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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Edit the Heat lost amid the noise policy .. and people are optimistic because they are less destruct



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Edit the Heat lost amid the noise policy .. and people are optimistic because they are less destruct

Post by rocky on Sat 16 Apr 2016, 3:56 am

Edit the Heat lost amid the noise policy .. and people are optimistic because they are less destructive than gray

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Less than three weeks , Iraqi forces were able to Emancipation Proclamation "Heat" from thegrip of "Daash." The lightning military operation to expedite the return ofNazhan.orft counter - terrorism forces and the Iraqi flag on a government building downtown, a week ago, to declare liberation of the city from "Daash" .palmkabl a group affiliated with "Daash" in Hit, out bombings and the burning of houses and civilian cars in an orderly fashion. Hit the least harmful and in spite of this, Amal al - Fahdawi, a member of the Anbar provincial council said, in connection with the (range), " the extent of thedamage in Hit , much lower than the gray, because the battles were not long." and began editing Hit battles late last March, while the liberalization of Ramadi took about a year. and decided to organize Daash last month, sacrificing a number of its leaders prominent in the battles of "collateral" near Haditha, compared tokeep Bhat. It is expected, the proportion of the short battles time and intensity of the presence of thepopulation within a year and a half of occupation, that Daash been cultivated a lot of mines in the city center.He adds Fahdawi said , "We expect that the packages will be present in the civil parties, and will not be heavily." local administrator finds that the pros battle to liberate the Heat would restore services quickly into the city, which will facilitate the return of the population as well. provided more of 3 thousand families during the past three weeks, the "Heat" to camps for displaced people in the west of Ramadi, while the "Daash" send some suicide bombers to blow themselves up among civilians in the safe corridors announced by thearmy to evacuate the population.  amid the political crisis and threw the political crisis overshadowed Hit the edit process, and passed the news fleeting, because it coincided with the dismissal of the House ofRepresentatives of the presidency on the same day. Liberation of the city did not receive a clear interest.Found Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, who is also facing the prospects of his dismissal from his post, edit the Heat a chance to confirms that "military organization" influenced by political the atmosphere. He announced Abadi Thursday, edit Hit entire city from the control of the organization Daash. Ebadi said , "I pay tribute and appreciation to the heroic fighters fervent defenders of the homeland and the people," adding ,"salute them, because they were and remain truthful Isargaran and Almtsamin above differences andpersonal interests , and they continued their defense for their homeland and their people with honor . " and left Daash in Hit after escaping to Rawah and Anah, bad memories of the population, after the evacuation ofmost of the houses of their occupants and burned. he says see al - Issawi, a member of the security committee in the Anbar province, for (long), that" Daash burned a large number of civilian vehicles before fleeing, in addition to the burning of government departments and public hospital in the city. " showed Fido photographer through a US surveillance plane, was broadcast on a number of websites, by elements in civilian clothes, similar to what he wears organize Daash They burned houses in Hit. and decided most of the Daash leaders escape across the Euphrates River to the other side that are related to the island, then access to areas of Rawa, and Aanh.otattabr Hit transportation knot is very important. It is located approximately 60 kilometers east of Ramadi, located close to the Ein al - Asad base in al - Baghdadi west. The city and connecting in ways important transportation between the cities of Anbar and areas northwest of Salahuddin, the northwest desert and up to Mosul. Grab land in return will reach hundreds of tribal fighters middle of this week to the Heat to the task of keeping the land after the completion of the editing process. Refers Naim al -Gaood, a tribal leader Albu Nimr , said about three thousand fighters from his tribe in addition to other clans ,"will arrive Monday for the Heat to the task of keeping the ground." He said tribal Albu Nimr, in his interview with the (range), " The clans will also help in the cleaning process and raise the IEDs." Killed Daash, during the occupation of Anbar, about 600 people from the tribe of Albu Nimr, the largest clans western Anbar province, the opposition and responding to organize extreme. Clan as repulsed as well as security forces, multiple attempts to Daash in recent storming, although it possesses weapons and personal equipment. The Gaood has entered, last week, to the Heat and discussed with the military leadership the possibility ofintroducing a number of tribal forces to the area by road. The airlift to the Baghdadi base substitute for theoverland road between Ramadi and Hit , because of the dominance "Daash" it. On the other hand defends tribal Albu Nimr, the idea of continuing military operations, toward the north Hit for the Liberation of the road link between the judiciary and al - Baghdadi, and to open up the siege of the town , which includes largest military base manned by hundreds of Americans , experts, and decoding the noose for modern facing ahumanitarian crisis two years ago. He says Gaood "this way is better than going for the Liberation of wetlands now, despite the importance of editing as well." According to military sources that the "joint forces" seriously considering stormed the Jordanian border city adjacent wetlands. He adds Fahdawi, a member of the Anbar provincial council, said the wetlands important city, and that the "liberation will open the trade route link between Iraq and the Kingdom of Jordan, the movement of goods normally and go back in that area."

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