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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Observatory freedoms: the killing of 20 Iraqi journalists during the year



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Observatory freedoms: the killing of 20 Iraqi journalists during the year

Post by rocky on Wed 04 May 2016, 3:03 am

[ltr]Observatory freedoms: the killing of 20 Iraqi journalists during the year[/ltr]

 Since 05/03/2016 18:53 pm (Baghdad time)
[ltr]BAGHDAD - balances News[/ltr]
[ltr]The observatory said the Iraqi press freedoms, Tuesday, that the organization of "Daash" 20 journalists killed during the year.[/ltr]
[ltr]The head of the Observatory Hadi JLo Mari in a statement received / balances News /, a copy of it, "for the second year in a row issued organize Daash list of violators of press freedoms in Iraq, and after entering the city of Mosul in the June 9, 2014 until today did not hesitate to violent regulation for the killing of journalists and detention other claims of false and inaccurate, and conduct mock trials against others, and the absence of a number of them in Mosul, some transferred secretly to the Syrian city of Raqqa. "[/ltr]
[ltr]He added that "the number of journalists who were killed in different conditions of May 3, 2015 until May 3, the current 2016 totaled 20 reporter and photographer at the hands of the organization During the press coverage, with the exception of the kidnapped them and then their bodies were found in different parts of Iraq, bringing the number of killed journalists, photographers and assistants technicians since 2003 until today 435, accompanied by the failure of government and the UN to protect them or disclose their killers. "[/ltr]
[ltr]He pointed out that "many journalists have been subjected to physical attacks and book and prevent the press coverage and the trials and facing lawsuits from local officials, while continued CMC prosecution of a number of satellite channels and radio stations to impose huge fines under the pretext of lack of permits to work, and threatened to close other media raising the number of lawsuits against journalists and activists numbered 13 broadcast, the owner of it, and mystery still surrounds the fate of a number of them have disappeared in mysterious circumstances, including Jalal lipodeca colleague who was kidnapped in Baghdad, he does not know his fate until this moment. "[/ltr]
[ltr]The statement quoted the head of the Iraqi Journalists pro-Lami was quoted as saying, "The impunity in attacks on journalists and the kidnapping and killing of reporters and photographers in Mosul and other issues is a pity, especially since the United Nations and the UN Security Council called on several local government data to make more efforts in this Context".[/ltr]
[ltr]He said al-Lami, that "the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate is working hard to move the targeting of Iraqi journalists by Daash file to the International Criminal Tribunal for the prosecution of those responsible for such crimes, noting," I will dedicate my efforts as vice president of the Arab Journalists Union in the next meeting in Tunisia and meetings of the International Federation of Journalists planned France next June to support the prosecution of the killers of journalists in the international courts, ".anthy 29/9 P efforts[/ltr]

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