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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daash" impose fees on students Mosul and supports militant training curricula and "jihadist"



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Daash" impose fees on students Mosul and supports militant training curricula and "jihadist"

Post by rocky on Wed 20 Apr 2016, 4:38 am

"Daash" impose fees on students Mosul and supports militant training curricula and "jihadist"

 Nineveh / Yusuf Sarkar 

In previous not seen in Mosul throughout its history, most schools closed their doors during the current academic year due to the control of "Daash" of the city, while other schools turned into the headquarters or stores for theorganization, other schools assiduously always a small number of students, mostly children of the elements of the militant group . 
teacher says Samir Fadel, in an interview for the "long", " the disciples abandoned their schools and institutes and colleges after it was Mosul schools racket to the likes of all Iraqi cities, and achieved the highest success rates in several times." He adds teacher with regret that " the majority of pupils and their parents refuse consistently and abide by the instructions of the militant group , "noting that" Daash he changed thecurriculum in an attempt to create a generation does not know only killing and destruction, as well as thedeterioration of security and aerial bombardment daily and the absence of basic services. " in the opinion Fadel that" school buildings stock in Mosul bleeding hearts an empty pupils and teachers and some around theorganization to headquarters or its stores, while the destroyed other schools because of aerial bombardments. " the so - called" Board of Education in organizing Daash Mosul "had instructed got" long " , a copy of which so much of the curriculum canceled and retaining only the three materials are Islamic Education and Arabic language and mathematics with a share of breeding the jihadist male students, he urged the girls to leave school at an early age, while reducing the age of admission to primary school from six years to four and reducing the years of study at that stage of six years to four, and medium from three to two years and thesame for the study of middle school and university, and to inform schools and the University of Mosul departments inventory teachers and teachers, faculty and staff are not enrolled in attendance and called them a label (fleeing) as a prelude to the confiscation of their property and their homes , threatening death strict against those who do not attend attendance or live in areas under Iraqi government areas, and the imposition of wear Muffler even on young schoolgirls. " It is believed Fadel said that" these regulations and others havemade ​​many families refrain from sending her sons and daughters to school despite the lack of application ofsome of them on the ground. " He continues , " I'm trying in various ways out family from Mosul and join my colleagues who have preceded me in the Kurdistan region and direct Bmdarch, but the problem lies in theclosure of all roads linking Mosul with the outside world, preventing Daash travel of citizens of them ,whatever the reasons , but their it comes to the threat of vehicles of all kinds drivers with arrest and murder if they tried to move people with their vehicles from Mosul to the outside. " he said , " a lot of these educational and teaching cadres and employees of Education had left the city of Mosul to escape the stresses organization and search of safety for their families and other opportunities to complete their children study correctly as approved by the Iraqi government ministries. " for its part, he says teacher refused to give her name she was " compelled to stay and permanence in school because I am a poor case, and I have themoney needed to flee and live in other areas and I have small children , two of whom Maacan difficult totransfer from one place to another even though I am not comfortable with attendance at school because Tadhaiqat Daash we superimposed wear the veil and intervention matters and management of the school and education. " She stressed that the parameter" number of students of my elementary school are very few and most of them the children of members of the organization while declined all pupils averages and Alaaadadiat for permanence and private students and closed the doors of their schools. " in turn, see the director of a primary school in the starboard side of the connector , and preferred not to be named, said he" of leaving thecity to quit his job the house and his property subject to confiscation by the organization as well as landing stiff penalties against him if he was arrested while leaving the city, so it remained in Mosul of the teaching staff and even the rest of the staff in other government departments are forced to stay despite the rejection Daash instructions ", surprising from "government silence and international towards what is seen in the city ofMosul from vandalism included all aspects of city life, including education , which paralyzed and stop field."  in the same context , says the teacher Mohammed super "long", that "for months and we have not received our salaries in Nineveh, it is deliberate by the Ministry of Education and Finance , which do not are responding both our appeals and demands in this regard , and if they were punished teachers and teachers slice of what he is doing and committed Daash in the province, "adding , " We have received our salaries for a number of past months since the occupation of Mosul in the month of June 2014 through authorized representative traveling from Mosul to Kirkuk or Baghdad or other recognizes schools share them. " rejects the families ofconductivity to send their children to schools and colleges because of the city 's conditions and occupation" Daash "laws imposed by that, as well as poor service and rampant unemployment, says Yahia Abdul Khamis" We fear sending our children schools because there are extremists and change the curriculum by extremist ideas, which will graduate generations of these schools (God forbid) you do not know but to terrorism, murder and extremism , "noting that" Daash charges money for education, as it told the school administrations tocollect monthly payments from pupils allowance study identified $ 25 thousand dinars for students in primary school and 50 thousand dinars for medium and junior high and 75 thousand dinars to study and university institutes, and are thus barring their parents who complain interruption salaries and unemployment in theprovince , which reached proportions as those interested in the 85% estimate of the total number of thepopulation, especially among Estdrjhm Daash young people in this area and take advantage of their need for money in order to belong to its ranks "category.

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