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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Independent: Daash teaches children to slaughter and make improvised explosive



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The Independent: Daash teaches children to slaughter and make improvised explosive

Post by rocky on Sun 10 Apr 2016, 4:13 am

The Independent: Daash teaches children to slaughter and make improvised explosive

 translation term 

Parents escaped from the areas controlled by the organization Daash that its fighters teach young students how to make improvised explosive devices and wash their brains extreme their ideology said. 
She says one mother , " They have replaced another school children learn how to fight and make improvised explosive launch suicide attacks." The researchers said the human rights organization , who spoke with her ​​son's 12 years that the organization was giving them lessons in making improvised explosive addition to thereligious teachings before the family escape from the gray. 
She met the human rights organization , women and children have fled the rule of Daash including girls Astkhaddmhn Daash slaves sex was raped several times by terrorists. 
women and they expressed their fears on their children to leave to study in schools that shut them down Daash or they found themselves forced to attend schools Daash with extremist curricula. 
some families do not send their children to school for fear of targeted bombing because Daash used as bases including Riad children. Says one of the ladies "before the arrival of Daash there was an elementary school mixed, but today there are no books teach only the Koran and nothing else. Initially barred girls from working but after the beginning of 2015 refused to allow girls who are above 12 years of attendance in school." 
The girl described 16 - year - old from Hawija curriculum unrestricted provided Daash in her city earlier that washing of the brain, "there is no real school, they teach only Islamic law, he 's just brainwashed." In theregion they have allowed her attendance at school but in other areas of the girls were barred even from religious education or forced them to adhere to a specific dressed Kartdae unveiled all the time. 
For his part , the Security Council called on all parties to the conflict not to practice procedures that prevent children 's access to education. It is known for Daash he uses children as fighters and bombers as well as photographing children - including British child is four years - Kmenvve executions in propaganda tapes vessels, where one of the tapes showed the boys shooting at a number of prisoners. He also published theorganization tape training camps as they call them Bochaabal succession, said parents that their children arereturning home with dolls Olpsoha uniform orange for the children to cut off their heads duty Betty. 
Analysts fear the proliferation of the number of children who send them Daash battles because of pressures as a result of military operations and air strikes and losses Finance. 
According to a report of the Centre for the fight against terrorism that are at least 89 children a fighter for Daash killed in one year most of them in Iraq and Syria, as employed by the organization to drive the wheels and car bombs in military sites and other security goals while others have been killed in battle or in suicide attacks against civilians . 
saw lots of conflicts , the use of child combatants, but the other groups were committed to secrecy as recruiting minors and surreptitiously employed as a last resort. The Daash it uses minors in the same way that used the adults, and the normalization of children in areas controlled by openly brags training camps Cubs and praises the murder of teenagers in the media Altjtmaih. 
She described the group (tenderness slaughtered silently) children that they are a lost generation, and raised concern that recruits children may continue - even after defeat Daash - their attempts to establish a brutal bloody succession.

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