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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Army Aviation kills 16 militants, including the military official's "State of the Euphrates"



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Army Aviation kills 16 militants, including the military official's "State of the Euphrates"

Post by rocky on Sat Apr 23, 2016 5:27 am

Army Aviation kills 16 militants, including the military official's "State of the Euphrates"

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Command announced the popular crowd in Anbar province, on Friday, the military official killed for "the state of the Euphrates" in theorganization (Daash) terrorist aerial bombing Iraq, west of Ramadi, as pointed to the killing of 16 members of his staff during the shelling. The security forces managed with the support of the Army Air Alliance international of the major cities of Anbar province edit from the grip of the organization Daash where he was able to restore the city of Ramadi and then Saqlawiyah and large parts of spend Heat is currently working on editing wet spend on the vine. He says intelligence popular mobilization Forces officer in thebrigade withstand the Haditha District submitted Nazim Aljughaifi in an interview to (long - Presse), " the flight of the Iraqi army shelled, yesterday morning, a convoy of the organization (Daash) includes six wheels close to the storage area, west of Haditha district west of Ramadi, killing a leading role in the Tunisian organization sexual aka Abu Dijana Tunisian and 16 element of his aides. " killed last Thursday to the south of Fallujah in the organization (Daash) and six of his aides in a raid of two pilots of the international coalition in the town ofAmiriyah Fallujah in Anbar province. He Aljughaifi, the" father of Dijana Tunisian who was killed by one of themost prominent leaders of the organization in Anbar , a the military official of the organization in the state of the Euphrates western Anbar areas , "he said , adding that" the air raid resulted in the destruction of a convoy organization (Daash) fully , which was targeted by the military aviation. " in the same context, said a source in the joint Special operations command, on Friday, that security forces shelled important sites belonging to the organization (Daash) in two villages, west of Ramadi as a prelude to free them. the source said in aninterview with (long - Presse), " the security forces shelled, yesterday morning, intensely important sites belonging to the organization (Daash) in the villages of the cupboard and Zachakhh, west of Ramadi, to cover the progress commandos seventh band for the Liberation of those villages sectors. " the source, who requested anonymity, that" the shelling of the security forces came in conjunction with the bombing of Air Alliance international in those villages. " in the context of link, the international Alliance international announced to fight al (Daash), implementation of aircraft (bi - 52) the first raids against al Alqasfp (Daash) in Iraq, while stressing that the aircraft targeted a weapons regulation warehouses in the city of Mosul. he said coalition spokesman in Baghdad , Col. Steve Warren during a press conference held yesterday at the Ministry of defense building and I followed (range Press), " the USAF icon, Alqasfp (P - 52) carried out, last Monday ( the 18th of April 2016), the first raids against al (Daash) in Iraq , "noting that" the raid was aimed at one of the organization weapons warehouses in Qayyarah, northwest of Mosul (405 km north of Baghdad). " said Warren, that" the bombers (bi - 52) and the rest of the American fighter jets and aircraft rally, currently working on in accordance with the new provisions in the sorties to accelerate the ratification of the implementation process of the air strikes. " It is noteworthy that the United States sent bombers (bi - 52) ,known as (icon of the cold war from 1947 to 1991), to Qatar in ( the ninth of April 2016 ), to be replaced ,rather than its counterpart (bi - 1) due to her use of "smart" bombs against targets accuracy (Daash) in Iraq and Syria, as well as functions to provide close air support local ground forces, as part of its efforts tointensify its strikes to that regulation.

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