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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The army was preparing for the Liberation of the humid .. The news of the withdrawal of the directio



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The army was preparing for the Liberation of the humid .. The news of the withdrawal of the directio

Post by rocky on Thu 12 May 2016, 3:50 am

The army was preparing for the Liberation of the humid .. The news of the withdrawal of the direction based Daash

BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

It plans to direct the joint security forces, next weekend, edit maximum wet spend western Anbar from the control of the organization Daash. This comes just days after the arrival of military reinforcements equipped with heavy weapons into the humid axes. A security source said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The wet mopping-up operation will be launched in the early hours of Saturday, according to intelligence and military orders made against fast-proliferation and concentration of wild pieces,"
It adds the source, who asked not to be named, said "military reinforcements arrived Alskar and Oasis areas and cunning Wolf, near Valley Horan in the humid, western city of Ramadi, in preparation to cleanse thejudiciary Daash terrorist gangs." 
The security source said " the security forces I arrived at the wetlands axes represented by troops from Brigade 18 of the federal police and two regiments of the local police forces and tribal fighters and military force from Anbar operations with the arrival of units of armor and artillery of the Iraqi army, as well as forces of the counter - terrorism apparatus. " 
in this same meanwhile, received security information about the withdrawal of the elements of theorganization (Daash) than towards existing and Syria wet wipe. 
, says a security source in Anbar operations command, said that "intelligence and communications civilians and security forces confirmed the withdrawal of the organization of cells (Daash) from western Anbar wet spend, and they fled to the existing and tenderness and Albu Kamal Syria after the collapse of their cells battles after cleansing Hīt District and western regions. " The source indicated that "security information revealed the presence of small numbers of members of the organization do not exceed the 150 only element , " referring to "wet their deployment entrances and in the middle and is also preparing to escape during thenext few hours." The source added that " the withdrawal of the elements (Daash) of wetlands came after Anksaarham in the western regions and taking such a heavy toll in the liberation of the Heat battles modern hubs and al - Baghdadi , as well as the killing of the terrorist Shaker and flames of the organization 's leader in Anbar , in the middle of the humid air strike last Friday." 
In the meantime, , a security source in Anbar province, that the security forces succeeded by editing two areas in the district west of Ramadi Heat. , 
and embarked on the security forces on Wednesday , a major military operation morning for the Liberation ofaxes eliminate the Heat and the remaining cutters hand - Baghdadi , which includes more than 14 area and the village is (Alkseriaat and quarterly the island inspired pristine and maize, oases, Sulaimyat) and other parts of western Anbar. 
the source says in an interview (range Press), " the joint security forces were able, yesterday afternoon, the edit regions Alodahih and quarterly, Western eliminate Hit, west of Ramadi during the liberation of western areas of Inbar battles from the control of the organization Daash , "noting that" the operation led to thedeaths of dozens of members of the organization. " 
the source added that" the security forces destroyed three wheels bomb during the storming Alodahih area, as well as the bombing of a large cache of weapons and rockets in the quarterly area and seizing large quantities of weapons and mortar rounds "noting that" cleansing battles continuing support of aviation international coalition that supports provide ground troops to destroy the strongholds of the organization and spare supplied from western cities and Syria lines. " 
in a striking development, announced the leadership of the popular crowd forces in Anbar province, on Wednesday, killed official radioman and communications for the city of Fallujah in the organization (Daash) and nine of his aides during the cleanse karma spend battles, east of Fallujah. 
he said the commander of the first battalion in the brigade vine Fallujah to rally popular Colonel Mahmoud patients Jumaili in an interview to the (long - Presse) yesterday, said that " the security forces have carried out, This morning, a military operation that targeted a gathering of the organization (Daash) in Subaihat area, the center of the vine crack, (19 km east of Fallujah), leaving radioman and communications official in the city of Fallujah in organizing the killing called Maaz Salah and nine of his aides. " 
Jumaili added that" security forces were able to adjust the number of communications and surveillance equipment and spy devices used by the organization to communicate between cells in Fallujah and Karmah western regions of Inbar , including devices (hockey - talkies, Motorola) , "adding that" the organization (Daash) stopped all contacts after the radioman official killed until re devices , which were used in thetelecommunications encryption. "

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