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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daash methods in blackout on the news in Mosul



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Daash methods in blackout on the news in Mosul

Post by rocky on Sat 07 May 2016, 8:23 am

Daash methods in blackout on the news in Mosul
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07-05-2016 03:45 PM

For Iraqis living in Mosul , a stronghold of the organization of the Islamic state pales news about the rally , backed by the United States army to the south to launch an attack on the city could begin this year. Residents say that , after he became the Iraqi forces presence in drunken region in February , about 60 kilometers from the northern city began militants impose restrictions on watching a population of one million inhabitants of the TV. With the limited and irregular to access the Internet and use mobile networks civilians in Mosul relied on satellite TV as the main source of news from the outside world since he took control of the state Islamic city two years ago. officials say the timing of these actions is significant. They believe that the goal of an Islamic state is to isolate the population and fighters of the organization as any other news about the progress of the Iraqi forces. They point out that this could reduce the chances of a coordinated uprising against the Islamic state of the city and the flight of people who can use them as "human shields" as well as to avoid the collapse of the Spirit morale among the elements of the militant group. and reflect the move of the importance of Mosul militant Fasamh Nineveh province , is the largest under their control is the actual capital. Hassan said Sabawi , a member of the Nineveh provincial council that the Islamic state wants to prevent its fighters and civilians under their control from knowing Bantekasadtha. " The Daash scared of the Satellite give people a true picture of the situation , "which contrasts with the unilateral provided by regulation the media. He says Mosul residents they often watched Iraqi television channels that focus on Nineveh , such as conductivity and eastern Nineveh tomorrow along with al - Jazeera and Arab spacecrafts main Arab event. According toReuters. He said five residents contacted by telephone and the Internet that the Islamic state confiscated Satellite Receivers from some cafes, markets and said it Sthzerha in all public places during the month. He said Tajeran provincial government had been contacted over the Internet that in early April to prevent regulation hard - line sale and maintenance of satellite TV receivers for home use devices. the trader said "three members of the calculation dressed in uniform written by hand back in bold white 'calculation' entered my office in the building and said Shawwaf from now forbidden to sell or buy a receiver and broadcast satellite devices (receiver). It is haram and exporter of debauchery and immorality. " Shields mankind and force the militants to surrender population Satellite Receivers their own devices. One said he had handed his computer until the release of his brother , who was arrested for smoking. The widow of an elderly that the Islamic state confiscated the apparatus as a condition for providing financial subsidy. He said three residents of the organization of the Islamic state has threatened to shut down generators used by 80 percent of the population if you do not hand over their devices. Said Omar al - Dulaimi , a resident analyst in Washington in an institution (Stubbalaazishn Network) a specialist in governance and media areas controlled by the Islamic State said the militants are afraid to use the Baghdad satellite TV channels to direct people to safe places during the battle of Mosul as they did earlier this year in Ramadi , which enabled some civilians to avoid turning them into human shields. he "they knew it would be difficult to ban (View) satellite channels and thus carried out in stages. They knew that they could not enter every house and destroy it (reception) device and therefore they want to convince the people first to do so on their behalf. He said , "but the locals do not want to get rid of another way to communicate with the outside world and thus became the (Islamic state) meaner" and speculated implementation corporal punishment and raids of homes in the coming months. controlled organization of the Islamic state on the territory of a third of Iraq in 2014 and was forced to retreat in the west towards the Iraqi border , but an army campaign in the north has made ​​slower progress. The hopes of the Iraqi authorities to restore Mosul by the end of the year with the support of the United States. And increases the tightening of restrictions on TV in the city of risks in the ongoing battle began over the airwaves in the last year. The broadcast private radio channel and at least one is tomorrow , which receives funding from the former governor of Mosul ethyl Najafi sent in a territory controlled by the organization of the Islamic state. jamming transmitters tomorrow 's station manager says the militant group always tries jamming sent by broadcasting on the same wavelength. He declined station manager to be named for security reasons. Full organizers of the station on that broadcast on different wavelengths. He said the station that put transmitters a year ago near the military front line south of Mosul , the director of "We know that the media is one of the most powerful weapons used by Daash (Islamic state) , especially within the city. It is an open war between us and the media Daash. " The progress tomorrow periods of live broadcasts during which receive calls from people using the program and Viper Oatsab. Programs aimed at fighting extremism as broadcast hosts theologians are challenging the validity of thought , which is adopted by the militant group. He said the station manager said themilitants call and sometimes threaten broadcasters on the air. " The primary weapon is the creation of barriers and try to impose a siege and turn people inside to the prisoners by cutting off contact with the whole world. " the Iraqi government and joined the media battle three months ago , a radio station broadcasting from the refuge concrete military base drunk. manages the soldiers stop for eight hours a day Phippthon prayers and patriotic songs and newsletters and recorded messages. he said one of those in charge of the station, told Reuters during a visit last month . " tell them Ehna close of you coming to Tharirkm and salvation of Daash terrorist gangs and , God willing , victory is near. " He added that the Islamic state was quick to jamming of the station" Vqcef source of confusion. " but now the transmission does not only reach halfway to the connector. The authors said that the transmitters will betransferred from the nearest city for a distance with the military progress, but so far the Iraqi forces did controls only four villages since the start of operations of drunken month ago

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