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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daash attacking Ajil oil field near Tikrit and executed journalist



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Daash attacking Ajil oil field near Tikrit and executed journalist

Post by rocky on Sun 17 Apr 2016, 3:53 am

[size=48]Daash attacking Ajil oil field near Tikrit and executed journalist[/size]
6:21:04 4.17.2016 |(Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad ,killing dozens of employees of the organization Daash died, were destroyed bases rocket fire and theheadquarters of the calculation and communication, with air strikes for the F - 16 , the Iraqi in Nineveh province, at thetime said asecurity source in Salahuddin province that aggregates of organization launched anattack on Ajil field oil. in themeantime ,according tomilitary media cell in astatement that the F - 16 aircraft of theIraqi, according to intelligence information directed painful blows to targets in Mosul and Tal Afar, whichresulted in thedestruction of the rules of therocket fire and theheadquarters of the calculation and communication, and killed dozens of theorganization who were they are located. anattack on an oil fieldConcurrent announced asecurity source in Salahuddin province yesterday that aggregates of elements Daash launched anattack on Ajil oil field 40 km east of Tikrit.The source said, the attack started after midnight thenight before last by infiltrating elements across the valleys of the Hamrin mountains between thesecurity forces, while backed by other groups attacked theblock line, where he fought fierce clashes between thetwo parties and enables elements Daash from getting a foothold in thesecret places withdrew under a hail of fire elements Daash. He added that «it summoned sending additional reinforcements in terms ofscience and thecrowd of tribal police, where he managed thesecurity forces at dawn to regain positions lost and theexpulsion ofterrorists after multiple raids of the army Aviation on theonly way to provide them across theMount Hamrin, called Abu Sagiih and thedestruction oftwo wheels from them ,which led to thewithdrawal elements Daash toward the east bank of themountains ofHamrin ». the source pointed out that theoperation that killed eight members of al -Daash, and wounded five members of thesecurity forces and the crowd clan. ambushand in Anbar declared thecommander ofmaintaining operations ,Maj . Gen. Ismail Mahlawi , the deaths of anumber of elements of theorganization ambush of thestrength of thearmy north ofRamadi. He Mahlawi, said that « thestrength of theBrigade 41 of the band Tenth Army within Anbar operations managed, from the ambush of the elements ofT. Daash in theThar Thar area ,north ofRamadi».Furthermore A source in thepolice, the officers and soldiers were killed and four others were wounded when a roadside two bombs north Baghdad. The source said, that « the two explosive devices went off, alternately in the north ofBaghdad Tarmiyah during a convoy of the Iraqi army passed, killing oneofficer and onesoldier and wounding four soldiers were injured». In a related context sons clans judicial Dujail cut south ofTikrit , the main road linking thecapital Baghdad areas ofnorthern Iraq.The deputy chairman of thesecurity committee Khalid Khazraji of the Council of Salahuddin province that citizens set fire to automobile tires and placed barricades of iron and stone cutting in theroad to prevent vehicular traffic. He explained that the protests come on theback of orders issued by the Ministry ofDefense totransfer Brigade 74 Iraqi army to Anbar province and replaced brigade Abu Risha , the federal police and is currently stationed west of Baghdad.According to the source, the reason is claims that members ofBrigade 74 isnot all of whom belong to theregion.Journalist 'sexecution wasexecuted «Daash», yesterday, ajournalist and his brother in Mosul.According to alocal Iraqi source, the «militants Daash executed journalist Ayham Khazaal, after the arrest oflong months».He added that «Daash also executed Nashwan Khazaal, thejournalist 'sbrother Ayham, who was anassociate to Nineveh police», pointing out that theorganization had two brothers arrested in thenorthern city ofMosul before long months.Add Comment

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