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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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A rare alliance between the Arabs and the Yazidis simplifies security on the border with Syria



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A rare alliance between the Arabs and the Yazidis simplifies security on the border with Syria

Post by rocky on Sat 14 May 2016, 3:18 am

A rare alliance between the Arabs and the Yazidis simplifies security on the border with Syria

 BAGHDAD / Reuters 

No links between the two groups is relatively Amomurtan little thing only common enemy and find their personnel difficult to communicate with each other on thebattlefield . However, opened the two groups a new front in the face of the organization Daash in the far corner of the pillars of Iraq. 
This coalition is logical between the group came out of the womb of the organization Kurdish leftist Arab and clan militia in northern Iraq an example of how the coup that brought about the organization Daash in theregional system. 
new groups have emerged in different parts of Iraq and Syria , where the weakened old powers began competing to claim the premises in areas of the territory Daash to the complexity of this scene when you win Bembtagaha. 
said Abdul Khaliq al - Jarba, head of the power of Arab tribes "sometimes secrete mess things unexpected. After Daash changed the political map of the region. there has become a new reality and we are part of it." 
in the province of Nineveh came out this "new reality" into existence in 2014 when it failed the official security forces in the defense of the Sinjar area in the face of Daash fighters who worked to clear the area of population Yezidis. 
endowed Syria group with links to the PKK to their rescue endorsing them Yezidis gratitude and founded another local group called the units resistance Sinjar name. 
these include a secular group of Kurds basically alongside Yezidis and controls an area in Sinjar also formed analliance recently with the faction of Sunni Arab derived from the clan of the powerful Shamar. 
a member of the oldest in the Arab force, which was formed in the past three months, and now has more than 400 members , "in the beginning we were not confident in them. We thought that they are occupiers of the Kurds. " 
Adding to the strangeness of this cooperation that many Yezidis accuse their neighbors of Sunni Muslims incollusion with committed organization Daash of atrocities against them and say it is impossible for us to live with them once Okhry.ovi last month has made ​​alliance units resistance Sinjar and Shammar tribe first joint insist Daash in the village of Umm lizards , consisting of a group of houses on a highway near the Syrian border. the working coalition now fortify its positions. 
the move troops from units resistance Sinjar on his hands and knees and work on loosening the mass of dirt with a knife to show unexploded bomb for use against militants who planted before Atgahkaroa several kilometers. 
the alternating two other fighters with an ax on drilling until the hole Asnaanha on the edge of the dirt road large as a capacity for two shipments Mtfjrtin Stnfjeran when ordering fighters militant group. 
plans fighters restore Arab villages and other Yezidi in the region and say they will join for a crackdown on thebiggest strongholds of the organization , which is about 160 kilometers to the east. Jarba said , "God willing ,we will enter Mosul." 
despite the unity of purpose that accorded to them by fighting the terrorists seem difficult to reconcile the programmatic parties. While the Arab faction wants to restore Baghdad 's authority over this arid land, the units resistance Sinjar concerned with the establishment of its own model of society based on the philosophy of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan. 
Ocalan has been waging war with the PKK to Turkey in 1984 in a bid to establish an independent state for theKurds but he is now calling for some form of popular democracy rather than state control. 
he Evin (18) fighter Kurd from Syria who joined the unit linked to the PKK there before coming to Sinjar "when frees comrades village allow the people to decide for themselves. The doctrine of the commander is not only for the Kurds. " But this ideology alien to the tribal community conservative in some northern areas of Iraq. 
Does not have Arab fighters only a vague idea about the man who adorn his image mustache Alkt what hewears fighters units resistance Sinjar from the camouflaged and flag clothing , which flies now next to theIraqi flag at the entrance to the village of Umm lizards. 
the fighter said Turkey is trying to learn some Arabic words so that he could communicate with his colleagues " are very different lives for the lives of the people of fennel. we ideological force but they were neither well." 
It seems the difference is most evident in the presence of girl combatants in the ranks of units resistance Sinjar. Of these , one girls name Heffidar said that Arab fighters they avoided to talk initially with her ​​and other women. "After a month or two they began to learn." The mess in her hands a wireless device set off the sound suddenly calls "Hevall" ie , "Hey buddy." 
Handed Abu Hazza, one of the leaders of Arab power, he surprised in the beginning to the presence of girls fighters said in a joint military site in a building that was formerly used for a medical center . " we believe that it is easy to scare women , but this idea has changed. " 
and expressed by the laugh just the possibility of the deployment of women of his clan as combatants hint.He said Abu Hazza "We are a tribal society. We have our customs and traditions can not be the one that opposers." 
At the present time is the external forces that drive the two groups to cooperate is stronger than thedifferences that may spacing between them. Arab Valvesel lacks experience in dealing with the organization without units resistance Sinjar , which enhances its ranks fighters veteran gained experience in the movement of the ongoing Kurdish insurgency for three decades against Ankara. 
He Jarba "They are fighters are tough. They have experience in guerrilla war , and we can take advantage of it." 
The for units resistance Sinjar the participation of local Arab force reduces the appearance as an invading force which permeates in areas where Kurds represent the minority. The central government in Baghdad infavor of this alliance , which put the two on the list of government salaries in order to regain a foothold in theregion does not exist where the forces of the government. 
In return , the Kurdish regional authorities have surrounded the Arab faction units resistance Sinjar. Some members of the Shammar tribe Peshmerga in Sinjar has sided. But Abu Hazza said that the only science that is willing to lift it is the Iraqi flag. " We do not want to undergo only a central government."

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