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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US newspaper: Washington is betting on the release of Mosul armored brigade rickety without ammuniti



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US newspaper: Washington is betting on the release of Mosul armored brigade rickety without ammuniti

Post by rocky on Sun 24 Apr 2016, 4:17 am

US newspaper: Washington is betting on the release of Mosul armored brigade rickety without ammunition

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

US newspaper reported that the visit ofChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff , US forces Dnford Joseph came to Iraq to assess the preparations for the battle of Mosul. She emphasized that the battle is subject to "improve" placed ninth Armored Division of theIraqi army and providing them the heavy equipment. As revealed weights to extend the training of Iraqi forces periods, pointed out that themobilization of attribution systems of the army is still "outdated." 
The newspaper said (Washington Post), in a report I followed (range Press), " The visiting chairman of theJoint Chiefs of Staff , US Army General Joseph Dnford of Iraq came to assess the situation on thepreparations for Mosul attack controlled by Daash for nearly two years, and stand at the challenges faced by the Iraqi forces in terms of arming and training , "noting that" Dnford briefed on the ongoing training of Iraqi forces efforts in Basmajh Base, south of Baghdad . " the 
report added that" the main objective of the new American mission , which began in Iraq since the year 2014, is to ensure the creation of good Iraqi military force coherent armament and able to move toward Mosul ,"noting that" the commander of coalition forces in Iraq , Gen. Sean McFarland, he assured the chairman of the joint Chiefs of staff Dnford, to improve the status of armored Division ninth will be a major factor in therun toward the battle of Mosul. " 
said McFarland, according to the US newspaper report, during the briefing he and Gen. Dnford stages oftraining and on tanks and mortars in Basmajh base" if we finished training well stages I do not think that wasfollowed or high wave that can stand in these soldiers. " 
McFarland and likely to" be extended periods of training at the base Basmajh to create the required capacity of Iraqi soldiers , "stressing that" the face of the Iraqi military commanders to continue training and not todrop it . " . 
American newspaper asserts that US officials did not disclose any specific date to launch the Iraqi forces to fight for the liberation of Mosul, but President Obama noted that required the creation of forces for theLiberation of Mosul progress could happen by the end of this year. 
the report indicated that " the leaders of the armored Division ninth stationed at the base Basmajh which with a population of more than a military in 1200, they stressed their willingness to fight al Daash and provide their best, provided providing them with weapons appropriate and heavy ammunition needed to implement themilitary workout tanks (T - 72) they own since the Soviet era , " the report .ofatt that" some of the band that receives instructions from trainers Spaniards and Portuguese, British and American soldiers, are already well -seasoned soldiers fought battles against Daash in Ramadi and other areas, but many of the soldiers are volunteers junior and senior, did not pass them only a few weeks of their involvement in the military after pulling them from civilian businesses to promote the upcoming battle momentum against Daash. " the 
report promised that" one of the challenges faced by advisers and trainers Americans and other allies, is toensure the provision of military equipment and distributed to Iraqi units that will play that fight exclusively with foreign military advisers efforts in strengthening the morale of the Iraqi military units and strengthen itscohesion "noting that" the troops in the base Basmajh says that the military regime in the delivery of salaries and equipment for soldiers have improved, but they contend that the government still lacked the artillery and air power, while others complained of weak leadership, corruption among the higher ranks in the army ,despite reform efforts recent efforts. " in 
turn, the analyst says Patrick Martin competent Iraqi issue of the Washington Institute for Studies of war, according to the report," the training efforts carried out by the Americans and their allies have succeeded in training and equipping of several Iraqi teams, and also ensured that the armed clan locals to protect their areas effectively, "returned to" training is still going on at a slow pace , leaving Iraq depends largely on counter - terrorism forces , rather than relying on traditional military units. " 
said analyst concerned that" tactical reference systems for the army is still a long - standing since 2003, "he "these shortcomings need to emphasize the need that the United States is moving to provide more reference to Iraqi forces and quantities more if they want to achieve tangible progress prepares to move towards Mosul."

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