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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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American officials: fortifications Daash in Mosul, most of them in Ramadi



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American officials: fortifications Daash in Mosul, most of them in Ramadi

Post by rocky on Wed 11 May 2016, 4:07 am

American officials: fortifications Daash in Mosul, most of them in Ramadi

 translation: Range 

After months of rapid progress is expected, the war on Daash by obstacles far from thebattlefields collide raises questions whether the pace of recent gains will continue or not? 
Chaos in Baghdad and a cease-fire exhausted in Syria and political upheaval in Turkey are among the obstacles that appeared in the recent weeks and that impede progress. 
there are other small obstacles, including small setbacks to the coalition forces on the battle fronts in northern Iraq and Syria, revealing the adoption of the US strategy to a large extent on with varying efficiency of local armed groups, which are often at odds with each other. 
when ordered by President Obama the first time using American warplanes against the extremists who swept Iraq and Syria, US officials put time frame of 3-5 years of hard fighting schedule. After a stuttering start ,officials said they are grateful especially of progress over the past six months. 
Since the restoration of city of Baiji , in the month of October last, began defenses Daash crumble quickly in many areas such as Sinjar, Ramadi, Hit, recently Bashir that fell quickly revives hope that the extremists on their way to defeat. 
He says one uS officials , "We are on track and ahead of expectations so far." However, the war is entering anew phase may be the most difficult as it would involve deeper than the US level of participation. 
In a bid to step up the pace of the war, the US military more involved and send more special operations forces and others to Syria and Iraq, and pay hundreds of Marines to the front lines in Iraq, and hurling Apache helicopters lobby - 52 as in the air campaign. 
American officials say that additional resources are necessary because the war can not be won without greater participation of the Americans. 
the next goals are most important to succeed Daash alleged terms include the cities of Raqqa, Mosul and to somewhat Fallujah of concern because of its proximity to the capital , Baghdad. 
battle of Mosul - which is a priority for the Pentagon - was delayed for at least a year because of the takeover Daash the gray a year ago, and has gray restored after the depletion of resources and time. 
He says Maj . Gen. Gary Wolski commander of one of the forces coalition ground outside Baghdad "defenses built by Daash in Mosul more sophisticated than in the gray, so it will get harder the closer to Mosul." 
says Colonel Warren , "We are now organizing a few things , so there will be some interruptions to thereorganization, but are not necessarily setbacks strategy" . in 
turn, Robert Ford last ambassadors Americans in Syria says that although the US strategy has made ​​significant progress on the ground, they have yet to find answers to the wider political differences that havehelped in the emergence of Daash which could undermine the military gains. 
the recent intrusion of the green zone is an example of the conflicts that can erupt before the defeat of theextremists, and Ford says : " the problem in Baghdad reveals the weakness of the Iraqi government, it can not be dissolved for Apache helicopters. We have to deal with the politics as much as we deal with military operations. " 
US officials say that there are no repercussions for the differences in Baghdad , but they do not rule out gaining if instability continues.

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