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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Baghdad agrees to the formation of a tribal brigade to liberate Fallujah does not undertake to



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Baghdad agrees to the formation of a tribal brigade to liberate Fallujah does not undertake to

Post by rocky on Wed 13 Apr 2016, 4:18 am

Baghdad agrees to the formation of a tribal brigade to liberate Fallujah does not undertake to salaries

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

All the pressure failed apparently to turn theattention of the Iraqi government to Fallujah, and decided the military leadership, andfinally, they will attack the "wet", the far west of Anbar, after the resolution was "Heat" .Since months the local and Western media and international organizations talk about "hunger" in Fallujah and the risk of death that surrounded some 100 thousand people living within the city. 
as broke earlier this year, more than a struggle between clans in the city , and elements of the "Daash", wished the time leaders of tribal, live outside Fallujah, to invest , "Baghdad" in order to liberate the city, but Baghdad continued its frequency. on the 
other hand pushing factions in the "popular crowd , " the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, that provides thejustification, about the lack of seriousness in the liberation of Fallujah and other busy areas. As they say that Fallujah has become a threat to the capital of Baghdad, through the exploitation of sleeper cells are active and are located in Abu area meantime Anbar received approval from the central government in Baghdad to train thousands of the sons of the tribes in preparation for the Liberation of Fallujah , which wasdominated by the Daash the end of 2013. The 
brigade edit Fallujah 
and says a member of the security committee in the Anbar province , see al - Issawi in a telephone conversation with (range) that " the government has agreed to volunteer 2500 fighters from different clans ofFallujah for the liberation of the city" .uetoqa al - Issawi, who hails from the tribes of Fallujah, to be the final number of fighters sized " Brigade military ", which is equivalent to five thousand Mqatl.obdo indeed, during the past few days, training regiments of the provision for the participation in the liberation of Fallujah Brigade, as promised to the Iraqi defense Ministry Btzlaha. 
but Saadoun al - Shaalan Mayor of Fallujah, said in an interview with the (range), that" the problem always appear after the completion of the training. We will wait for the promises of the government and the coalition forces support the mobilization of new tribes. " 
He called on al - Saadoun and a number of tribes and officials of Anbar, at a conference Relief and edit Fallujah on Sunday, the Iraqi government and the international coalition to speed up the relief of residents ofFallujah and the liberation of their city from Daash. 
Conference was held in the presence of US President 's envoy Brett Mkourk along with the US ambassador inBaghdad , Stuart Jones, as well as ministers and MPs and tribal leaders and intellectuals of Fallujah, recommended the need to respect the rules of engagement at the start of the military for the Liberation ofoperations of Fallujah. 
the representative of the President in leading the international coalition Brett Mkourk that the United States has donated the amount of $ 155 million to support the needs of displaced people and contribute to the return of humanitarian services to them. 
He stressed Mkourk that "his country would provide all forms of support to the Iraqi government and its armed forces in order to contribute to the liberalization of Fallujah and extricate trapped civilians in Fallujah hostage by Daash" .oicol Sadoun that " the tribes of Fallujah have agreed to provide lists containing thenames of her children to get involved in the training camps to fight Daash. " 
fighters without salaries in 
return will engage fighters clans, who will be Vaughan them from inside Fallujah 's population, and three of the surrounding towns. 
 He says al - Issawi, a member of the security committee in the Anbar provincial council, said that" thegovernment 's approval on the formation of the Fallujah Brigade did not include giving them salaries ".otusband Baghdad difficulty in salaries to secure around 140 thousand fighters within the popular crowd, where the reduction of salary by 30 percent , officials in Fallujah .uetoqa to entrust the task of tribal forces caught the ground, after the liberation of Fallujah, as well as participate in Alhjum.ot more than a military campaign over the past year approaching " the storming of Fallujah , " but is diverted at the last minute, prompting some political parties to talk about the existence of a "deal" between the local leaders in the city and troops Alammerakih.oohart informed sources (range) earlier, that a group of "clans of Fallujah," the Iraqi government offered to enter the city "without a fight" in exchange for not prosecuting them after Zlk.ocdt those sources "Baghdad did not deal seriously with those calls." 
believes that Al - Issawi " the Iraqi government does not appear now serious about liberation of Fallujah, and will attack wet after clearing the Heat." 
revealed security sources that the "joint forces cordoned off the wet spend the entire preparation for storming it in conjunction with the heavy bombardment by warplanes strongholds Daash." 
the sources said the arrival of military reinforcements to " wet "to start the attack, with armed clashes broke out between the elements of organized" Daash "after he tried some" armed supporters "to organize theescape of the judiciary. in 
contrast, Ismail Mahlawi, chief of operations has not stopped in Anbar declare yesterday, the media, that" theliberation of Fallujah operation will begin soon , "but he also did not give a specific date for this to happen. 
and aspiring officials in Anbar because it is" accelerating "in the liberation of Fallujah, to rid the tens ofthousands of families from the risk of death" starving "and the spread of diseases, and lack of medicine. 
says Shaalan, Mayor of Fallujah , that "Daash withdrawn recently, more food from the market and put it in his stores." 
indicates local administrator that the extremist organization, was bracing for a military pressure on Fallujah, it closed on its impact on the city outlets. 
it was close to the "Daash" sites, you may she said that the group received the material , "wheat" from thestores , "Abu Ghraib", in an attack by the end of February, as pointed out that quantity would be sufficient Kamila.oicom Daash years, according to Sadoun, distributing food and "flour" on "families loyal to him only ,"while others are residents face difficult living conditions. 
die a number of civilians in Fallujah, for according to international organizations and officials in Anbar, due tolack of medicines for chronic diseases , such as" insulin " , which is given to people living with Alscri.ouhdhir the World food program of the United Nations, recently , the deterioration of the nutritional status of thepopulation trapped in Fallujah. 
the FAO report, that " the food situation for tens of thousands of people affected by the blockade will continue deteriorating until the entry of aid to the city." 
for its part, Human Rights Watch said last week that the population "hungry "in Fallujah, attending the soup from grass and use the " date seeds "ground to prepare bread!

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