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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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French soldiers trained counter-terrorism forces to dismantle mines



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French soldiers trained counter-terrorism forces to dismantle mines

Post by rocky on Wed 13 Apr 2016, 4:22 am

French soldiers trained counter-terrorism forces to dismantle mines

 Baghdad / AFP 

Preparing units of the Iraqi special forces that form the spearhead of the fight against al Daash, supported by the French military, to regain land seized by Daash and including Mosul. 
 Declares Lieutenant Florian in front of about adozen "trainees" Tgayn about anthropomorphic represents buildings and roads and pathways, "I'll show you thesituation to the task today. " 
summarizes the French coach situation of Iraqi soldiers at a camp in Baghdad , " you are in a gray area around (which restored Iraqi forces in December), and the one of your teams to monitor plant improvised explosive device homemade. " 
It follows the special forces approaching from the factory validation of neighboring buildings and secure theroads leading to it, including the evacuation of any wounded ways. 
the matter elements of special units in the Iraqi anti - terror body that oversees it directly Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, carry out the task assigned to them. 
the enemy first is this homemade improvised explosive devices used by the organization Daash, as well as theTaliban in Afghanistan and al - Qaeda in Mali. 
these are devices that are placed in the bulldozers and explosive belts and household items, causing 80% of the losses in the ranks of the Iraqi forces battling al Daash, according to some estimates. 
the terrorists have booby - trapped houses vacated these explosives, and attack military checkpoints with car bombs and blow themselves up in public places. 
he warned Lieutenant Florian "Pay attention here to the dirt road, it is likely that amalgam homemade explosive," before making sure that the "trainees" grasped the basic information for the dismantling of these snares. 
and when you give the coach the starting signal jumps elements of the anti - terror apparatus in the US mechanisms Humvee old armored vehicles carrying machine guns, and engaged in applying what they havelearned. 
It is scheduled these special units deploy in the next targets sites to organize Daash that will be determined whether west Baghdad or north as Mosul, which called on the French Defence Minister Jean - Yves Odrian to retake it from al Daash during the current year. 
and takes about 150 French military training for counter - terrorism device forces to deal with the homemade explosive and fight battles in cities, and provide tips for Joint staff sixth infantry Division of the Iraqi army in Baghdad, as spreads equal number of military French in northern Iraq , along with Kurdish Peshmerga forces. 
the remains of US forces elements in the "fortified their position," stationed French paratroopers in the Iraqi anti terrorism Service camp, Vinamun and eat with the Iraqis. the 
French and takes about 10% of the training of Iraqi forces efforts within - led coalition United States against al Daash, these military assistance to modest enable them to have access to valuable information to assess the situation on the ground. 
Colonel Reno Senetir commander in charge of power train Iraqis " are gathering information from these soldiers when they return from the front." 
he said that with the intensification of pressure on him, "tends Daash to a strategy based on a scorched -earth campaign , with the kidnapping of hostages and mass executions, bombings and suicide bombers and firing chemicals operations." 
No longer jihadist organization , which lost 40% of the territory it captured in 2014, to mobilize his troops without exposure to strikes from coalition could. The commander of the Navy of the Indian Ocean region in the French army , Admiral Antoine Busan "moved thus to acts of harassment, (hit and run), they are trying toescape." 
Abbas young man aged 17 years , he said, from Baghdad , said this training four weeks continued under thesupervision of the military French is extremely important. He explained , "When we arrived here, we did not know anything. We feel that we move forward day after day," as he prepares to join three of his brothers on the front. 
Most of the recruits like him, from the workers, taxi drivers and others, has offered them in these units wages outweigh wages of regular soldiers, they Bgalbathm Shiite. 
He adds Abbas defiant "I learned that Athly the courage to fight the fight. they taught me to fire Mgamada my eyes. It's my duty today to fight Daash."

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