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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daash attacking Amiriyah Fallujah Baknasat Israeli security kills 13 militants, including suicide bo



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Daash attacking Amiriyah Fallujah Baknasat Israeli security kills 13 militants, including suicide bo

Post by rocky on Sun 15 May 2016, 3:48 am

Daash attacking Amiriyah Fallujah Baknasat Israeli security kills 13 militants, including suicide bombers

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Dawn on Saturday, was different in the town of Amiriyah Fallujah, located midway between the famous city of Fallujah and Baghdad.Where he woke up residents there on thecorpses of gunmen deployed near the reality residential complex on the outskirts of sense. 
Those bodies belonged to members of al - Daash who penetrated for the first time, two years ago, the area that has the largest number of displaced people of Anbar, and have maintained throughout the last period on the cohesion and remained immune to regulation. 
the gunmen managed, who is unaware of precisely the number is expected to be, more than 13 people ,including suicide bombers stormed a large residential area in the district, and killed about 25 of the security forces also seized some hostages. 
supervises Amiriyah Fallujah on the Euphrates River in the side of the south - east of the city of Fallujah, and relate to the desert for a distance of 9 km. The important point of contact between Baghdad and the Anbar point, especially after cutting the highway following the tightening of the ring on the city of Fallujah. As it turned most of the displaced people from the cities of Anbar due to the difficulties they faced when Bzabz crossing. The operation comes after a series of bloody attacks in the capital Baghdad and Balad, in Salahuddin, and accepted by the city of Samawa, which left hundreds of victims and adopted by theorganization Daash. Surprise dawn on Saturday and despite the fact that the population there, mostly clan ,"Albu Issa", carrying weapons day and night and accustomed to sleep and they " are covering one eye , " as a local official said, however , that what happened in the fourth hour of dawn on Saturday was a surprise.began rags, he says Saadoun al - Shaalan Mayor of Fallujah (range), while across the gunmen, along with medium - caliber weapons and "hand grenades," the Euphrates River from areas called the "Zoba" is located to the east of Amiriyah Fallujah, using boats. Shaalan said that "elements Daash deployed in next door to theAmiriyah compound, and seized control of the private complex ports, and deployed snipers, rifles (Asteir ) Israeli ranges of up to 6 km. " it is expected local administrator that" Daash was planning to control the hand, "stressing that" the killing of most of the attackers and the bombing of the suicide bombers themselves while has surrounded foiled it and returned attribution team that was waiting for them on the other bank of theriver. " announced Anbar Provincial Council, yesterday, said the joint forces lifted the curfew entirely hand Amiriyah area, south of Fallujah, after securing all areas following the suicide attacks carried out by Daash. Find bombers but Shaker al - Issawi, chairman of hand Amiriyah Fallujah , said that " the forces common arestill searching for the bombers who attacked yesterday and that there was a suicide there is one now in hiding in the compound. " residential complex and includes a large number of apartments and houses large. Most of the inhabitants of the complex who were working in the field of military industrialization during the former regime. Al - Issawi and asserts that "joint forces with tribal fighters killed 13 insurgents during the attack , " he would not rule out that there will be other insurgents, stressing the continuing combing operations. He spoke the local administrator (range ), voice , bemused, after losing in the attack , one of his brothers, affiliated with the district police emergency, likely to be "behind the attack , a breach of the insider may be due to the displaced." and received hand Amiriyah Fallujah during the first days of the fall of Ramadi ,however Daash, in April last year, about 15 thousand displaced people, added them to the other numbers went to the town in the months Sbaktha.ovi finally found the same home to more than 300 thousand displaced people, most of whom had been living without shelter in the open. breach of the camps , says chairman of the board hand Amiriyah Fallujah "at first we were a security in control to put the displaced, but the recent waves of gray battles and the Heat caused us some confusion." It is believed al - Issawi , theexistence of "infiltrators among the displaced, they may have contributed to the latest attack on the" stressing saying "in the coming days we will audit the status of IDP security. " Officials in the eighth Iraqi / Army band, revealed, yesterday, about the existence of terrorist cells present among the displaced and inside thecompound helped in the attack. Among the officials that security and intelligence forces will take new measures to arrest the sleeper cells located there. Bad neighbor! Hand Amiriyah Fallujah were, before releasing the gray late last year, on a daily basis are exposed to mortar mortars and Katyusha rockets by 30-40 rockets, sometimes targeting the areas where displaced. The decline in the number of attacks after that, but he still sometimes violent. Complain Issawi and the local authority in the Amiriyah Fallujah from a lack ofaid for the displaced. And facing the difficulties in securing fuel and food due to road outages and shelling.Most of the population is suffering, two years ago, the lack of job opportunities after the agriculture business and the sale of cars, which is one of the most prominent professions practiced by the people of Amiriyah stopped. Security, was launched last week, a military operation from the north to areas near Fallujah.Destroyed The joint forces, within the tape with a length of about 12 km, a number of mounds and tunnels of the organization. Also it killed more than 100 terrorists, according to military data released following theliberation of the region. He says Abdulrahman Zubai, head of the tribes of Fallujah, the military as well as tribal forces and local police approached Fallujah , a distance of 7 km, from the intersection of peace. He Zubai, in connection with (range ), that " the liberated area, are strip - east adjacent to the Euphrates River, extending from the Amiriyah Fallujah to Fallujah." but the operation did not succeed to deport danger Amiriyah Fallujah, because the bursts of mortar that infect hand, launched from an area called "Bu Hui", located on theWest Bank of the river, and is still under the control of the organization.

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