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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Next week the date of the battle of Fallujah and Ramadi .. wary of secret caches



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Next week the date of the battle of Fallujah and Ramadi .. wary of secret caches

Post by rocky on Tue 19 Apr 2016, 4:49 am

Next week the date of the battle of Fallujah and Ramadi .. wary of secret caches

 Anbar / long-Presse 

Announced Anbar Operations Command, on Monday, that the battle cleanse Fallujah of al Daash will be launched next week, and while suggesting the participation of all kinds ofsecurity services and the support of theinternational coalition and the sons of the tribes, confirmed the collapse of the organization due to the latest fighting in the governorate. 
The commander of the Anbar Operations Maj . Gen. Ismail Mahlawi in interview (range Press), " the security forces are preparing for the process of clearing Fallujah of al Daash terrorist gangs which kicks off next week of all axes in a joint combat operation for all the pieces of the combat of the army and police and anti -terrorist fighters and tribal air and a blanket of flight international Alliance" . 
He Mahlawi that " the wee hours of the start of the process of liberalization of Fallujah will be in empty villages and rural areas and small in the southern hub of Fallujah in Amiriyah hand and combing the northern sector of the city in the areas of Saqlawiyah with the rapid progress of the security forces in the eastern entrance of Fallujah." This comes at a time announced the Anbar Provincial Council, on Monday, the central government 's approval of the opening of a military headquarters for the management of joint operations for the Liberation of the city of Fallujah. 
The head of the security committee in the Anbar province Rajeh Barakat al - Issawi said in an interview to the(long - Presse), said that " the central government in Baghdad agreed to the opening of the headquarters of the Department of joint operations (headquarters dominant), to oversee field and follow - up phases of editing Fallujah operations of the guerrilla organization (Daash) terrorist. " 
al - Issawi said that" the headquarters will be near Fallujah under the supervision of security chiefs of thearmy and police and anti - terror police battalions Federal The tribal fighters with a sustained and shared by the local Anbar government supervision. " Issawi said , "The liberation of Fallujah process of cells (Daash) theterrorist will be very close and different at the same time on the gray battles and the Heat liberated, because the people of Fallujah will have great cooperation with the security forces in a decisive battle and theelimination of terrorism (Daash)." Furthermore, the leadership of the popular crowd in Anbar province, theapproach of "zero hour" for the Liberation of the city of Fallujah, announced (62 km west of Baghdad), from the control of the organization Daash, while stressing that the process would be "proactive and different" for editing gray battles and Heat. 
, Said the commander Brigade (vine Fallujah) to rally popular Colonel Juma panic Jumaili in an interview to the(long - Presse), " the joint security forces are preparing to storm the villages Nuaimiya Zoba zones (20 km south east of Fallujah), and edited the organization Daash and progress to the axes close to Fallujah during the hours the next few. " 
He added Jumaili, said : " the combined forces with support from coalition aircraft, address targets elected gangs terrorist organization based in Nuaimiya area and the villages of Zoba , which is the main entrances task of Fallujah, from the southern and eastern Mhoreha , "stressing that" the zero hour approached for theprocess of proactive, different from the liberalization of Ramadi and Hit battles, to cleanse Fallujah and thestorming of the four axes with the participation of military forces and a counter - terrorism and police andfederal regiments Brigade crowd the popular clan. " 
in another development, he said Rajeh Barakat al - Issawi said that" the organization of Daash terrorist is still used tunnels secret and underground hideouts in different areas of gray , "adding that" the organization outfitted those tunnels and bunkers before the liberation of the city (110 km west of Baghdad), for use bysurprise the security forces and innocent civilians. " 
Issawi said, that" the security forces discovered two days ago, a tunnel secret underground where three of the militants Daash, in the mystical area, east of Ramadi, "returned that" it indicates the presence of more secret hideouts of the terrorist organization in the city. "


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Re: Next week the date of the battle of Fallujah and Ramadi .. wary of secret caches

Post by wciappetta on Tue 19 Apr 2016, 5:59 am

You got to like this... eradication of the societal cancer ...

For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come.

Interacting Investor
Interacting Investor

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Re: Next week the date of the battle of Fallujah and Ramadi .. wary of secret caches

Post by weslin3 on Tue 19 Apr 2016, 11:19 am

I hope... But they will always have some type of fighting over there.. That is their nature.

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Re: Next week the date of the battle of Fallujah and Ramadi .. wary of secret caches

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