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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Human Rights Commission: "Daash" take Fallujah civilians as "human blockades" and abducted children



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Human Rights Commission: "Daash" take Fallujah civilians as "human blockades" and abducted children

Post by rocky on Wed 20 Apr 2016, 4:40 am

Human Rights Commission: "Daash" take Fallujah civilians as "human blockades" and abducted children

 Baghdad / term 

Stressed the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights council member Fadhel al -Gharawi, on Monday, said the organization "Daash" made ​​up of civilians in Fallujah as human shields, and as pointed out by the organization booby -trapped homes , despite the presence of civilians in, pointed to the "Daash" kidnapping 100 children to recruit them in terrorist operations. 
Gharrawi said in a statement received "long", a copy of it, that "gangs Daash terrorist take civilians Kmtaras human shields in Fallujah , " he said , adding that " the organization (Daash) the booby - trapped homes improvised in spite of the presence of civilians therein and resurrection during the past three days, theabduction of 100 children in Fallujah for the recruitment and use in its operations terrorist. " 
the statement called for , the security forces and the sons of the popular crowd and the crowd Anbari to" hit with an iron fist for the Liberation of the city of Fallujah and the prosecution of all of the work and helped and hugged Mall Daash criminal gangs and bring them to justice to receive their punished just because they committed massacres and atrocities against the Iraqi people . "He called the security forces to" establish safe corridors for output of unarmed civilians and the provision of health, food and humanitarian aid to them and tofacilitate their transfer to safer camps in the Amiriyah Fallujah and Habbaniyah ".ccant the leadership of thepopular crowd forces in Anbar province announced , last Saturday, the abduction of the organization (Daash) 150 people from the people of the city of Fallujah (62 km west of Baghdad), as he emphasized that theorganization has the deportation of the people of central vine spend areas, east of Fallujah , to booby -trapping Mnazlhm.oukal Brigade 's commander vine Fallujah for the crowd of tribal Colonel Khamis Sea Halbusi in an interview (long - Presse) that "elements of the organization (Daash) abducted 150 people from peasant regions and Allabsp counted inspired the Golan Heights in the city of Fallujah, after the organization revealed a scheme to launch attacks targeting elements of the people of Fallujah . " He added Halbusi, that " theorganization (Daash ) carried out the displacement of residents of areas Aldoaah and Albu Jassim Albu Khanfar amid vine spend Center, and forcing families to go to Fallujah to booby - trapping homes and shops in the vine , "adding that" security forces are working on trapping regulation gangs in Fallujah, the center of thevine and the tightening of air strikes to target cells and their strongholds to destroy what remains of their combat capabilities and the depletion of weapons and missiles possessed by Daash terrorist " , stressing to spend Falluja in Anba local council, last Friday, that the battle to liberate Fallujah, approached after thesuccess of the joint forces cleared spend Hit, west of Ramadi, completely from the control of the organization (Daash), and as he pointed out that the tribal fighters will have the first Alsolh in defeating organization, revealed that the number of the organization (Daash) decreasing Kber.oukal the official spokesman of theCouncil of Fallujah peace Ajami in an interview (long - Presse) that " the battle to liberate Fallujah approached after cleanse eliminate the Heat from the control of the elements of the organization (Daash) and secure theentire regions next and decisive battle would be Fallujah , "noting that" the tribal fighters will have the first Alsolh in defeating the organization . "He added Ajami, that" the countdown began approaching the battle toliberate Fallujah organized gangs and storming the city from four directions Joey and a blanket of Air Alliance international and surprise regulation by the army and police forces and a counter - terrorism , "adding that" the number of the organization (Daash) in Fallujah in a large decrease and existing regulatory cells no morethan 1000 items. "

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