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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Marines killed element is forced Washington to recognize the existence of five thousand US troops



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Marines killed element is forced Washington to recognize the existence of five thousand US troops

Post by rocky on Wed 13 Apr 2016, 4:23 am

Marines killed element is forced Washington to recognize the existence of five thousand US troops

 Translation: Abdul Khaliq Ali 

White House pretends that the Marines fighting Daash not exist in reality. In Obama 'sworld the answer is always no, even when his forces on the ground and exchanged fire with the enemy. This novel supported Hillary Clinton nor contested in any of the three Republican presidential candidates. 
One of the headlines in the newspaper (Marine Corps Times) summed up that "Marines in Iraq, I share atechnical in the fighting but they still send some troops down there."   
In such a month before forty - five years and during his testimony before the Senate Foreign relations Committee in the Senate, veteran of a young man named John Kerry that cover up the fact that involvement in Vietnam complained he meant "killing one person every day for the United States does not recognize something he knows the whole world, and so do not recognize mistake. " 
today , Mr. Kerry cruising around the world to rationalize policy designed to spare President Obama 'srecognition of Bouktoh that increased the Iraq war worse while claiming terminated. The whole world knows this. In an interview aired Sunday on Fox News, President Obama said that his first priority now is to defeat Daash. But how to handle this guy that comes out of America 's wars with this contradiction? It seems that part of the answer is a repudiation of the number of troops, the official wholesale entry into the declared US troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan is 3870 and 9800 respectively. But after the killing of one of theelements of Almarinz- Corporal Lewis Cardin - a rocket attack to Daash, the Pentagon was forced to recognize the existence of five thousand US troops in Iraq. Only then aware of the Americans that men like Sergeant Carden not included in the official census of the forces as they take turns on a temporary basis. 
Mrs. Clinton has her novel own in this matter, as stated repeatedly , saying "American combat troops will not be sent to Iraq and Syria, and we will continue to use special forces" . This is nonsense for one reason is that it is based on a silly idea that special operations forces are not combat troops, part of the myth that Obama Daash can be defeated with a small number of American fighters. So we are with a war in which thepresident does not tell us what our troops do more than you do, even with sending more troops to Iraq. At the same time Mac Thornberry, chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the Senate, confirming that Congress had no idea of the actual number of US forces in Iraq. He says , "Unfortunately there is a political reluctance to talk frankly about what is at stake and what is required to defeat Daash" and that he feels that there is a reluctance from both parties. It 's a good point, Take Donald Trump , who entered the presidential race , touting his opposition to President Bush 's invasion of Iraq and worrying about drowning in a quagmire there. Trump said recently that if the generals are right , it probably sends 30 thousand fighters to defeat Daash, but he later denied saying. He also told the candidate Ted Cruz said , "We have to use ground forces that we need , " but he also called for making the sand glow about Daash using air power. Either candidate John Kaciec, although he was more explicit on the status of forces on the ground but did not give a lot of detail. 
In Congress, most of the generals probably said that there is a need for more troops to defeat Daash, but what they did not realize the generals so far is that the main priority of the year for the commander of thearmed forces is not a victory over Daash, they are not doing something the American people have paid for therealization revelations death Carden is that Americans are still fighting and dying in Iraq. 
in 1971 , complained John Kerry , the young Congress of the false distinction between the ground forces and crews helicopters in Vietnam, how he wants to convince Americans today that the Marines fighting in Iraq Daash are not combat troops?

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