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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Trump Is Crushing All Resistance-The Criminal Elite Are Running Scared



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Trump Is Crushing All Resistance-The Criminal Elite Are Running Scared

Post by Lobo on Wed 27 Apr 2016, 7:37 pm

Trump Is Crushing All Resistance-The Criminal Elite Are Running Scared

It all comes down to this!
In a set of five primaries in the Northeast, Trump destroyed the competition by not just winning the elections; he garnered nearly 60% of the vote in a three-person race. This is unheard of. RNC officials are quaking in their boots because they know that if they steal the election from Trump, America’s response will be extremely volatile. There would nowhere that these GOP election thieves can hide and they know it.
After his clean sweep, Trump declared himself to be the presumptive GOP nominee for President. Is he correct?
Below, Trump tells America, in his own words, where the nomination process is at.

The White Middle Class Is Fighting for Its Collective Lives

Trump is a candidate that passes through all racial and economic barriers, minus the super-rich. Why? Because he is threatening to stop the stranglehold that the corporations have on this country. Trump promises to restore Constitutional principles to our government. If you do not believe he is sincere, he is sure taking a lot of heat to make his points to the American people. For example, Trump seeks to stops free trade agreements which have bankrupted millions of Americans. He has promised to stop an out of control immigration/refugee policy which constitutes a clear and present danger to all Americans with the increased risk of terrorism. However, the white middle class is cracking. White, middle-class America is currently witnessing a trend curve which suggests that their future holds the promise of lowered life-expectancy, less economic opportunity, and the emergence of high-risk behaviors which have outpaced medical advances.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s data shows that life’s expectancy for white women declined from 2013 to 2014. Further the white working class is in a “slow motion economic and social melt-down”. Death rates for the white working class are increasing at alarming rates. For middle class workers in developed countries, the mortality rate declines 2% per year compared to a decade ago. However, the trend in America is just the opposite. American mortality rates have increased over the same time frame. The American middle class, particularly whites, have been targeted by the establishment (e.g. Obamacare, quota systems, differential public assistance rates which follows along racial lines).
Feelings of hopelessness may not be a condition that we can easily quantify, however, hopelessness is the best predictor of suicide.
Before non-whites breath a sigh of relief, and say “thank God that is not me”, the truth is that you are next. Whites have occupied more positions in the middle class. Therefore, just from a numbers perspective, we would expect to see these negative trend curves in white’s first since America is in a top-down meltdown. What all of us are/will experience are the unmistakable stress-related effects of living under an increasingly totalitarian regime with a far greater reduced set of opportunities. Today, it is white people in the middle class who are bearing the brunt of the globalist assault, tomorrow, it will be everybody else’s turn.

Retarding the Globalist Takeover

In the Texas war for independence against Santa Anna and the nation of Mexico, the defenders of the Alamo did not give up their lives in vain. There courageous stand allowed Sam Houston more time to adequately prepare for the war’s decisive battle of San Jacinto. Donald Trump’s campaign is having the same effect. Not only is Trump waking up the masses, he is delaying the final push for globalist subjugation,while we are being given an opportunity to mount a defense.
How anyone could look at todays’ events and think the country is not in a very bad place is beyond my comprehension. We are in a war that the media all but ignores. The war consists humanity vs. the globalists. This means that all middle class and working class and poor should be united against the criminal elite that run this country! However, we let the establishment divide and conquer this country (eg rich vs poor, black vs white).
I believe we have one last chance to unite against the evil that would destroy us and Donald Trump is the manifestation of our resistance.
To women who support Clinton because she’s a woman, you are part of the problem. To African-Americans who support Obama for no other reason than he is black, you are part of the problem. In this new war of divide and conquer, you only need to know one thing to begin playing on the right team. Are you super-rich? If not, you better get behind Trump.

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Interacting Investor

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Re: Trump Is Crushing All Resistance-The Criminal Elite Are Running Scared

Post by fonz1951 on Wed 27 Apr 2016, 7:56 pm

good read. i suggest everybody reads this.


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Re: Trump Is Crushing All Resistance-The Criminal Elite Are Running Scared

Post by Neno on Wed 27 Apr 2016, 8:09 pm

Read shared and preach it daily well, not really cause everyone I'm associated with closely knows already. Might be a last shot at turning it around to have some peace before the clouds split. Then after all who cares at that point....

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Re: Trump Is Crushing All Resistance-The Criminal Elite Are Running Scared

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