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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Babylon crowd decides to launch a military operation in southern Baghdad



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Babylon crowd decides to launch a military operation in southern Baghdad

Post by rocky on Wed 20 Apr 2016, 4:25 am

Babylon crowd decides to launch a military operation in southern Baghdad

BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

He decided the popular crowd Authority in Babil province, on Tuesday, to strengthen thepresence of its members in the regions, North Babylon. As confirmed their intention toimplement south of the capital , military operations to secure the province incoordination with the Baghdad Operations Command, it revealed the abolition of the Ministry of Interior decision to withdraw federal police regiment in terms of Jurf Al Nasr (rock cliff) Sabaka.ouchehdt province of Babylon recent security breaches claimed thelives of hundreds of civilians dead and wounded. And adopted a regulation Daash terrorist several bombings in Babylon , including the stadium in Alexandria, and control effects. 
He says Hasan The support, the director of the popular crowd in Babil province in an interview to the (long -Press), said that " an important meeting was held with the leaders of the popular crowd at hand cliff victory ( rock cliff above) to study the security situation in the north of Babylon , "noting that" the Commission hasdecided to promote the heroes of the popular crowd presence in Jurf al- Nasr areas, lakes and protoplasm, north of Hilla , ".otattabr hand cliff victory (rock cliff above) of the most dangerous areas in Iraq for thepresence of large numbers al (Daash) and be used to attack nearby areas, but the security forces liberated completely on 25 October 2014, to begin military authorities since edited and extensive operations to clean thearea of the thousands of improvised explosive devices planted by the organization everywhere Alnahih.oadav the security official in Babylon that " the body the popular crowd also decided by the units of the popular crowd and the armed forces in military operations south of Baghdad to curb the terrorist operations that may be affected , including the province of Babylon , " asserting that "these processes will take place incoordination with the Baghdad operations command . " He the support that "the Interior Ministry has canceled its decision to withdraw federal police regiment of hand cliff victory," returned to " the security situation in thenorth of Babylon , especially the province of Babylon , well controlled" .ccant local government Babylon demanded, in the April 11, 2016, the Ministry of the Interior, not to withdraw federal police regiment in terms of rock cliff north of the province, to the effect of withdrawal of the security situation in the province and in the capital Baghdad and Karbala, as indicated that they went to the Secretary General of the Badr Organization , Hadi al - Amiri to consider the issue, warned from entering the elements of the organization (Daash) and threatening the security situation in the event of implementation of the resolution.

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