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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Iraq's Christians: The West discovered water on Mars, and to ignore the threat Daash connector!



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Iraq's Christians: The West discovered water on Mars, and to ignore the threat Daash connector!

Post by rocky on Tue 17 May 2016, 3:51 am

Iraq's Christians: The West discovered water on Mars, and to ignore the threat Daash connector!

 term translation * 

The Rev. Douglas Bazi - who runs the Mar Elias Church and oversees the displaced Christians center in Ain Kawa / Arbil - that Iraq 's Christians blame the US government for not protecting them from terrorist Daash brutal group. Currently visiting Bazi United States to publicize the plight of thousands of Iraqi Christians who were forced to live as refugees after they captured a group Daash to their homes and villages in the Nineveh Plain in 2014. 
Roy Bazi - that has already been kidnapped by the group from his church in Baghdad and practiced with thetypes of torture for two days in 2006 - his story to a group of reporters and writers in Washington and discussed with the US government 's poor Christian community the situation in Iraq. 
while President Barack Obama calls Daash "emerging team" and was ignoring the "very explicit warnings" of the emergence of a dangerous extremist groups in Iraq after the complete withdrawal of US forces in 2011 , the Daash apparently much trouble did not face in the control of Iraq's second city - Mosul - on the vast territory of the northern summer of 2014.obad invasion Daash the cities of Christians and Yazidis in the north, forcing many of them to flee their homes and endangering some of them to stay Vtaradwa murder of for their religion. International coalition did not begin his campaign air against Daash until it began extremists fight their way towards the city of Arbil , capital of the Kurdistan region. 
He said Bazi that the timing of the air campaign , make a lot of displaced religious minorities wondering why the United States did not rush to save their villages, where he said the language of English broken "when attacked Daash villages set no one any action taken , but when I arrived Erbil, then began the Americans beat them. so wondering Yezidis and Christians, Shabak why others America 's help , while ignoring us? ". 
when the space agency and air navigation announced water discovered on Mars, many people around theworld celebrated this discovery, but Bazi said that this discovery to ignore the suffering of the Iraqi Christian families that live with bitterness in metal containers measuring 10x 15 feet in the IDP center Mar Elias, where he says that "Christians are asking how can NASA to discover water on Mars , but it can not detect militants Daash hundreds are cars Toyota middle of the desert. did not able to satellite their discovery? What a disappointment. " 
He added, though the State Department considered the treatment of Daash for Christians and other minorities as genocide, the United States did not do much to help the Christians in their suffering . 
he says , "We blame the United States as to what happened, as to be considered acts of Daash genocide is the first time that Americans say they care about to hurry, but the interest does not mean just talking but alsomeans taking action on these people." 
said a source familiar with the situation in Iraq, despite sending millions of dollars in aid from foreign governments, they did not spend to help Christians and other minorities or she has spent little of it because that money sent through the Iraqi government and through the churches and parishes will be given directly to the agencies and organizations concerned with the displaced people. 
as the Christians of Iraq and Syria are forgotten to largely in relation to resettlement in the United States because it resettles refugees registered with the special refugee camps , the United Nations only, and that most Christians are avoiding registration in these camps for fear of being persecuted Muslims. 
Bazi said he did not believe that Christians will want to return to their homes and villages after defeat Daash after learning what happened there , "Sure , they are not ready to return, but they might come back for one reason is the sale of their homes." In order to grant Christians and other minorities confidence that things will be different in Iraq after Daash, Bazi stresses the need to change the constitution , which was passed in 2005 during the American occupation.

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