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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Cell hawks: penetrating contacts Daash and hit the secret cradle of its headquarters for the Liberat



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Cell hawks: penetrating contacts Daash and hit the secret cradle of its headquarters for the Liberat

Post by rocky on Sun 22 May 2016, 3:35 am

Cell hawks: penetrating contacts Daash and hit the secret cradle of its headquarters for the Liberation of wetlands

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

He attributed the intelligence source familiar with , the success of liberalization wet spend process, west of Ramadi (110 km west ofBaghdad), to "penetrate" the organization Daash intelligence, and stressed that " the information is accurate ," the cell hawks intelligence enabled the destruction of the "secret objectives" of the organization in thejudiciary "upset his balance . " 
with denied talked with media from the liberalization of the judiciary" without a face ", describe those" allegations without accurate and irresponsible and contrary to the truth. " 
The joint Special operations command announced on Thursday (May 19 2016), edited wet spend, west ofRamadi (110 km west of Baghdad), fully and raise the Iraqi flag over the buildings, and while confirming theincurrence Daash "significant losses." 
the source said, in an interview to the (long - Presse), said that "what appeared in the media that the wet spend, (430 km west of Ramadi), liberation the withdrawal of the elements of the organization Daash and without any confrontation remember with security forces, are unfounded allegations of health ", describing" the allegations without accurate and irresponsible and contrary to the truth. " 
the source, who asked not to be named, said that" intelligence agencies and for weeks before the start of theprocess has made ​​a special effort, where military forces are fully adopted Almottaghvlh toward wet then on that effort , "noting that" this effort represents boosted the work of the teams from the Directorate ofintelligence and anti - public - terrorism Committee of the Ministry of Interior in collaboration with the joint special operations command, from penetrating devices the group 's leaders connected and revealed all theplans and measures prepared to face the progress of security forces. " 
the source continued that" it was by pushing intelligence sources inside the humid, surveillance and eavesdrop on private communication devices to the enemy and break through the means of communication between theleaders and the humid leaders in Mosul and based , "adding that" the secret of the success of the operation is basically relying on hawkish intelligence cell information, which was able to penetrate the enemy. " 
the source familiar with the" accurate information made ​​it possible to target the secret objectives of theorganization within the judiciary, within the period stretching from 10-13 May, included additives Arab and foreign leaders and armories and materiel and workshops booby manufacturing ", adding that" this has led to destabilization in the ranks of the enemy and Anhzamh, especially since the strikes that left nearly 90 people ,including Arabs and foreigners , or the so - called migrants, and among them the task of leadership at thelevel of Anbar. " 
They claimed that" this is the the real reasons in the liberation of wetlands spend, where intelligence confirmed that the number of elements Daash after those strikes of 534 component fell to nearly 140, such as wetlands surround the like and progress by the joint military forces , "revealing that" intelligence cell hawks determined on the day of the launch nine goals operation was hindering progress forces, has four of them address the intervention of coalition aircraft. " 
The source indicated that" the rest of the goals were addressed by the Iraqi air force aircraft , "stressing that" there are some important goals that still exist, which is the follow - up by the intelligence agencies with high accuracy , Declaration of the hit will be soon. " 
the Iraqi army, last Thursday, to recover the town of remote wetlands in western Iraq 's al Daash in anoperation to cut through the organization supply to neighboring Syria. 
the joint Special operations command of the Iraqi army said in a statement that the town , which lies 360 kilometers west of Baghdad , a fully liberalized. She added that the troops have raised flags over some buildings without mentioning that the troops had regained control of the main government complex there. 
Expelled Army militants regulation of many lands in the north and west of Iraq took control in 2014 but thegroup still controls large areas and large cities , including Mosul , which has pledged to Iraqi authorities haveretrieved this year within the framework of the strategic US - backed government to defeat the organization. 
in addition to wet a link with Syria , they "support zone" used by al Daash to launch operations in combat zones to the north and east of the city. 
and entered the anti - terrorism forces backed by air strikes carried out by Alliance US city under theleadership of the South on Tuesday and took control of victory alive. 
he said Maj . Gen. Hadi Rseg Anbar police chief that Iraqi special forces had attacked the city from the south , while the attacked police and fighters of the tribes and the army of the north. 
he Rseg Iraqi television that was edited wet and the elimination of many of those who carrying out suicide bombings and car bombs.

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