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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Newspapers today bother trying to break into the Taji gas plant



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Newspapers today bother trying to break into the Taji gas plant

Post by rocky on Mon 16 May 2016, 3:10 am

[ltr]Newspapers today bother trying to break into the Taji gas plant[/ltr]

 Since 05.16.2016 at 08:56 (Baghdad time)
[ltr]Baghdad balances News[/ltr]
[ltr]It highlighted issued in Baghdad newspapers this morning attempt failed terrorist groups to break into the gas plant Taji denied the Ministry of Oil likelihood of attack caused a crisis in the gas in Baghdad, in addition to thedeclaration of an economic advisor to the prime minister that Iraq sought to borrow $ 16 billion from theInternational Monetary Fund.[/ltr]
[ltr]Lost newspaper / Zora / issued by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate attempt failed terrorist groups to break into theTaji gas plant north of Baghdad , a car bomb and six bombers focused, resulting in the burning of three propane tanks, before it fully declares Baghdad Operations Command for the control of the security configurations on theplant site after killing the suicide elements in the clashes , which lasted for one hour.[/ltr]
[ltr]The newspaper quoted the official spokesman for the Baghdad operations Brigadier General Saad Maan confirmed in a press conference , "he said civil defense teams dominated the fire three tanks at the gas plant, where the civil defense teams extinguished the fire."[/ltr]
[ltr]To that highlighted the newspaper / New Morning / Independent deny the oil ministry undersecretary for distribution Mutasim Akram is published by activists and bloggers on the social networking of news and pictures ofsites reported the probability of attack caused gas in Baghdad crisis, stressing that the gas material available in all distribution stations.[/ltr]
[ltr]The newspaper as saying that "there are 43 plants to fill the gas scattered across the capital , Baghdad, adding thatthe 39 plants currently works routinely, while conducting maintenance operations on three of them; and the latter only (coronary lab) stopped today because of the terrorist attack."[/ltr]
[ltr]On the subject of the financial crisis taking place in Iraq, the newspaper / bright / Independent focused on theannouncement Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister the appearance of Mohammed Saleh , Iraq sought to borrow $ 16 billion through the preliminary meetings with the International Monetary Fund , which was held in theJordanian capital Amman.[/ltr]
[ltr]Turning the paper in this regard to meeting with Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , the heads of political blocs to discuss the mechanism to get the IMF loan , which would ease the economic crisis experienced by the country as a result of lower oil prices worldwide.[/ltr]
[ltr]She also drew to confirm the House of Representatives that the state treasury is not able to pay the salaries and benefits for the people without getting this loan.[/ltr]
[ltr]On the subject of the loan as well, the newspaper / time / Independent said Finance Ministry revealed on Sunday for approval by the International Monetary Fund to give Iraq a loan ranging from 16-17 billion dollars to ease thefinancial crisis , simple benefits of multiple conditions, that offers them $ 6 billion during the year this, stressingthe possibility of paydays Bmeidha and not a final touch.[/ltr]
[ltr]The newspaper reported confirm the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance Fadel Prophet during a meeting of the parliamentary blocs and the Presidency of the Council of Representatives with some government officials "thatthe IMF imposed several conditions, including that Iraq will submit reports to the Fund every six months showing income and expenses, stressing the lack of prejudice to salaried retirees and staff final and it will be disbursed on schedule. "[/ltr]
[ltr]In political affairs, specifically the situation in the Kurdistan region, the newspaper / Journal / Independent said "the political movement between the Kurdish parties and blocs in the Kurdistan region of Iraq more seemed serious in recent days, after the formation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which is headed by Massoud Barzani, committees for dialogue with the rest of the blocks political, regarding its support for a referendum on thesecession of the region from Iraq, while Talabani , Barzani 's party , described the moves on the region as a jump inthe air. "[/ltr]
[ltr]The newspaper quoted the party 's leadership by Aref Tayfur, saying that " an appropriate situation now for the referendum, and if somebody is willing to participate , they bear a historic responsibility and will not be able tojustify its position, pointing out that the political parties , the meetings will discuss the obstacles at the level of theKurdistan region, and the Iraqi level, and how to find solutions to them , "./anthy 29 / d [/ltr]



