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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The crowd waiting for "the right moment" to the process of liberalization of Fallujah and stresses:



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The crowd waiting for "the right moment" to the process of liberalization of Fallujah and stresses:

Post by rocky on Sat 21 May 2016, 3:51 am

The crowd waiting for "the right moment" to the process of liberalization of Fallujah and stresses: will be easier than Baiji

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

It confirms factions belonging to the popular crowd and the existence of an agreement with the Iraqi military command to storm Fallujah "around the time". While local officials Onbaraon says that the government has not decided to attack yet. 
In the meantime , the joint forces continue to prosecute Daash to the Iraqi border association with JD, after a"wet" Edit in record time. The 
crowd in Fallujah 
, said the leader of the popular crowd, secretary general of the Badr Organization , Hadi Ameri, that the task of the crowd in the liberation of Fallujah will be under siege , "Daash", and encircle the city from abroad to support their children in the editing. 
but Mohammed Naji, MP Badr and one of the supervisors of the crowd breakers of the organization, told the(range) that "is entering the crowd to Fallujah linked to tactics. " 
turn confirms the Mayor of Fallujah Saadoun al - Shaalan, in connection with the (range)," the agreement with the government and tribal includes encircle the crowd of the city and not to enter. " 
he said Shaalan" the crowd clan is from will be the task of entering Fallujah, in addition to the regular forces of the army and police. " 
facing" the shield of Fallujah, "the banner of the families of the city fighters, obstacles to recognize officially within the " Association of the crowd , "and pay the salaries of its affiliates. Baghdad has agreed recently to form a brigade of Fallujah sons, in preparation for storming the city. 
And became editor of Fallujah, in recent times, to be necessary after the increase in attacks on the "Ring ofBaghdad" areas, close to the "Fallujah" and the threat of Amiriyah Fallujah. And announced the leadership of the popular crowd, on Friday, the crowd stationed troops on the outskirts of the city of Fallujah, and provided safe passage for the families and civilians out of them. According to a brief statement to lead the crowd to secure passages " to prepare for the start of military operations." 
The Adjutant General Haydar al - Abadi had announced last Saturday, he said a major military operation will be launched soon to liberate the city of Fallujah from Daash. He said al - Abadi, in his speech during theForum joint dialogue, "We started creating edit Fallujah operation , and there are major process we arelaunching soon to release it ." 
Easier than the battle of Baiji! 
For his part, says MP Mohammed Naji that "there is a continuous and integrated in accordance with the popular crowd and the government to enter Fallujah" . 
the attention of the leader of the Badr that "popular crowd works under the command of the commander inchief of the armed forces." In an indication that the move toward Fallujah came in agreement with the prime minister. 
Also reveals MP for "the existence of a large number of the crowd at the right moment to attack Fallujah waiting , " stressing that "those crowds larger than that participated in the liberation of Baiji." 
It is expected the crowd to be battle of Fallujah easier than Baiji , on the grounds that the first subject to thesiege from all directions, in contrast to what it was Peggy that were open on the three provinces. 
and wondered Badr bloc and other factions belonging to the crowd over and over again about the reason forleaving Fallujah and busy editing the Heat and then wet. The Badr is preparing to ask questions directly to thePrime Minister about it, but it seems to concern the political crisis has prevented it. 
Broke out early this year, more than a struggle between clans Vlogih and elements of Daash, he wished time leaders , tribal, live outside of Fallujah, that Baghdad is investing so to liberate the city, but Baghdad remained silent. the 
crowd 's leaders believe that Fallujah has become a threat to the capital of Baghdad, through the exploitation of sleeper cells are active and present in the Abu Ghraib area. 
the display dissidents Daash, earlier, the Iraqi government deal to enter Fallujah without a fight, as opposed ensure that pursue them afterwards. 
but a local official in the city, confirmed the (long) time that the Iraqi government has dealt with "chilled" with the presentation of the dissidents, without knowing the reason behind it. He suggested the gunmen time the government took their families "hostage" until the liberation of the city, as an indicator of the seriousness of the display. 
America within the game 
turn military official , he held a senior position in Anbar, he said, (range), "do not rule out the existence ofunderstandings between the United States and dissidents in Fallujah to enter a secure Iraqi forces into thecity. " 
but security expert Hisham al - Hashemi wrote on his page in Facebook, that" America is not interested in theliberalization of Fallujah that threatened the western and northern belt of Baghdad and the most important facilities sovereign, such as Baghdad international Airport. " 
He revealed Naji, commander stationed Badr forces south Fallujah, about "US pressure to keep" the crowd from Fallujah and orientation for the Liberation of Baiji. " 
the crowd has often defended his idea to liberate Fallujah before the gray, considering it" snake head ", but farther in the end , a distance of more than 60 kilometers from Fallujah by order of the Abadi. 
and the US role in Fallujah, Nagy said , "People say the crowd do not deal with foreign troops. We coordinate with the government, but Ananaj to air cover a Western. "But it remains the position of the crowd thepopular" unclear "if Abadi decided to request air support from the international coalition in the liberation ofFallujah, do Setsmron in battle or withdraw? 
To rule out the leader of the Badr to ask Prime Minister so, but he denied knowing the opinion of the crowd as if it actually happened. 
 until recently , it was the popular crowd refuses to participate in combat air cover US. and accuses the latter crowd that he hit the "deliberate" a number of its sites under the pretext of error. 
outlets for civilians 
to that denies al - Shaalan, Mayor of Fallujah, "the existence of a government move toward Fallujah so far." He asserts that "Fallujah surrounded, but there are no operations for a new storm." 
and ended the army troops, last week, located southeast of Ramadi, the first stage to surround Fallujah after they arrived at the areas close to the city . The 
combined forces destroyed inside the tape with a length of about 12 km, a number of mounds and tunnels of the organization. as has killed more than 100 terrorists, according to military data released following theliberation of the region. The stumbles liberation of Fallujah, a large number of the population, with an estimated 100 thousand people., says MP Mohammed Naji "We lost the element of surprise where we send out warnings to the population. May be out difficult but there are safe outlets. " 
In the meantime, said Imad al - Dulaimi, Mayor wet, in connection with the (range), he said that" the pieces of the security is still pursuing Daash to border Trebil port. "Dulaimi revealed" the escape of a number of militants to Syria "noting that" the operation was a surprise and quick, did not expect the enemy. " 
declared the Iraqi army, on Thursday, it recovered the humid town in the west of Iraq , " Daash ", in anoperation to cut through supply regulation to neighboring Syria. it has a moist crack, about 40 thousand people, 25 thousand of them within the city, as had been displaced 10 thousand, during the past two years ,0.5 thousand of them outside of the judiciary, and the other half into the villages and areas of the damp.

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