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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daash anticipates the battle to liberate Mosul confiscated light arms, fearing a coup by the parents



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Daash anticipates the battle to liberate Mosul confiscated light arms, fearing a coup by the parents

Post by rocky on Mon 25 Apr 2016, 4:15 am

Daash anticipates the battle to liberate Mosul confiscated light arms, fearing a coup by the parents

 BAGHDAD / Talk 

Grinding war waged by elements of themilitant group since the 22 months made ​​them desperate need of arms and ammunition, they made ​​recently to manage the sale and purchase of weapons, especially in light of the task of cutting supply lines from Syria and Turkey because of developments on the ground there. The arms trade , some are in the open but according to strict limitations, including that practiced confined to certain people. 
Abu Mohammed, an arms dealer previously confirmed to (talk), through a chat Viper program, said theorganization "Daash" to grant licenses to a number of people allows them to buy and sell arms gear and equipment and other fighting. he 
adds: they're civilians , apparently in what they Doaash perform civilian duties to make it easier for them tobuy goods from inside Mosul or abroad. 
on the reason for not having a license, indicating that he did not file its request because of traders currently is calculated on Daash even if did not join, and must present their services to the team caliph. the 
task of traders is not easy, in spite of the facilities that they receive. However , the provision of goods is difficult, at home only a few pieces of small arms and limited amounts of ammunition left, and often are for personal possession. Restrictions on the mafias arms in Turkey and Syria also intensified pressure from theinternational alliance and Russia , which is important to the way that feeds Daash army fueled the war. In 
practice, yet there is no real problem in the gear or weapons, Valtrsanh left by Iraqi forces, about 80 thousand soldiers and police , who fled from Mosul mid - June 2014, seized by organizing Daash directly. 
the keen early Daash stripping civilians of arms goes back for two reasons, Aodhama retired Brigadier General Ahmed al - Zubaidi , saying: long - term battles conventional weapon is a rifle Kalashnikov and these areavailable in Iraq frequently so the traders paying for one gun from $ 600-800 $. 
More importantly, Daash does not allow the existence of a weapon , however , civilians as the purchased or confiscated, even the weapons distributed at the beginning of his control over Mosul , some of the sons of thetribes returned and pulled them, for fear of a coup it if you start , especially since edits there are armed groups continuously published data , saying it would kill members of the organization in Mosul, Brigadier General adds. 
in the city there is a group best known offices in the pedal area for trafficking in weapons and maintaining a dedicated mainly to members of the organization. The owners have made ​​significant financial profits during the period of record, as its activity extends beyond the borders of the province. 
Some see all this activity is just the tip of the iceberg, there is information confirmed by a small dealer whoasked not to be named for the sale and purchase transactions conducted secrecy away from the public licensed offices. the 
surprise revealed by our young, that some fighters Daash local selling weapons and materiel steal from thecloak, to earn more money after the cut in their salaries increased by thirty or forty percent. 
explains: short positions held in the popular residential areas , most notably Tanak neighborhood, Wadi Hajar and Aljmash this is known since the era of Saddam Hussein actively arms trade, or are in the public areas through to meet the seller and the buyer if there is trust. 
the source suggests that what looks like networks exist for the exercise of this work confidentially in order tomake money, which is often transboundary motorcycles or small civilian cars. 
but Brigadier - Zubaidi exclude ignorance Daash this, but he was aware of it but turn a blind eye because theweapons eventually find their way into public office holders any Walid Daash. 
If one undercover traders signed a regulation , however, the latter will not hesitate to take revenge on him heavily. Two weeks ago , nearly threw a detachment of Daash arrested a man and seized in possession of agun and a few stores of gear, Vatanmoh that he belongs to some of the armed groups.

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