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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Off military operations in Mosul and its officials want to start editing Hawija and Sharqat



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Off military operations in Mosul and its officials want to start editing Hawija and Sharqat

Post by rocky on Tue 17 May 2016, 3:41 am

Off military operations in Mosul and its officials want to start editing Hawija and Sharqat

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

And local political parties in Mosul confirm that the military operations "parked semi", nearly two months after its launch. These parties looked "pessimistic" about the US position ,which recently announced the start cordoned off the city and to isolate the organization Daash. 
United States , which is her "final decision" in the liberation of Mosul process, according to a local official, for does not appear urgent to restore the city, they are going on according to "slow military plan . " 
to that recognized the Iraqi military command, the difficulty of continuing battles without" shields ". While reports indicate the imminent arrival of a military armored division to a drunken, where the headquarters ofNineveh operations, to resume the attack on the south of Mosul. Shields is coming! Describes Abdul Rahman Olokua, Nineveh provincial council representative to lead the operations, the battles in Southeast drunk as a"car fled . " . he says Olokua, in connection with the (range), he "heard the words , and clear of Nineveh operations it needs to brigade or an armored division to break into Qayyarah." the difficulty of breaking into Qayyarah, according Olokua, crossed the Tigris River, after the US troops, a few months ago , beating theonly bridge linking the two banks. in spite of that the local administrator confirms "near the outbreak of therevolt against Daash in Qayyarah because enrollment most of the population there to the security services, and committing armed massacres against the locals," the official draw that " the danger is the relevance ofQayyarah areas open up to Syria. " advised most experts and security officials that coincides Qayyarah editing process, with other operations for the Liberation of Hawija and Sharqat, so that the Iraqi forces to Atqa between the jaws of the pliers organize Daash. In contrast, the combined forces keen to be editing operations in southern Mosul , "clean". He says Olokua " The Iraqi army began direct appeals to residents of the villages in the south of Mosul to advance towards the liberated areas to avoid injury to military operations." A week after the start of the liberation of Mosul operations, late last March, the joint forces began Taathdhir from crossing the Tigris River toward Qayyarah, due to the lack the arrival of three regiments of the federal police ,who trained in Spyker for "keeping the ground." the failure to do so provides the process toward Qayyarah after the liberation of several villages connected to the tape interval between the Tigris River and the incident on the other side of the river. it stresses a member of the Nineveh provincial council on the need to reach a regiments to grab land before crossing the Tigris River, that "the task of the second group caught Qayyarah and third until after the hand." even the date of the arrival of military reinforcements, also waits for the arrival of " the band ninth armored" of the Iraqi army to a drunk, while easy Kurdistan Regional road for the passage of these new forces. optimism Americans offset the lag in operations, contrasting an American position, as Brett Macgork, envoy of the uS president in the international coalition against al Daash, from Oman , "said we wage minutes raids in Mosul every day, and we have a lot of information from people inside Mosul about (Daash) and what the organization is doing in the city. " the US official said" caliphate State as they call itshrinks, they are now on the defensive (...) their areas of influence is shrinking and that they returned to the suicide bombings against civilians. " explains Rashad Klaly, leader of party , the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK ) in the drunken, the US attitude toward Mosul as "affected depends on the set conditions, including thepolitical situation in Iraq." Klaly, and in contact with the (range), it confirms that "Mosul is very important to the United States but have a slow and long plan term to release it . " it was another official, widely found in adrunken, detection (range) that" Washington 's plans to open a new base in Nineveh to speed up the editing process of the province Daash. " The official, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity ofinformation given by did not say, " The new rule everywhere", but said they would be near Sinjar. The US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said, the end of last April, the Pentagon is sending an additional 200 special troops and helicopters to Iraq to help in the war against "Daash." fate of the crowd Najafi in themeantime, negotiate local authorities in Nineveh government in Baghdad for the adaptation of thousands offighters from the people of Nineveh in the popular crowd. refers Olokua that " the government has identified anumber of Nineveh fighters , along with the crowd 10K" , but asserts that " the localization process involving less than 1,500 people." so far , did not know whether the fighters "national mobilization", the former governor of Nineveh province Liberation of Iraq, covered by the decision of the annexation of the strength ofvolunteers under the Iraqi government or not. Mouselaon officials that indicates a crowd Najafi works under the umbrella of the Peshmerga, which may be acceptable to some extent, on the grounds that the Kurdish forces , part of the Iraqi defense system, according to the constitution. He says Olokua that "operations in northern Mosul , carried out by the Peshmerga, and attribute their favor national crowd. ultimately are Mosul sons and if joining the Nineveh operations command will welcome them. " it was a close team of the new Nineveh Governor Nofal Akub, recently described the crowd Najafi as" militia ", and that he may be the target of regular troops as" illegal. " launch of the Ngeevi the crowd, more than attack on villages near the Baishqh, described by local officials as "came to ward off the danger of the Turkish troops at camp Zhelkan."participated heavy artillery Turkish forces in those battles, which he says Mahmoud Alsurja, a spokesman for the crowd, as "attrition." He added Alsurja, told the (range), "We are being attacked Daash and killing of its elements and then withdraw to bases, and the Peshmerga stuck to the liberated areas." Nazho Mosul without salaries so the humanitarian situation looks very bad for the people of Mosul, whether living at home or displaced, where says Rep beautiful Obeidi that "most of the displaced people outside Nineveh have not been paid three months ago, although they work in alternative circles in the provinces that have taken refuge in it."the news has been leaked recently, to pay government salaries for employees in Mosul. it said al - Obeidi, a deputy from the connector, "I understand the opinion of the government in cutting dwell salaries in Mosul ,fearing she went to Daash, but why Ayaton for displaced people like others of the displaced people of Anbar , for example?". Obeidi revealed (range) for " the staff in the liberated areas in Nineveh, who returned to their constituencies have not been paid. " In Nineveh 9 units both administrative edited by the Peshmerga forces and crowds clans.

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