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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The crowd and the Peshmerga FREE with Bashir and Atugean to restore south of Kirkuk



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The crowd and the Peshmerga FREE with Bashir and Atugean to restore south of Kirkuk

Post by rocky on Thu 05 May 2016, 3:29 am

The crowd and the Peshmerga FREE with Bashir and Atugean to restore south of Kirkuk

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Peshmerga and the popular crowd Turkmen forces succeeded, earlier this week, in thekilling of the commander of the organization (Daash) in the reed Bashir, south of Kirkuk ,during the battles for liberation. They also managed to kill more than 100 members of the organization, and destroyed 35 wheel belonged to them. The 
joint forces began operations mine lifting of the stalk as a prelude to re - people them. 
Withstood this village predominantly Turkmen for more than a month, before Aguethmha militants organize Daash during their attack widespread in June 2014 
and holds the popular crowd Turkmen forces deployed in areas around Kirkuk, the leadership of the process.And involving Abbas squad combat and other factions of the popular crowd and the Peshmerga forces in thewar against Daash forces. 
The official says in the popular crowd Turkmen Abu Rida al - Najjar, in an interview with (long - Presse), he said that " the military operations carried out by the Peshmerga and the crowd Turkmen troops and the Task Abbas in reed Bashir led to the deaths of tens of Aldoaash including the commander of the organization Daash in Bashir, terrorist Knight Najib altitude Hataoa Alhahri. " 
explains Najjar said , " among the dead from the execution of fifteen people from the people of Bashir ,including a woman they hanged on the water tank in the Bashir along many victims. " 
entered the crowd and the Peshmerga forces earlier this week to the reed - Bashir center. Located Bashir village , which has a strategic location linking the provinces of Kirkuk, Diyala, Salahuddin, 35 km south of thecity of Kirkuk, 240 km north of Baghdad. 
 He says Major General in the Peshmerga forces Hiwa spray, in an interview with (long - Presse), " The death toll Daash process Bashir It is a 160 element as observed by the international coalition aircraft but we expect killed 250 of them , "pointing to" the destruction of 35 vehicles trapped 20 of them strikes , coalition and six by the Peshmerga , as has been to destroy the other vehicles during the battles , "pointing to" the start ofprocessing operations for packets role bombs in stalk and return its people to it soon. " 
and use the organization Daash missiles loaded with poison gas in the battle of al - Bashir , causing the injury of eight members of the crowd. 
confirms brigade in the crowd Turkmen Abu Rida al - Najjar, in his speech to the (long - Presse)," the rockets loaded with toxic gas fired by Daash terrorist gangs on the front berms for troops crowd Turkmen, south ofBashir, led to the injury of eight fighters. " 
Najjar and adds that" the Peshmerga and the crowd troops directed fire guns and rockets towards sites and gatherings Daash near the al - Rashad, south of Kirkuk city , "noting that the Air Alliance international bombing is the other organization locations in the region. " In the same context , says Director of Taza, Hussein just Tazle, in an interview to the (long - Presse), " The civil defense teams have not been able to reach the outposts of the security forces to confirm the quality of the gases used in the bombing , " noting that "seven of the injured had received treatment in Taza, while the eighth was transferred to Kirkuk General Hospital for the seriousness of the injury treatment. " 
it was (Daash) has been bombed several times Peshmerga forces ' positions and the crowd of Turkmenistan and hand neighboring Bashir Taza chemical weapons led to the occurrence of several victims. 
in the meantime, the Commission emphasized Higher security in Kirkuk, that the liberation of Al - Bashir was assisted flight international coalition, while ruling out the possibility of entering the area without completely cleared of mines and improvised explosive devices for not providing "unnecessary" loss of life. 
the head of the governor of Kirkuk , Najm al- Din Karim said that "liberalization Bashir operations successfully launched, after it should have been done during the past holiday Nowruz ", noting that" the planning process has been ten days ago by the Peshmerga leaders in collaboration with other forces, especially the people ofBashir and Taza, some of the following forces from the south, with the assistance of the international coalition forces and flight . " 
in a striking development, a security source in Kirkuk province, on Wednesday, that the three wells in thebaker oil field west of Kirkuk detonated improvised explosive devices, while stressing stop production in thethree wells. 
, source says in an interview with (long - Presse), the "unidentified gunmen detonated IED wells (18, 33, 39) of the field baker oil near the village of Alsapunjah west of Kirkuk , " noting that "an explosive device near thewell No. 3 has been dismantled." 
The source, who asked not to be named, said : "bombings led to the halt of production in the three wells , " he said , adding that "civil defense teams continue to work to control the fire." 
It is a baker oil field , which holds the police protect him, to seek areas that separate the elements Daash and the Peshmerga.

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