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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Najafi crowd frees village near Bashiqa supporting advisers Turks



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Najafi crowd frees village near Bashiqa supporting advisers Turks

Post by rocky on Sun 15 May 2016, 3:47 am

Najafi crowd frees village near Bashiqa supporting advisers Turks

 Nineveh / long-Presse 

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ( PUK ) in Nineveh province, announced on Saturday that "national mobilization" forces liberated thevillage in the north of Mosul from the control of the organization Daash attribution of thePeshmerga forces and the participation ofTurkish advisers. 
The operation comes within the process (and human patient) and the second, which began with security forces common yesterday morning for the Liberation of the village Kannouna of hand Ba'shiqah. 
and are subject to the force, stationed at a military base near the town of Bashiqa, to lead the Liberation ofIraq, the governor of Nineveh article, and enjoys the protection of a Turkish force entry into Iraqi territory led to strained diplomatic relations between Baghdad and Ankara. 
He says Ghias Alsorreg , media official in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ( PUK ) in Mosul, said in an interview to the (long - Presse), " the National crowd forces managed before yesterday afternoon, from entering Kannouna village north of Mosul, was freed from the control of the organization." 
He added Alsurja " the operation resulted in the injury four members of the national crowd and nine members of the organization Daash , "noting that" the National crowd forces managed to enter the village artillery cover by Kurdish Peshmerga forces and consulted by the Turkish forces without interfering ground. " 
in the meantime, he accused the Shabak representative in the House Iraqi parliament Salim Juma, on Saturday, the national crowd to "destroy" the villages in the regions of the Nineveh plain to "tons ofexplosives," and considered it " an assault can not be forgiven" and an attempt to "prevent" the return of theresidents of these villages. 
the MP said Salim Juma, in a protest letter addressed to the Liberation of Iraq and received a (long - Presse) a copy of them, "We are the representatives of the Shabak in the Iraqi Council of representatives and theCouncil of Nineveh province are writing you this letter , which will be in the future a legal document used when you need to grab the rights we represent." 
He added Shabak representative that "what you are doing it, to sabotage the rest of the villages and property of our people, an attack can not be forgiven, Valqry that get off the tons of explosives, is not in need of such military events to edit, Pedestrians and plans a military court is enough to release it at the appropriate time. " 
He said a member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives "what happened in the village of camel and village Parimeh and what is happening today in the village of Kanonh, no more than the destruction of what remains of our operations, which amounted to what came to him as a result of a failed wrong policies , " asserting that " the national crowd failed military its work preparing the remaining ones , as if he was planning with her ​​designee to cut the road we have to go back. " 
He MP Salim Juma" we officially inform you, that we Snntzaa full rights in all material and psychological damage Zbpettm by our people of you, as we proclaim and preach from behind you that we are going back to our homes we will not be grabbed us a , even if we lived in the open, there is no point than you do. " 
He also called networking Najafi forces" immediately cease all demolition operations that you call them edit operations, "he returned to" weapon , which is owned by the national crowd, enough men in the heroine of the Peshmerga forces to liberate all of Mosul " . on the 
ground, said a source in the leadership of the Liberation of Nineveh, the day before yesterday, that the 40 component of the organization Daash killed pounding airline Alliance international south of Mosul, as he emphasized that among the dead , foreign leaders. 
the source said, in an interview to the (long - Presse) that " international coalition aircraft bombed the day six rockets gathering of elements of the organization "Daash" in Haj Ali village of hand Qayyarah south of Mosul, killing 40 elements of the organization. " The source , who asked not to be named , said , "Among the dead were foreign leaders in the organization," without giving further details.

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