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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The crowd tribal announces liberalization of 75% of the vine and confirms the discovery of mass grav



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The crowd tribal announces liberalization of 75% of the vine and confirms the discovery of mass grav

Post by rocky on Mon 25 Apr 2016, 4:07 am

The crowd tribal announces liberalization of 75% of the vine and confirms the discovery of mass graves and secret prisons

 BAGHDAD / Ahmed al-Yassiri 

Revealed the leader of the tribe Alkrasat, one of the tribes of the Dulaimi and leader of the crowd clan, said the international coalition led by the United States halted progress on the vine and theoutskirts of Fallujah without knowing the reasons. 
This comes at a time when the joint security forces have made ​​in the field has made ​​considerable progress during the past two days in terms of karma, I was able killed dozens of the group 's leaders in the nearby city of Fallujah. 
it began contingents 14, and 1, Committees of the Iraqi army supported by the crowd of tribal forces , thequality of the vine for the Liberation of the city center process. And witnessed the process significant progress towards the center of the northern and southern axes, after the completion of the siege of the city. 
He says clan leader Alkrasat in a telephone interview with Salam Ajmi (range), he was "three days ago was the military operations in the vine and the outskirts of Fallujah , the quality has seen great progress in theoutskirts of Fallujah The vine zones Aldoaah and Alrosh. " 
However , Al - Ajmi said , " but suddenly stopped operations and contacted the leadership of the crowd clan ,which told me that the operation reached the contact point was stopped progress without knowing thereasons, "he added , " remains something to stop , however , coalition forces and in particular the Americans, to understand from the stop the battle for unknown reasons. " 
says the leader of the tribe Alkrasat, one of the tribes of the Dulaimi," We Kaahair in the vine and Fallujah influential backers of the security forces and are ready to enter the fray by the security forces but the joint forces command were not interacting with us and always stopped offering clans in battle. " 
Furthermore, says commander the first regiment in the crowd tribal Col. Mahmoud patients, in a telephone conversation with (range), that "military operations in the vine is the quality and carried out by the military sectors Calverqh 14 and band 1, under the leadership of operations west of Baghdad," adding that " thecrowds from the crowd clan of sons of karma involved in the operations. " 
He adds military official said that" the cohort II and the first groups of the mobilization of the clan areparticipating in the ongoing in the north of the vine operations while the regiment 3 and 4 are participating in operations south of the vine , "adding that" the flight of the international coalition managed to destroy additives for the organization in Subaihat and Alrovh and Rashad areas and killed during raids both Rashad district official called Hammad Halbusi with 10 of his associates, in addition to the security official , to Daash named Salah Mehdi Hamid with four of his aides. " 
He continued leadership in the crowd clan that" the ongoing military operations in the vine, which began on 04/12/2016, two leading figures in the organization Hamid Sajid al - Jubouri, and Omar Hadi Hantoush and hisassistant , Mohammed Hamed Mekhlef, during which he was killed, was also killed in an air raid targeting additive regulated area meteor, both the leader Salah al - Fakhri and Hisham Fakhri and Fawzi Fakhri Ahmed Amer Skr Walid and Walid Salah. " 
he said the patients said , " were also killed in the editorial operations officer Subaihat Ahmed dragged me Mashaan aka Ahmed stubbornness with six of his aides, were also destroyed more than 10 who became the destruction of a machine gun caliber 23 mm resistant aircraft with the flight of many of the elements of theorganization to Fallujah because of the painful by the airline air strikes. " 
in contrast, Col. Mahmoud denied patients post popular crowd in the vine battles, stressing that 75% of thevine was edited and that 60% of the area controlled fully." 
Furthermore, said the commander in the crowd tribal " the areas that have been edited in the vine , including the vine Island Nibai and thunders and Aldhabtih which found mass graves and have not found the secret prisons , " noting that "secret prisons exist in Fallujah." 
He praised Col. Mahmoud patients to "air strikes of the coalition", and described it as "successful, focused and harvested over a number of elements of the organization." 
emphasizes the security official said , " For my part of good things and the island in the vine witnessed thereturn of its people displaced as they have their natural nor where any security problems there." 
in the meantime, the leadership of the popular crowd in Anbar province, yesterday announced , launching amilitary operation to liberate the north of Karmah, east of Fallujah, as revealed that the process have so far killed 22 element of Daash. 
, says the commander of the regiment fourth in the popular crowd submitted Sohail Ali Haev in an interview to the (long - Presse), " the security forces began today, a military operation to purge the table on Sulaiman area, north of the vine spend, resulting so far killed 22 element of Daash. " 
Haev" The operation also resulted in the destruction of three additives for the organization and the dismantling of 300 explosive device. "

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