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wow, they actually say our votes do not count and they the GOP decides the nominee -



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wow, they actually say our votes do not count and they the GOP decides the nominee -

Post by Lobo on Tue 12 Apr 2016, 4:35 pm

use link to view video - wow, they actually say our votes do not count and they the GOP decides the nominee -

The Cowardly GOP Proxy Leadership Responds to Dave Hodges’ Allegations of Stealing the Nomination from Trump

When I met and married my wife, she was a highly successful corporate executive. When she left that world to become a full-time mom, she did not lose her tenacity, intelligence, work ethic and track record of success. However, not in a million years, would I ever consider hiding behind my wife’s skirt. Yet that is what one senior official of the GOP leadership is doing.
I am attacked for my views and expressed beliefs on a daily basis. However, my wife remains my confidant and ally, but I do not hide behind her skirt. If I feel compelled to answer any allegations, on any topic, I am man enough to speak for myself. That is not the case for one Curly Haugland and the GOP.

Dave Hodges Speaks Out Against the GOP on Doug Hagmann’s Show

Doug and Joe Hagmann
While recently appearing on the very popular Hagmann and Hagmann Report, I expressed outrage that the GOP Presidential nomination is being stolen from Donald Trump. Rules and laws have been broken, and even if everything that is happening is legal, and it is not, the alley-cat ethics of GOP officials like Curly Hoagland are on display for all to see.
Please watch the following video and note that GOP official, Curly Haugland, clearly states that the people do not choose the candidate, the leadership of the GOP does.

The Stalinist Nature of the GOP

Doesn’t this remind you of Josef Stalin who said he did not care who the people voted for, he only cared about the person who counted the votes. The GOP’s clear message, as expressed by Haugland, can be summed up by saying “We only pretend to give you a voice. This is not a Republican form of Democracy, shut up and sit down, we will tell you who your candidates are”.
As you have just witnessed in the above video, Haugland’s own words convict him of this Stalinist approach to American politics. Why the hell even bother to vote? In response to the same issue, even Fox’s Hannity said the same thing “Why the hell vote?”
We spend tens of millions of dollars to pretend we have representative government and the people have a choice, only to have the back-alley-cats of the GOP, like Curly Haugland, tell us that “You don’t matter, so shut up and sit down and enjoy our flavor of fascist corporatism”.  And when Dave Hodges dares to publicly criticize, people like Curly Haugland, he hides behind the skirt of his wife as the GOP sends in the women to fight his battles.

Stand By Your Man

What happened next is reminiscent of when Hillary Clinton was publicly forced to support Bill Clinton when professed his innocence with regard to having an affair with Monica Lewinsky.
Poor Mrs. Haugland, being compelled to write to Dave Hodges to defend her husband and his colleagues unholy practice of stealing an election. I feel bad that she was put into this situation.
Mrs. Darlene Hoagland, wife of Curly Hoagland saw fit to write me a three page email only hours after my appearance on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.  With the music “Stand by Your Man” playing in my head, I was forced to read Darlene Haugland’s three page drivel about how wonderful her husband is while his actions are divinely inspired, and all the while defending the theft of an election.
Apparently, the Commandment of “Thou shall not steal” was left on the cutting room floor for this email. Mrs. Haugland could not help herself as she had to remind me that her husband has never been in a secret society like Donald Trump (she must really think I am a conspiracy theorist).
The following quote from the Haugland email forms the basis of her defense of her husband’s support of the belief that it is permissible to ignore the will of the people and steal an election:
“You mentioned the public is angry their vote doesn’t count…can you imagine how these delegates [who do organizational work year round, pay for their memberships, etc.] felt about being forced to vote for someone they don’t want because some non-members have more rights than they do?”
Excuse me Mrs. Haugland, the people expect that when tens of millions of taxpayer’s money is spent to have a primary election, that the will of the people will be carried out. The American people want Thomas Jefferson and Curly Hoagland and his merry band of thieves is giving us Josef Stalin. Can you believe the logic expressed in the above quote? Delegates can just choose to ignore the will of the people that they are pledged to represent and to not be able to do so is a violation of the delegates’ rights? Are you doing a double take at this twisted logic? Oh, and did you catch the phrase where Mrs. Haugland stated “…non-members” have more rights than they do?” Did you catch the meaning of this phrase see us as “non-members” in this politically castrating reference to the will of the American people.
In the most honest statement in the entire email, Mrs. Haugland stated the following:
“There was no need to spend billions of dollars before the primary when all you needed was under 1300 votes at the convention”.
This is just another verse in the same GOP ballad which says again “Shut up, sit down, we will tell who you can vote for”. On this point, Mrs. Haugland is correct, save the money and bring the criminal elite’s dictatorship out in the open for all to see.
In her most incredulous statement, Mrs. Haugland tried to disarm my protestations by claiming that “I’m a long time born again Christian and a strong Trump supporter”. I will leave the Christian aspect between Mrs. Haugland and God. However, how can one honestly say they support Donald Trump and then support this unholy GOP process of stealing the election away from Trump? I have to question Mrs. Haugland’s support of Donald Trump when she unfavorably compared Donald to her husband because Donald was in a “secret society”.  Sorry, Mrs. Haugland, the lack of consistency here is clear for all to see. This is why high profile politicians use speech writers and have campaign managers so people like me cannot smell the Bravo Sierra from a thousands of miles away.
A final word about this misguided email and its attempt to defend the practice of stealing an election. My comments may be addressed to Mrs. Haugland, but in reality I am speaking to her husband who has chosen to hide behind his wife’s skirt. This email is Curly Haugland’s  message, it is just that he could not lower himself to acknowledge the legitimacy of Dave Hodges and Doug Hagmann as two voices who stand for the sanctity of the electoral process and will defend the process in the face of the criminal elements running the GOP.


If there is a silver lining to all of this, this event serves to illustrate the power of the Independent Media. The manner in which this event was handled, goes to the point to the wide reach that shows like the Hagmann and Hagmann Report enjoy. We are indeed making a difference and changing the landscape of the debate.
To Mrs. Haugland, I am sorry that you were caught in the position of defending the undefendable. Every word, said to you in this article, is actually being spoken to your husband and his ne’er do well colleagues running the GOP.  Mrs. Haugland, let me be clear, stealing an election is not a Christian act. And you are in the tenuous position of defending authoritarian and anti-Christian practices in an environment where the majority of the American people actually thought they had a say in how things are run. Your husband’s views, along with his colleagues, can only be called the height of arrogance and we all know all too well how God hates arrogance. And when people in a presumed Republican form of government feel that they have a say only to wake up and find out that this belief is an illusion, this becomes the breeding ground for a revolution.
The disenfranchisement of the American people by the GOP will be one of the top reasons that this country is moving towards civil war.

Interacting Investor
Interacting Investor

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Re: wow, they actually say our votes do not count and they the GOP decides the nominee -

Post by fonz1951 on Tue 12 Apr 2016, 4:41 pm

then what in hell is the point of voting????????


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Re: wow, they actually say our votes do not count and they the GOP decides the nominee -

Post by Lobo on Tue 12 Apr 2016, 5:00 pm

I agree, they even say in the video - why bother to vote.


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Re: wow, they actually say our votes do not count and they the GOP decides the nominee -

Post by wciappetta on Tue 12 Apr 2016, 7:51 pm

Oh I'm voting in the  general election, even if we have three choices and I'll bet choice #3 wins it....

For the day of vengeance [day of restoration] is in mine heart, and the year [time]of my redeemed is come. Thank you Jesus!

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Re: wow, they actually say our votes do not count and they the GOP decides the nominee -

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