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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Control on the highway first fruits of liberalization wet



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Control on the highway first fruits of liberalization wet

Post by rocky on Tue 17 May 2016, 3:47 am

Control on the highway first fruits of liberalization wet

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Declared wet spend in Anbar province , themanagement, on Monday, for clearing thehighway link between the judiciary andwestern regions of the province, west ofRamadi, as he emphasized thwarted a suicide attack with an explosive belt tried to block theadvancement of security forces towards thejudiciary. 
The joint security forces of the army and police and fighters of the clan may began at dawn on Monday amilitary operation of the three axes to clear wet, dominated by the organization Daash about two years ago.It also announced a military statement. 
A statement from the Joint Special Operations Command that " the Iraqi forces advanced yesterday morning (Monday) the direction of the humid city to lift their families from Conception Aldoaash terrorists", adding that the process should be conducted with the participation of anti - terrorism and police forces and federal police of Anbar, the crowd clan. 
Participates tanks and artillery and engineering and military forces , border guards and the assignment of theair force and army Aviation aircraft and the international coalition. 
The statement stressed that " the ongoing operations until the complete liberation of this city and neighboring areas." 
for his part, Major General Ali Ibrahim Dbon commander of the island 's operations pointed to "large - scale military operation from the east and south axes and the West, to liberate the humid city from the control ofDaash. " 
It was announced at a later date , " a suicide bomber killed wearing an explosive belt tried to target theadvancing forces in the eastern axis of the wetlands. " in 
turn, Alcollenal Steve Warren, a spokesman for the coalition led by Washington forces, the" wet mission said The additional support for the enemy of the source. " He added that members of the organization exploit "to organize and prepare forces to launch operations." 
He stressed the US official "no significant defenses , as in Fallujah , or as it was in Ramadi , and they make adecision to edit the wet, they appreciate it , " referring to Iraqi forces. It is likely that there are hundreds of militants extremist organization in the wet. 
Located wet town, dominated by the organization Daash in June 2014, in the western Anbar province, on themain road to Jordan. 
The Iraqi forces have regained control of large areas of Anbar province earlier this year, most recently thestrategic city of Hit. But still the organization controls the town of Falluja , 60 km west of Baghdad , inaddition to the second largest city in Iraq 's northern city of Mosul. 
In the same vein, Emad Meshaal al - Dulaimi, Mayor wet spend , said in an interview to the (long - Presse), " The joint security forces were able, noon yesterday, cleared highway , which connects the western regions tospend wet combing both sides of the road completely , "noting that" security forces killed a suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt tried to impede their progress. " 
He said al - Dulaimi , " The joint forces advancing significantly to storm the entrances wet spend and cleared from the elements organize Daash ", describing the presence of elements of al - Daash in confrontations sites with security forces as" weak since the early hours of the start of the military for the Liberation of wet process. " 
He said local official said that" the next few hours will witness statement wet edit with the evacuation ofcivilians , children, women and secure their transfer to a fully safe areas and provide for their needs of food and medical emergency. " 
field, announced that the leadership of the popular crowd forces in Anbar province, on Monday, the liberation of the Euphrates basin areas between hand - Baghdadi modern and spend, west of Ramadi, from the control of the organization Daash, and while confirming the death of 25 component of the organization, pointed to the destruction of seven secret underground tunnels. 
Lt. Col. Nazim Aljughaifi, director of intelligence for the brigade withstand the popular crowd in an interview (range Press), " the security forces of the army and police and fighters of the clans were able, this morning, from the edit Euphrates basin areas and all the villages and valleys of hand - Baghdadi modern and spend, west of Ramadi, completely from the control of the organization Daash , "noting that" the fighting resulted in the deaths of 25 elements of the organization. " 
Aljughaifi added that" flight international coalition has had a distinguished role in the destruction of seven secret underground tunnels and stretch for distances between 60 to 130 meters , "he said , adding that" security forces began dismantling IEDs and address the remnants of war from the liberated areas in theEuphrates basin areas, west of Ramadi. "

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