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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Washington proposes to establish three military bases to facilitate the liberalization of Mosul



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Washington proposes to establish three military bases to facilitate the liberalization of Mosul

Post by rocky on Sat Apr 09, 2016 9:10 am

Washington proposes to establish three military bases to facilitate the liberalization of Mosul

 Baghdad / term 

Revealed the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, for thepursuit of the American administration to expand the "fiery attribution" in Iraq bases inpreparation for the Liberation of the city ofMosul, Nineveh province, (405 ) north ofBaghdad, al Daash, and as he pointed out that increasing the Alquad linked to the extent of actual need her before American troops. 
the admiral said Andrew Lewis, deputy director of the joint Chiefs of staff for operations, said in remarks published by the Daily Beast, (the Daily Beast) news, and followed up (range Press), " the US forces arepreparing to create three temporary military bases stretching along the course north - south from central Iraq to the city of Mosul , "noting that" American forces will by those rules and advise the Iraqi armed forces with logistical support which will facilitate the movement of Iraqi forces toward Mosul. " 
said Lewis," The United States is strengthening unity of the military campaign against al Daash to liberate thecity of Mosul by increasing military bases and the expansion of backing the fiery circle to support Iraqi forces ,both in providing fire support the ground floor, or in the field of fire support Air Ground. " 
said Lewis," the American proposal to expand the number of rules of attribution fiery still in its initial stages, depending on the required number of US troops in the timing , "pointing out that" Iraqi forces still did not achieve any significant progress towards Mosul , which is located around 65 miles from the stronghold Daash in the city , "stressing at the same time, that" military aid US will be ready if the Iraqi troops approached the city of Mosul. " 
Furthermore, a US military spokesman said the international coalition against al Daash formatted to restore Mosul in Iraq better than it is for the paper in Syria. And Mosul and tenderness of the priority of theinternational alliance against the jihadists led by the United States targets. 
He said Col. Steven Warren, from Baghdad in a press conference via video quoted by AFP, said that "liberalization tenderness plan is not as sophisticated as editor of Mosul plan." He said he was in Iraq, a coalition of relying on the Iraqi military in planning for the restoration of Mosul. 
In another context, the US official said , "We are working with leaders in Syria , the democratic forces in anattempt to develop a plan" to restore tenderness, adding , "We are still at the beginning of " preparations.

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