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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Rights Watch: Daash prevents leave Fallujah and its people starving



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Rights Watch: Daash prevents leave Fallujah and its people starving

Post by rocky on Sat 09 Apr 2016, 4:10 am

Rights Watch: Daash prevents leave Fallujah and its people starving

BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Called Human Rights Watch, to speed thedelivery of humanitarian aid to the people ofFallujah who are starving, while theinternational community has urged more attention to the regions and cities under siege to prevent the results "disastrous" on civilians.
Said Joe Stork , deputy executive director of the Middle East and North Africa in theorganization in a statement Thursday, I followed (range Press), " the Fallujah residents face hunger due to the blockade imposed by the Iraqi forces on the town (62 km west of Baghdad), and the organization Daash preventing them from leaving , " calling on the warring parties to "ensure that the aid to civilians in the city. " 
Stork said that" the organization Daash showed total disregard towards the civilians in the conflict and it should not add to starve the people of poor record, and allows civilians immediately leave Fallujah , "stressing that" human image in Fallujah bleak and getting bleaker, and there is a need for more international attention regions and cities besieged otherwise, civilians will face disastrous consequences. " 
According to Human Rights Watch, that it" has recently been able to communicate with a population ofFallujah and seven others Bmqaman in the region , "noting that" the people of Fallujah are now eating bread made ​​from date seeds and soup grass. " 
the news organization, a medical source in Fallujah, saying, " the local hospital receives daily children suffer from hunger because most of the food items are no longer available no matter what the price," is accused oforganizing Daash that "prevents people from leaving the city, and the execution of a man tried in the ( 22 March 2016). " It 
also quoted human rights Watch, the popular crowd, saying that" Daash executed 35 civilians in Fallujah ( thethirtieth of March 2016), for trying to escape from the city. " 
the Commission on human rights in Parliament, expressed in (27 March 2016), concern about the blockade imposed on the city of Fallujah by the security forces, while stressed the need to open safe corridors for civilians, called for political blocs to put aside their differences in order to liberate the Iraqi cities of Daash, andinternational organizations to provide assistance to non - availability adequate financial allocations. 
and managed to Iraqi forces besieging Fallujah recently cut military supplies them after the control of the neighboring city of Ramadi, and prevents the militant group of the population to leave the city and keep them as human shields. 
the first city of Fallujah fell to regulate Daash. And it took over the organization after that vast areas in Anbar province after the big attack , in which dominated the city of Mosul , the second largest city in Iraq in June 2014 
and presented jihadist organization later to successive defeats at the hands of government forces and volunteers of the popular crowd who managed to regain control over large areas in the Kirkuk, Diyala, Salahuddin and Anbar.

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