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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Military reinforcements anticipate edit wet prelude to the opening Trebil



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Military reinforcements anticipate edit wet prelude to the opening Trebil

Post by rocky on Wed 20 Apr 2016, 4:21 am

Military reinforcements anticipate edit wet prelude to the opening Trebil

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

It arrived at the military base in the area 160 Alcleo western Anbar reinforcements and military combat. According to a leading role in the popular crowd. 
And arrived reinforcements coming from Baghdad as part of the upcoming military operation to liberate the humid spend and port Trebil on the border with Jordan. The controlled organization Daash on wet since last year, prompting Iraqi authorities in mid-July to close the Trebil to prevent theexploitation regulation, and the adoption of the South "Safwan" port, as an alternative until the restoration of the situation in Anbar. And it stopped the trade exchanges between Iraq and Jordan , causing significant damage to both countries. The management of wetlands spend announced last week to end all combat readiness for the Liberation of the elimination process would be quick. The said Lt. Col. Nazim Aljughaifi, incharge of the brigade withstand the popular crowd in Haditha, " The reinforcements military and various combat and has now reached the 160 on the international highway west of Ramadi, west of Baghdad, inpreparation for a large - scale military operation to purge the Trebil and spend the wet. " He added Aljughaifi, in an interview to the (long - Presse), that" the combat and military reinforcements arrived from Baghdad military headquarters in Anbar is by troops and armor, tanks and regiments of the Federal police, and theforces of tribal fighters, in preparation for the start of the process of liberalization wet and port Trebil of Daash terrorist gangs , " the security official , stressing that the " liberation wet and port Trebil will contribute to the re - trade movement and exchange of goods between the Iraq, Jordan, and secure the functioning of the wheels and trucks and road road completely cut funding lines and the movement of the terrorist organization in the western regions. " field, the leadership of the popular crowd announced Tuesday the flight of the leaders and princes of the organization (Daash) with their families from Falluja to blather basin area northeast of Anbar. He said Brigade 's commander vine Fallujah to rally popular Colonel Juma panic Jumaili in an interview with (long - Presse), said that "intelligence information accurate revealed the escape of theleaders and princes of the organization (Daash) terrorist Arabs and foreigners and a number of them from theIraqi citizenship from Fallujah with their families to blather basin area north east of Ramadi. " He added Jumaili" the terrorist organization of the cells began to disintegrate rapidly and eye-catching , especially, after the arrival of the military buildup and the formation of the security headquarters controlled to manage theliberalization of Fallujah battles during the next few days , with a clear weakness on the elements (Daash) after the losses they have incurred. " He said security official said " the organization Daash uses Fallujah through the associated district Saqlawiyah north of the judiciary, to escape through secret routes to the basin Thar Thar area, specifically farm Watban , the center of the cells and by funding for elements of theorganization of Al - Anbar, Salahuddin and on to Mosul also down to Syria." in a striking development Anbar Provincial Council, announced on Tuesday, found two mass graves of civilians , including women and children ,were killed by al Daash. While noting that the graves were found in Ramadi stadium south of the city. And was able Joint Special Operations Command, in December last 2015 edit gray of control "Daash" and began todisplaced families to return it despite the fact that the city destroyed completely and need to rebuild again. He Rajeh al - Issawi, a member of the Anbar province, in an interview with (long - Presse), " the intelligence enabled the security forces to uncover mass graves of civilians , including women and children in Ramadi stadium in a neighborhood playground south of Ramadi , was killed by a terrorist organization through his control of the city in the last period. " Issawi said that" the number of bodies of civilians in the graves that were detected them in Ramadi Stadium did not specify the full number kun is raised all the bodies until thecompletion of investigations and the presence of an ad hoc committee to investigate and find out the identity of innocent civilians. " He said local official said that" the organization Daash terrorist, and through control of several cities in Anbar, of which Ramadi before its liberation from Conception organization committed themost heinous crimes against civilians , burning and beheading of civilians and the execution of dozens of innocent people shot dead , "noting that" the organization used routes other criminal ones flooding victims and thrown from the top of the buildings . " .

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