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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Modern breathe after waiting for the army to regain along a road linking Hit Balbgdada



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Modern breathe after waiting for the army to regain along a road linking Hit Balbgdada

Post by rocky on Thu 05 May 2016, 3:30 am

Modern breathe after waiting for the army to regain along a road linking Hit Balbgdada

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Security forces ended the siege lasted formore than a year and a half superimposed on a modern organization Daash after managed to free through a link length of 44 km eliminate the Heat through Balbgdada and to Haditha District. Was also able to purge all of Khalidiya - emerging - Heater - Albu Assaf and raising the Iraqi flag over government buildings. In the axis joint operations managed to free two central hand Amiriyah Fallujah, killing 20 members of the organization during the operation, after it imposed a total curfew on the residential complex in terms of Amiriyah. announced media - Harbi cell, on Monday, freeing thesecurity forces to areas east of hand - Baghdadi, west of Ramadi (110 west kilometers of Baghdad), as indicated to the open road link between the hand and eliminate the Heat, confirmed decoding siege Daash for Haditha District. she cell in a statement, received a (long - Presse) a copy of it, it was "under the supervision of the joint Special operations command and pieces of the band seventh Iraqi army, was liberated areas (Khalidiya - emerging - Heater - Albu Assaf) , which lies east of hand - Baghdadi , " indicating "it was the flag - raising Iraqi over the buildings after the incurrence enemy losses in lives and equipment. " she said the cell that" cuts seventh Division of the Iraqi army was able to cleanse and open the way of hand - Baghdadi to spend Hit, which runs the length (44 km) and maintaining contact with pieces of anti - terrorism. " she cell that " the road became passable spend the Heat through Balbgdada and to spend Speaking after a siege thatlasted more than a year and a half before Daash terrorist gangs." in a related development, joint Specialoperations command, Tuesday announced the deaths of 20 members of Daash including leading figures, pounding the international coalition targeted the wheels the headquarters of the organization , north ofRamadi. the command said in a statement, received a (long - Presse) copy of it, "airline Alliance international and based on the information the Directorate General of intelligence and Security in Anbar province, targeted athree - wheeler carrying leaders of gangs Daash terrorist and the headquarters of a meeting of senior leaders in Albu Ali area Al - Jassem, north of Ramadi, killing 20 members of the organization , including leading figures. " She Joint Special Operations Command that " the bombing destroyed the headquarters and thewheels completely." In a related context, the Anbar provincial council edit regions announced amid hand Amiriyah Fallujah, south of the city, while stressing the killing of 20 members of the organization during theoperation. A member of the security committee in the Anbar province see Barakat al - Issawi, said in aninterview to the (long - Presse), "it was the regions of Albu Yusuf cleanse and Alvahilat, amid hand, and raising the Iraqi flag over Mbanehma , " noting that " the operation has led to the deaths of 20 members of the organization Daash." he said local administrator that " organize Daash trying thrown bombers and wheels bombs in areas that offer the security forces to impede their progress , "adding that" the army forces and fighters of the clan and the local police have succeeded in destroying the three - wheeled bomb and blow up the concentration of the organization in Albu Eifan cemetery in the site. " al - Issawi said that" few hours thenext will edit other parts of Amiriyah and progress announcement to the entrances of the southern and western ones Fallujah in preparation to cleanse Fallujah , the center in the coming days. " according to amember of the security committee in the Anbar province," the commander of the brigade Amiriyah Fallujah in the popular crowd , Colonel Khamis al - Issawi was injured during the clearing zones battles side, south ofFallujah , "noting that he" was taken to hospital for treatment. " al - Issawi said that" the security forces made ​​little progress in clearing Ameriya battles , "asserting that" regulatory elements and their leaders havebegun to flee to Fallujah and left arms and wheels that they use them to launch attacks, after taking such big losses. " It is said that the leadership of the popular crowd in Anbar province announced Tuesday the launch of a military operation to liberate the occupied territories of the organization Daash in Amiriyah Fallujah, (62 ,west of Baghdad km), while confirming that the security forces involved process forward of the two axes. inturn, said a member of the local council to hand Amiriyah Khudair Rashid, in an interview to the (long -Presse), " the joint forces imposed a total curfew in the residential complex and residential areas surrounding it in terms of Amiriyah (19 km south of Fallujah) until further notice after targeted by the organization Daash anumber of rockets and mortars. " Rashed added that" the organization and following the lead of the security forces battles after editing the areas trying to carry out attacks and open new battle fronts to make up for theheavy losses suffered by the day in the southern sector of Fallujah , "asserting that" few hours the next will edit other parts of the hand Amiriyah and the opening of safe corridors to evacuate the families of thechildren, women and take them to safe areas. "

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