Posts : 58309
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Daash attacking Taji gas plant with 6 Angmasien caused interruption of two power stations

Post by rocky on Mon 16 May 2016, 3:38 am

Daash attacking Taji gas plant with 6 Angmasien caused interruption of two power stations

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

In the second deadly attack by organizing Daash in the vicinity of the capital , Baghdad, gunmen attack at dawn on Sunday, thelargest plant for the production of gas in Taji, and killing at least 11 people , including policemen and stopped two of electric power because of the gas supply has stopped. 
The Interior Ministry confirmed that troops security killed six suicide bombers involved in the attack. 
it was at least 13 militants belonging to the organization Daash, including suicide bombers, attacked at dawn Saturday, hand Amiriyah Fallujah but failed to control the nearby city of Fallujah , which is under the control Daash about two years ago the town. 
the news agency Reuters , security sources , the attack on the factory details, noting that "a suicide car bomber exploded at the factory entrance , located in the Taji area about six o'clock local time (03:00 GMT) to pave the explosion to enter at least six attackers wearing suicide belts to the factory where they clashed with security forces , "pointing out that" caught fire in three tanks. " 
turn says Brigadier General Saad Maan, spokesman for the Interior Ministry, during a press conference at thefederal police headquarters in central Baghdad, and attended (range Press)," the six of suicide totals tried, yesterday morning, storming gas plant, north of Baghdad, after a car bomb, killing one of the lab and three members of the Awakening guards and wounding racial awakening and three from the federal police. " 
He added Ma'an that" six suicide bombers blew themselves up near after the first reservoir surrounded by thesecurity forces , "stressing that" the security forces were able to control the situation after an hour on theattack, while the firefighters were able to control the fire caused by the attack. " Later on Tuesday, theinterior ministry confirmed that " the outcome of the final suicide attacks suffered by the Taji gas factory, killing three members of the security forces and two officers and wounding eight members of the security forces and five officers and six civilians were injured." The AFP quoted a colonel in the police confirmed "killed seven people , including four security forces and wounded 22 others , including nine security personnel wereinjured in a suicide attack on a gas plant in the Taji area." Medical sources confirmed the death toll. 
Adopted a regulation process, in a statement broadcast on affiliated sites. The organization said the attack was carried out by four "Angmasien" with automatic weapons and explosive belts. 
The statement pointed out that " the attackers killed guards the gate before storming the headquarters and kill all of it and have gathered strength backing of apostates at the gate to break into the lab the brothers detonated a car bomb in their midst." 
He added , "followed by so enter another force of apostates and clashed with them four brothers and blew up their belts explosives amid brought them together. " 
A statement by the organization" four Angmasien (Abu Musab al - Ansari and Abu Zaynab Ansari and Abu Dhar al - Ansari and Abu Bilal Ansari) drove Bashalh machine guns and explosive belts around Taji gas plant " . 
according to the organization , said the attack killed and wounded 45 and destroyed the entire facility. " 
said Colonel Mohammed al - Baidhani, an officer at the joint Special operations command, told AFP that" Daash began to resort to target the vital civilian installations in the cities after losing the battlefields. " 
deliberated sites social networking videos showing flames in three of the giant tanks inside the plant, before the security forces to control the situation you can. 
the Electricity Ministry said that the stations Qreptan electricity halted their operations due to lack of gas supply from the coronary factory. 
but the oil ministry confirmed that the attack "will not affect "in the laboratory and citizens with gas processing, as pointed out that the engineering teams working to assess the damage to rehabilitate the plant.
Hamid said Younis, and Undersecretary for the gas industry, in a statement received (range Press), a copy ofit, that" the Taji gas plant displays, yesterday morning, the coward terrorist incident caused some fires ,"noting that" firefighters were able to control them in a record time. " He added that Younis "technical and engineering teams are working to assess the damage in order to accelerate the rehabilitation and maintenance operations , " stressing that "This incident did not affect the labs and citizens liquid gas processing operations."

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