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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daash organization performs operations for the burning of houses and government departments before h



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Daash organization performs operations for the burning of houses and government departments before h

Post by rocky on Sat 09 Apr 2016, 4:05 am

Daash organization performs operations for the burning of houses and government departments before his escape from the Heat center

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

As the members of the anti - terrorism forces to raise the Iraqi flag on a government building amid Hit, west of Anbar, to declare liberation of the city from "Daash," continue "Salmi", a young resident of the judiciary, and the unemployed to move in secret to bomb civilian homes. 
Decided Daash month past, sacrificing a number of its leaders prominent in the battles of "collateral" near Haditha, was uncertain of its loss, according to security experts, compared to keep Bhat. 
and make sure that in those failed attacks killed Thamer Mahlawi, the military official what is known as "the state of the Euphrates," as well as the Asi Ali al - Obeidi, Joint Chiefs of staff official in the so - called "military council" to Daash, who holds the rank of colonel in the Republican Guard dissolved. 
the al - Obeidi , was born in the district of Hawija, and is coordinator of the series "clank" the first, which resulted in the liquidation of dozens of associate security services Alsoarm attacks in a recent in 2012, among them the commander of the city emergency Regiment Colonel Mohammed Alshovar. Asi is one of the most prominent fugitives from the Abu Ghraib prison in 2013 
and expects local leaders in western Anbar province, the difficulty that compensates organization those leaders, stressing that the killing of Mahlawi Obeidi befuddled ranks Daash. Cell Salmi for booby - trapping  is considered the Heat, as seen by the extremist organization, transport strategy for insurgents station gear between the eastern and western Anbar. As expected known tribal leader in the city that Eisselm Daash city with such ease that are discussed. The announced military command in Iraq that the "anti - terror" forces, and the band 16 army from reaching the Heat Center, on Thursday evening last, and raised the flag over thebuildings the city center. According to Brigadier General Yahya al - Zubaidi, a spokesman for the joint Specialoperations command, the military statement, it followed (range), that the "anti - terrorism forces continue in the evacuation of displaced families from the liberated areas and facilitating the transfer to leap hand." on theother hand According to information from inside the Heat, obtained by ( range), that " a cell led by Ahmed Salmi, a young man at the end of the session, with a group of saboteurs to blow up houses in the judiciary, quickly and craftsman." confirms Sheikh Naim al - Gaood, a tribe of Albu Nimr leaders in Hit, a telephone contact with the (range), " the elements Daash not over yet of the Heat, and still some snipers walking around in the area, including a group of booby - trapping homes." Confirms Gaood, who entered the Heat on Thursday, that "homes bombing operations will continue until Friday." He noted that "regulation dawn every house belonging to a member in the security forces or government employee, and all partisan and political, or even suspected of being linked in any way with the government." Why edit the Heat? Tried to organize Daash, before the entry of Iraqi forces into the Heat, Exchange looking through attacking the "eye - Assad" rule, inwhich officers from the Marine Corps resides, and announced more than once that he mobilizes to attack theal - Baghdadi area north of the Heat. informed sources said in Anbar, that multiple meetings in Habbaniyah between Iraqi leaders and American after the liberation of gray. and came out of those meetings need toattack on the Heat, the next to cut supplies from Syria toward the line of Fallujah and Ramadi. The resolution of the Battle of the Heat break the siege of modern - Baghdadi and the delivery of food and drinking water to the residents easily. The Heat transportation is very important knots. It is located approximately 60 kilometers east of Ramadi, located close to the Ein al - Asad base in al - Baghdadi west. The city and connecting in ways important transportation between the cities of Anbar and areas northwest of Salahuddin, the northwest desert and up to Mosul. Steve Warren, a spokesman for the international coalition, said during a press conference held in mid-March at the headquarters of the US embassy in Baghdad that the major battle with the "Daash " it will be in the Euphrates area to spend the Heat. he pointed out that the Iraqi government will decide whether they want to go after that for the Liberation of wetlands spend, west of Anbar. bad memories for residents leaving Daash a day after Iraqi troops entered the Hit painful memories of the population, after the to evacuate most of the occupants of the houses and burning, he says see al - Issawi, a member of thesecurity committee in the Anbar province, which asserts that "Daash burned a large number of civilian cars before fleeing, in addition to the burning of government departments and public hospital in the city." Showed Fido photographer through a US surveillance plane, was broadcast on a number of websites, by elements incivilian clothes, similar to what he wears organize Daash They burned houses in Hit. And decided most ofDaash leaders escape across the Euphrates River to the other side that are related to the island, then access to areas Rawah and Anah. after entering the Heat, Iraqi forces had completed its control over the south of the Euphrates basin, as will soon begin clearing link between Hit and al - Baghdadi road, where there are still some villages like alos and wheel controlled by insurgents. he says Gaood he came to the Heat to discuss with the leadership military possibility of introducing a number of tribal forces to the area by road. Those local forces did not participate yet in Hit battles, and is expected Rajeh al - Issawi help those forces to "clean up the city and raise mine." It is likely to become a land route link between Ramadi and Hit passable, after it was airlift to the Baghdadi base substitute for the overland route . Daash confusing in gray contrast cause thecontrol of joint forces on the Heat, overwhelm Daash, in the north of Ramadi, where he is still in control of some areas there that called on the tribes that inhabited the name, Kalpo Obeid and Albu - Thiyab, and Albu it, and Albu Assaf. he says Ghassan Ithawi, a tribal leader leads a group of local fighters, through contact with the (range) that "Daash greatly influenced by shedding the Heat, he lost the support and delivery ofinsurgents in the north - east and west of the gray areas of a point." was left in front of Daash after losing the Heat, but the vast area of the island, which lies to the north of areas currently resides in them. With theexpansion of the popular crowd, in recent weeks, to the east side of them, when he carried out a military operation west of Samarra set off from even close to a modern space after purging basin blather in record time.

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