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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Only 14% of the territory of Iraq, however, the organization Daash and revenues fell by half



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Only 14% of the territory of Iraq, however, the organization Daash and revenues fell by half

Post by rocky on Thu 12 May 2016, 4:01 am

[ltr]Only 14% of the territory of Iraq, however, the organization Daash and revenues fell by half[/ltr]

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - May 12 / May: Iraq said that the military operation waged against al Daash succeeded in restoring two - thirds of land seized by gunmen organization in 2014. At the time a senior official of the US Department of the Treasury confirmed that the air strikes and the decline in oil prices and the efforts of neighboring countries inthe fight against smuggling, it has led to reduced revenue regulation by half.

Said Saad al - Hadithi , the Iraqi government spokesman said in a statement that "the existence ofDaash receded in Iraqi cities and provinces, after it was occupied 40 percent of the land of Iraq was leftto him now only 14 percent of them."

This assessment seems less than US estimates recently where US Secretary of State , John Kerry, said last month, " The organization has 44 percent of the territory seized by Iraq."

Iraqi army and regained in cooperation with the Kurdish peshmerga fighters and volunteers , including the cities of Ramadi, Tikrit and Beiji.

Iraqi officials say they Sastaidon city of Mosul in the north of the country during the current year.

Iraqi army and the opening of a new front in March against the militants in the district of drunken called the first phase of amajor operation to restore Mosul.

In the meantime, a senior official of the US Department of the Treasury, said on Wednesday evening, said that "air strikes andthe decline in oil prices and the efforts of neighboring countries in the fight against smuggling has led to reduced revenues Daash regulation of oil by half to about $ 250 million annually.

He said Daniel Glaser , assistant Treasury secretary for terrorist financing Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence atthe Treasury that "the air strikes as well as the decline in world oil prices and Turkey 's efforts to combat smuggling and thedifficulties faced by Daash in transporting oil across the fronts led to revenue from oil fell by half.

Glaser said during a speech at a research center in Washington , "was the number that we have made ​​in the past until early this year , $ 500 million a year from oil sales. I think it is much less now ... I think that they probably earn half of what they were Ahakqouna in the past. "

He added that the organization also collects about $ 360 million a year in taxes in the areas controlled by them. He said that thereduction of tax revenues is a challenge because those taxes collected in areas subject to Daash.

In January , a US military official said the air campaign has reduced revenues of the Islamic State of oil by 30 percent. Q ended

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Re: Only 14% of the territory of Iraq, however, the organization Daash and revenues fell by half

Post by Neno on Thu 12 May 2016, 6:08 pm

Well why not just finish it off before Saudi adds too?

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