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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daash threat comes back belt of Baghdad and close to a sensitive military facility



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Daash threat comes back belt of Baghdad and close to a sensitive military facility

Post by rocky on Sun 10 Apr 2016, 4:06 am

Daash threat comes back belt of Baghdad and close to a sensitive military facility

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Within one month could Daash penetrate military fortifications, west of Baghdad, and control over the two regions, attacks surprise, before he denounce it after hours. 
It was the latest attack on the "Abu Ghraib", last week, when the government and thepolitical blocs are busy studying the biographies of the candidates of the ministry new. , 
and killed and wounded during the attack , about 50 associate in the ranks of the popular crowd, most ofwhom followed the League of the Righteous, after a great mechanism to cross the embankment front fighters succeeded as they slept. 
recently escalated warnings of security officials of the seriousness of the situation in the regions of what isknown as the "Baghdad belt" stressing that the organization Daash began activating the "mandate of theSouth." scene in Abu Ghraib and announced the organization Daash, recently, in the data on the affiliated sites on the Internet, claimed responsibility for the attacks carried out by suicide bombers in Basra, Babil, Nasiriyah. Iraqi security officials and is likely to be a "political conflict" behind the attempts to drag the safe southern provinces to the cycle of violence. it seems the scene was tense in western Baghdad, where approaching Daash of the camp , "Tarik", a key military headquarters includes many weapons mechanisms, adistance of not more than 100 meters, according to MP Mohammed Naji , who was overseeing until close tothe Badr organization fighters in that region. MP and leader of the Badr Organization , said in a telephone interview with the (range), that "Daash dominated during the period of about a month for hours on more than one area on the outskirts of Abu Ghraib, before he retrieved the army and the crowd after sending reinforcements military. " enables infiltrators estimated at 40 people, late last February, to penetrate the Abu Ghraib area coming from the village of Subaihat, located to the south - east of the Karma. operations , " thedawn of the vine , " said a statement of the team Harbi media, earlier this year, said that" the current messianic " in cooperation with the army forces were able to" cleanse Subaihat of IEDs area and access to the outskirts of Fallujah. " but local officials in Baghdad confirmed that" Subaihat still However Daash and that the joint forces was not edited only some villages in the parties. " security committee , it said in a Baghdad ,as to learn the security operation in the vine supervised by the Baghdad operations results. the first attack on the "Abu Ghraib" after 10 months after the launch of a military operation to liberate " the vine" that did not lead to control of the city center, or even prevent the launch of hackers them off capital Baghdad. He says MP Mohammed Naji " the military operations which started a few months ago and named after the dawn of thevine seized on the outskirts of the vine and Fallujah , and then stopped." leader of the popular crowd reveals that Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi , "has yet to approve the release of Fallujah, and Homnchgl Bhat and Sharqat . " Badr is considered and the rest of the outskirts of the popular crowd , " Fallujah , "head of thesnake for" Daash, " the United States accuses preventing edited for use as a threat to Baghdad as a pressure on the Iraqi government. dropped Daash during his attack first on the Abu Ghraib main checkpoint, where theregiment fourth resides Maj . of the Army 24. And seized a number of "military - wheel" used by the attack.While the commander of the regiment , and there are a number of soldiers killed during the attack. And burned organization portions of the "silo" of the city, also attacked oil stores.  Surprise attack and still Subaihat, a village 3 km away from the Karma Center, from the most dangerous areas infiltrate Daash to Baghdad, as happened in Abu Ghraib last attack. He says Kamel Abbas, chairman of the Abu Ghraib District, in an interview (term) that "Daash attacked the popular crowd at dawn Monday, killing 25 militants , mostly from the League of the Righteous also wounded a similar number of them." exploited Daash responsible for monitoring cameras in the embankment front of the presence of fighters sleep "bandages , " while pierced bulldozer embankment, and smashed the headquarters of the presence of the popular crowd fighters.confirms Abbas said "Daash dominated in the attack on Kabissat area on the outskirts of Abu Ghraib, before Tstrdjah Iraqi forces and the crowd after the arrival of reinforcements." He criticized Jawad Tlabawi, military spokesman as the League of the Righteous, last Monday, the prime minister security leaders who said they were "ignoring the warnings of the resistance factions and are developing plans lacked military professional to catch the ground." Abu Ghraib last areas vacated by "al - Qaeda" in 2006. It is believed security experts are considered, the gunmen know the secret caches of weapons of the former Iraqi army , which is still buried in the area. it is believed Mohammed Naji it is wrong to leave Abu Ghraib and preoccupation with other fronts.He adds saying , "fragile and close to the Baghdad area, where hostile activity." Reinforcements to the west of Baghdad , the military stepped up its presence, recently, in Abu Ghraib, and sent two regiments to the city, and officials there are calls for the formation of a regiment of the sons of the judiciary to help the regular forces. He says Kamel Abbas, chairman of the Abu Ghraib that " the sons of the judiciary know the population and the nature of the region more than the rest of the forces that descended Menteboha from other provinces." but those appeals fell on deaf ears so far in Baghdad, while living "Abu Ghraib" in a humanitarian and service poor conditions, they are since two years without water both for irrigation or drinking. He says local official said "Daash threatens to plunge the Abu Ghraib again." the opening Daash in April 2014, four gates to fill Fallujah, which led to submerge the "Abu Ghraib" water, the latest considerable damage to theland and the homes of civilians. on the other hand the engineering effort of the Iraqi army continues to implement the first stage for "Wall of Baghdad , " which is supposed to be performed to protect the capital from hackers and cars mined. It is believed to Sarheed, a member of the Baghdad Provincial Council, who hails from a tribe in southern Baghdad, he said that "Daash began send indications that he will attack thecapital , because it is afraid of the fence is complete. " to discharge the Sarheed, in his interview with the(range), the existence of " sleeper cells "in Baghdad belt, but he says that" there are exaggerated to talk about the threat to the capital, and that the residents of these areas want to live in peace ".

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