local information in our possession indicate that the production Daash eased to a great extent, and we estimate that it ranges in the vicinity ten thousand barrels a day. " " we are confident that he can no longer Daash export anything out of Syria, but also prepares us to have difficulties even cover the needs of war and meet the needs of the population in their control zones, and their situation thus critical. " a spokesman for the US Department of defense (Pentagon) has stated in the beginning of the year that the campaign of air strikes on oil facilities belonging to theorganization of the Islamic state was able to reduce the oil revenue jihadists , including at least 30% higher than in October. he said Perrin in this regard that " the last estimates obtained from the US army was 30,000 barrels per day to Daash in Syria and Iraq, knowing that the process should continue + Taadl and Yves 2+ continued since then in reducing this ability. " He believed that" this is a severe pressure on economic Daash model, even if it does not diversified resources based on oil only. I think that the end of Daash military-political entity permanently controls the land and the people in Syria and Iraq is now within our grasp. "

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