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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Commander of Nineveh operations: military tactics failed and wait for a revolution in Mosul against



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Commander of Nineveh operations: military tactics failed and wait for a revolution in Mosul against

Post by rocky on Mon 11 Apr 2016, 4:05 am

Commander of Nineveh operations: military tactics failed and wait for a revolution in Mosul against Daash

 translation: Ahmed Alaa 

Iraqi military base a few kilometers from thefront line, Major General Najim al - Jubouri speaks calmly and confidently about his troops deemed able to make great efforts to regain control of the city of Mosul. 
On 24 March, the Iraqi government announced the beginning of the restoration of Mosul long process awaited, where it can now Iraqi soldiers, consult the American soldiers and the US made ​​vehicles, zipping off the town drunk base, which was established last January, as a platform for launching military to liberate thecity operations. 
Jubouri confirms, that the operation has completed the first phase, indicating saying, "Praise God , we have achieved some goals so far. " the 
commander of Nineveh operations through his words seem confident of his troops, but the facts on theground indicate the opposite words of Maj . Gen. al - Jubouri, there is a lack of trust of the locals coming for liberation forces, as well as winning the divisions between the various forces on fighting against Daash, not tomention the lack of military efficiency on the battlefield, according to the American. experts 
facilitator Hassan, an Iraqi soldier was charged with his colleagues to restore a small town called "Carpardan" it is a small village with an area of 1000 square meters, said they were taking three days to edit. 
was already slow pace of military operations in the five first days after the announcement of the Iraqi government attack, where he was able to force the restoration of less than a dozen towns, after he pulled outinsurgents terrorists them. 
He admitted al - Jubouri , the failure of tactics, expecting simultaneously, the uprising spoke from inside Mosul to help forces security to break into the city , stressing that "We hope that the uprising spoke against Daash of the villages that we are close to them." 
feel Mosalion residing in those villages that are trying security forces restored, loss of confidence in the troops coming to free them, arguing that, that thousands of Iraqi soldiers Save the moment of the arrival of militants Daash of the city, leaving the US weapons that were in their possession. Valahale consider security forces on a large scale, either incompetent at best, or a repressive sectarian at worst. 
Divisions between Iraqi forces and fighters of the Kurdish Peshmerga led the other to slow down the military progress, although the concentration of security forces for months in the town drunk , which recaptured Peshmerga forces after entering in clashes with militants Daash in prior periods. 
Chris Harmer, a senior analyst at the Washington Institute for the Study of war says , " the United States continues to identify priorities and tasks of the Iraqi army , which has spent the billions of dollars, so he wants Americans to know whether the Iraqi military are able to restore Mosul or not , "likely that the growing tensions between Kurds and Iraqis on the battlefield is not equal. the 
problem facing the Iraqi Kurds, is the central government 's claim in Baghdad 's annexation of the town drunk to it, especially as the city kept the fighters Peshmerga in June of 2014, I stayed a base for military operations, but the Iraqi army considers today a point of contention and wanted to return them to the central government. 
He insists al - Jubouri , the need to get the support of the Sunnis, at a time through the tribal leaders from the city of Mosul for their eagerness to play a role in the fight against al - Daash and help restore their villages, but they are , according to what they believe, they are marginalized did not give them enough arms. 
Hassan Sabawi, a member of the Nineveh provincial council says that " the Sunni tribes should be involved in the editing process, or at least open the doors to the fighters who want to fight against Daash" . 
between Harmer, the need to unify the visions of divided powers, because it is difficult for the Iraqi army to achieve significant progress in Mosul , what did not happen on the local support of the city and its people and anti-Daash in Mosul, otherwise the military operation would be chaotic. 
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