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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Independent: Kurdish women and Aesideat are fighting in a drunken Daash



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The Independent: Kurdish women and Aesideat are fighting in a drunken Daash

Post by rocky on Tue Apr 12, 2016 5:29 am

The Independent: Kurdish women and Aesideat are fighting in a drunken Daash

 translation term 

Includes unit "women only" or "Jane" near Mount Sinjar alternating group of women fighters of the Kurdish and Aloesideat who Akhcahn fighters Daash, where one thinks ofthem he would not go to heaven if killed by awoman. 
Says Kurdish fighter Haven - 22 - year - old "The rape Aloesideat was part of Daash to destroy civilization and women plan. " The fighters wearing green fatigues similar to armed Kurdish groups. Adds Haven , pointing to a scar close to the same , "I am fighting for a long time where I was on the front lines but I was a roadside bomb." 
Says her boyfriend Dennis said unit Jen was founded at a base near Sinjar after Daash fighters attack in August 2014, and after taking control of Sinjar took thousands women prisoners of war as Yezidis from theinfidels. Kidnapped young women and children and killed the men and the elderly, those who were unable to escape were killed and buried in mass graves. 
Dennis says , "After what happened to Oesideat it was necessary to establish a combat units , women only. Was Aloesideat defend themselves so that they could control their future, and for that why we're here. " 
lives fighters in isolated places for men, and the emotional ties are forbidden, says Haven" We live in isolation and this is the only difference between us and the men either in the front lines , we just like them. " 
women base decorated with images of women martyrs. When asked about the ability of units of women in the battle against Daash, Dennis said with a laugh , "They are afraid of us too much because if we killed them will not go to heaven. When we see them we call high laughter to make them know Baddoumna. They are cowards." According to Haven , "I like that they will not go to heaven when they kill them, I do not know how much killed them, but this is not enough .. will not feel happy until all dead." 
Just three hours in close to the Syrian border village of predominantly Arab, tells fighters Kurdish How have been able to restore the village of Daash two weeks ago, says the fighter Delsan " We waited for weeks in the mountains, and we lost 15 fighters - 14 men and one woman. 
I came to evict Daash of this earth. add fighter Rosalyn, who left medical school to spend three months in training in Syria mountains "I came to Aloesideat, I saw them cut off women 's heads in Rojava - three Kurdish enclaves south of the Turkish border in Syria - I saw many terrifying things I do not want to see more killings and beheadings. I have come to take revenge for women Aloesideat, must Ohmian of these unpleasant animals. We are not afraid, we sing when entering the battle because we know that they arecowards. " 
Morale of the fighters is very high despite the fact that fighters Daash not deported about them more than afew miles. Says Dennis to protect Aloesideat is just a step in the Khtthn for the defense of women 's rights globally , " you and I are free, I am a fighter and you press but the sisters in the world suffering under theauthority of men. In Africa, Asia, Europe and America , women suffer such Aloesideat. Fighting for our women is a fight for all women. "

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