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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Council Anbar: confusion in Baghdad adversely affect the liberation of Fallujah



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Council Anbar: confusion in Baghdad adversely affect the liberation of Fallujah

Post by rocky on Sun 22 May 2016, 3:34 am

Council Anbar: confusion in Baghdad adversely affect the liberation of Fallujah

 Anbar / long-Presse 

Confirmed the Anbar Provincial Council, on Saturday, that the security and political confusion witnessed in the capital Baghdad ,"would negatively affect" in the battle toliberate the city of Fallujah (62 km west of Baghdad), which called on all political parties to "unite and not to escalate in attitudes." 
See Barakat Issawi, a member of the security committee in the Anbar province in an interview with (long -Presse), that " the Baghdad events will negatively affect the cleansing fighting in Anbar cities, particularly thecity of Fallujah , which is experiencing a combat military preparation to release it from guerrilla organization (Daash)." 
He called Issawi All political parties to "unite in order to maintain the security and sovereignty of the country and not to escalate the situations that the security forces are fighting the terrorist organization in several provinces." 
local administrator in Anbar , and added that "security confusion or political in Baghdad also will affect all provinces and disrupts the battles against al Daash this it does not want. " 
he reported early, on Saturday , a security source, that the 17 elements of the (Daash) had been killed and wounded in shelling of the aircraft of the Iraqi air force center of Fallujah (62 km west of Baghdad). 
the source said in an interview with (long - Presse) that" cell hawks intelligence spotted a group of suicide bombers in the organization (Daash) the 11 exceeded a suicide bomber in a location near the city of Fallujah with another group to protect the site , "referring to" monitor the site for several days. " 
the source, who requested anonymity, that" the aircraft Iraqi air force and under the direct supervision of thejoint Special operations command issued Thursday minute airstrike such as the movement of this group toward the capital resulted in the destruction of the headquarters and killing 13 terrorists, (Daash) , including nine suicide bombers , and injured four others and blowing up 21 explosive belt and the destruction of wheel bearing mono , "noting that " the operation was based on accurate intelligence from cell hawks." 
Furthermore, disclosed an official security source in Anbar operations command, on Friday, for the completion of the popular crowd forces its deployment in Fallujah axes, (62 km ) west of Baghdad, in preparation for storming the city and cleared of Daash. 
the source said in an interview with the (long - Presse), said that the "popular crowd of brigade on the bigger and Abou El Fadl Abbas brigade Almentajabin other factions forces, completed its deployment and all thepreparations for combat in Fallujah axes intrusions and cleared of the elements of al - Daash." 
the source, who asked not to be of anonymity, said that the "popular crowd forces ended the process monument mortars and heavy artillery rockets, with the deployment of units of armor and tanks to secure theintensity of bursts of ground troops , which will storm the city 's process." 
in a related context, said Iraq 's ambassador to Jordan, said yesterday that preparations are underway in order to re - open Trebil border port between Iraq and Jordan after the "purge the area of improvised explosive devices and mines." 
said Safia al - Suhail, in a press conference, said that " the joint preparations going on between Iraq and Jordan, to cooperate in order to restore the port opening at a specified time after the completion of security operations relating to clean the area of improvised explosive devices and mines completely. " 
It said the Iraqi charge that" Trebil border ready for the opening of the administrative and logistics, waiting toclear and secure the region in terms of security. " 
she said Suhail said , " Liberation and the cities of Anbar province , the humid city, and securing theinternational highway, will facilitate the re - opening of the Trebil border and the resumption of road traffic between Iraq and Jordan process. " Ambassador did not give a specific date for the reopening of the crossing.
The Iraqi government announced on Thursday, to regain control of the incident on the main road between Baghdad and Jordan in Anbar province , al Daash wetland area. The extremist organization dominated the region in June 2014. 
It is said that Trebil crossing away from Amman , about 370 km and Baghdad , about 570 km is the only crossing between the two countries, which has been closed for the control of the organization Daash on Iraq 's western regions. 
This was the port testifies the movement of passengers and goods transport in addition to the transfer ofIraqi crude oil to Jordan in tanks, but all of these activities are currently parked. Jordan hopes to reopen this vital crossing point for the revitalization of trade , which was very impressed with the closure of the border with Iraq and Syria.

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