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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Tel battles Bishop of Mosul parties reveal the true role of US forces in Iraq



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Tel battles Bishop of Mosul parties reveal the true role of US forces in Iraq

Post by rocky on Fri 06 May 2016, 2:49 am

[ltr]Tel battles Bishop of Mosul parties reveal the true role of US forces in Iraq[/ltr]

Nineveh - Iraq Press - May 6 / May: pickup truck sped towards the village on fire in northern Iraq before stopping behind a convoy of armored vehicles is the only barrier between the American forces and organize Daash.

He says the Kurdish fighter who portrays the scenehis voice rising to be heard amid the sound ofgunfire and explosions on the outskirts of Tel bishop "fighting side by side with our fellow Americans."

It is supposed that the video images on Tuesday during a fierce battle in which a soldier special operations forces of the US Navy killed. The recorded video deepening American involvement inthe ongoing nearly two years ago against themilitants in the war.

In order to avoid diving in another conflict outside the White House insists that the United States will not deploy "forces on theground" in Iraq and published instead of hundreds of troops "to provide advice and assistance" to local forces.

But footage of the Battle of the Kurdish forces that image by Reuters briefed along with accounts of others who participated inthe fighting , showing how easy it is disappearance of this difference.

The video shows part of the American and Kurdish forces amid a long - running herbs from its first behind the vehicles towardsthe wall on the outskirts of the town. And a shout of Americans saying "Woe to this running !."

Charles Keating , the circumstances of the soldier killed is not clear and still. Kurdish officials say he was wounded by a sniperand was evacuated by helicopter within an hour but he died of his wounds.

It was the third US soldier to die in a direct fight with Daash since he started the coalition led by the United States in the 2014 campaign to "weaken and destroy" the organization.

He said Kurdish fighters took part in the battle US forces pulled out then , leaving the armored Toyota Land Cruiser on theside of the road has been damaged tires.

But it did not penetrate armored outer wall of the cart carrying signs of a fierce battle: a hole in the door by the rocket -propelled grenade and broken glass where the bullets hit the windshield.

The ammunition casings are still scattered around the vehicle on Wednesday when Reuters visited the village , which lies 28 kilometers north of Mosul. In the nearby grass area there was an explosive empty bandages for the treatment of medium bleeding.

A US military spokesman said Keating was among a "rapid reaction force" was called after the Americans advisers found themselves trapped amid the battle.

Kurdish fighters said that a small team of five or six US advisers was stationed in Tel bishop was usually visit the front line ,about 3.5 kilometers and helps in the survey and coordinate the operations of the air strikes.

Waheed said Caughley force commander who fought alongside the Americans . "This is the first time where fighting with us onthe ground ... They were heroes."

This was the largest attack in months Daash against the Kurdish peshmerga forces , which are considered the closest ally of thecoalition led by the United States and most effective allies in Iraq and managed to clear vast areas in the north with the help ofair strikes.

It is difficult to coordinate closely with the coalition on Daash penetrate the defenses of the peshmerga , which extends for several hundred kilometers in an arc around the north and east of Mosul , the largest cities of the caliphate declared by themilitants.

However , the militants advanced in early Tuesday morning from the village of Batnaya and infiltrated the Peshmerga sites and brought a metal bridge caravan to cross the ditch defending.

The militants crossed from there to the fields to reach Tel bishop in a convoy of vans by anti-aircraft guns and a bulldozer were strengthened

Metal panels , as well as my vehicle Humvee at least two charred remnants can be seen in the village.

He said a fighter named just "Daash came from here , " pointing to a street where falter , flies on the bodies of three militants.

The spread militants in Tel bishop and taken up positions in houses and opened fire on the Americans on the outskirts of thevillage.

According to dig into the asphalt to the locations where the bombers blew themselves driving a car with the Kurdish forces approaching before they are wiping out the militants in the end.

Kurdish forces moved from house to house on Wednesday in search of any remnants of the militants and collect their weapons and ammunition.

After they returned to their base offered these weapons , which included machine guns and suicide vests and four rocket -propelled grenades and several assault rifles. Among them it was also a small bag containing a roll bandages unused and some of the dried figs.

He wore Kurdish fighters digital clock extracted from the wrist militant dead. "This is a keepsake."

And display the peshmerga officer was wounded in the foot and still attached to him liquors in his left hand mechanism inscribed with the previous owner name gun "Abu speech." And near the trigger it was the seal bears the words "property of the US government."

During a press conference on 25 April , John Kirby , spokesman for the US State Department said that the government 'spromises not to deploy troops on the ground in Iraq does not mean that American soldiers will never take part in the fight, but only means that there will be no "ground operations conventional warfare on the scale Wide". Q ended

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