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Rights Watch: "Daash" Alaesideat forced to convert to Islam and Astkhaddmhn as "thin"



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Rights Watch: "Daash" Alaesideat forced to convert to Islam and Astkhaddmhn as "thin"

Post by rocky on Sat 09 Apr 2016, 4:16 am

Rights Watch: "Daash" Alaesideat forced to convert to Islam and Astkhaddmhn as "thin"

 Baghdad / term 

A new interviews with women recently fled, expose them to torture and trafficking among the elements of the organization "Daash." 
And offered the testimony of the victims arealso restrictions systematically violate therights of women and girls Iraqis others, and severely limits freedom of movement and access to health care and education, in areas controlled by the group areas, according to Human Rights Watch. 
 interviewed by Human Rights Watch 21 Arab Sunni Muslim woman of Hawija , Iraq, 15 women and girls from the Yazidi minority area, escaped all of the controlled Daash areas, and most of them fled in late 2015. 
 She spent many Alaesideat - abducted by Daash mid - 2014 - more than a year in captivity, and scrotum turn them forcibly to Islam and in their use of sexual slavery and sold and paid in the slave markets and mobility between up to four elements of Daash. Documented by Human Rights Watch , rape and systematic for women and girls Alaesideat for the first time in early 2015. 
She Skye Wheeler, a researcher emergency relevant to women 's rights , "the longer the women 's families Alaesideat the Daash increased the rigors of life on them, have been subjected to the sale and purchase and raped brutal separation from their children. The restrictions Daash on by Sunni women, Vqtathn for ordinary life and services almost entirely. " 
women interviewed by Human Rights Watch fled from areas under the control of Daash, since June 2014, west of the province of Kirkuk, and Ovdn on areas controlled by the Kurdistan Regional Government forces.According to all women and girls by Sunni exposure to severe restrictions on their dress and freedom ofmovement in areas under Daash. They said they were not allowed to leave their homes , but were dressed infull burqa and accompanied by close relatives of the men. These rules , which carried out the beatings and the imposition of fines on men relatives led to the isolation of women from family life, friends and public life. 
I reported 11 women and girls interviewed to restrict their access to health care and education because ofDaash discriminatory policies, including rules to prevent male doctors from touching or seeing patients or monopoly them. In rural areas, prevented Daash girls to attend school. The fighters Daash and elements of the women of the "morality police" beating and biting and tingling women with sticks metal in public places, leading to fear from seeking the services they need. 
Violations against women and girls Alaesideat documented by Human Rights Watch - and include theabduction of women and girls practices and turn them forcibly to Islam and / or marry Jabra elements Daash - may represent part of the genocidal actions against the Yazidis. Women also reported that elements Daash they took their children , women, and abused physically to them and forced them to pray or shot Muslim names on them. A 
few numbers of women and girls Alaesideat continue to flee Daash, according to officials in the Kurdistan Regional Government and non - governmental organizations will help them estimate. Interviewed by Human Rights Watch 15 women and Yezidi girl, whom seven have served in the families Daash more than a year, and 4 , fled in December / December 2015 or January 2016. The women and girls said that Daash Jelbthn and Bathn repeatedly, with subjected to rape times Aadidh.ohaana It has been locked away in rooms for days with subjected to humiliation and beating their children or taken them. 
It adds Wheeler "Daash attacks on women and girls , particularly Alaesideat, created new and terrifying crisis for women and girls in the region." She continued: "It is the means available to the Government of Iraq to help these women, change laws and policies to improve the protection of all women subjected to rape." 
Estimated by the United Nations that in August / August 2014 fighters killed Daash and kidnapped thousands of men, women and children Yazidis, when he took control of the group in the town of Sinjar ( Chenkal) Yazidi villages around Mount Sinjar, west of Mosul , 120 km distance. In interviews with Human Rights Watch ,women and girls described how separated Daash women and girls for the men, then Ksmthn by age or based on marital status, and then took them to Syria, or to multiple locations, several times, in Iraq and Syria, such as prisons or schools used as centers detention. Women were kept and sold as slaves in the market kindness.Re - sell some of the women as "slaves" of sex and / or domestic work among members Daash. 
Issued a "Daash" recognizes the data captured women and girls Aesideat "spoils of war" and sought to justify sexual violence. These data further evidence of a common practice and is at the heart of a systematic Daash policies. These acts constitute war crimes, and perhaps crimes against humanity. Keep children away from the community and the conversion of large groups of children and women Jabra Islam may indicate that acts of genocide against the Yazidis. 
, Said " the World Health Organization , " the need to implement support activities with the involvement of thepsychological problems of individuals and communities, while strengthening existing resources, and that isavailable to all without discrimination . 
all women and girls who are 21 by Sunni interviewed by Human Rights Watch with reported Bajabbarhn to wear the niqab , which covers the whole body, face and head, with their eyes on the membrane, gloves and socks, whenever they go out of their homes. All clothing must be black without any decoration. Some of them said they membrane because the eyes could not see their way, and sometimes Tosrn and dropped off.Before Daash control over those areas, as far as them as saying, they wore the veil that shows their faces, with colorful clothes. 
Women said they were afraid of being hit in the event of non - compliance. Often, the male relatives arepunished when violation of the rules of clothing to 30 lashes or a fine of 50 to 100 thousand Iraqi dinars (45 to 90 US dollars) or both. 
Women said they were not allowed to move out of the house without the company of male guardian - a man of closest relatives - even in family visits near the house. 
the fighters Daash harassment of women on the security barriers difficult than going out to seek medical care.Several women said that elements of women 's clothing are watching hisbah Be the women and their behavior in clinics and hospitals. Said 50 - year - old woman from Sharqat: "beat my niece because she was breastfeeding her baby in Hawija hospital. People are very afraid to go." Another woman said that a woman from the calculation Qrstha of her arm because she uncovered her eyes at a medical clinic. 
Sometimes families were prevented their children from going to schools. Due to lack of teachers, some ofwhom fled before Daash attacks, or because Daash changed course, became confined to the study of theQur'an and fighting techniques and instructions on how to manufacture explosives, in the words of women and girls. 
Faced women, girls and their families many risks during the escape from strongholds Daash. The women described the use of mentors Bahzin to avoid explosives Daash They walked together with their families in thefields. Lady said that her cousin was killed when he stepped on an explosive device. The Daash beat and fined and in some cases killing civilians who are caught during the escape from the Daash areas, according towomen, although it is not known to kill one for that reason.

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