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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Political Day



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Political Day

Post by rocky on Sun 22 May 2016, 3:38 am

Political Day

Our battle in Fallujah will not be dragged Shiite Saddam face of the secretary general of theBadr Organization , Hadi al - Amiri message to Alibdrien urging them to prepare for the battle of Fallujah and not to be drawn into a clash Alhiei.oukal Ameri "to all the brothers Alibdrien brave some are trying to have withdrawn to the side battle Shiite - Shiite It is forbidden forus For all brothers caution and not to bedragged into any of Saddam else . "He added," The real battle with terrorism and prepared for the battle of Fallujah and Tlhikm any other things and God protect Iraq from the evil of terrorism ".ujaet word Ameri this after the events in thecapital Baghdad and some provinces, Friday and Matlah to break into the green Zone by Almtzahreinn.o Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi warned infiltrators dragging the country into chaos and attacking the armed forces.We demand Abadi by appealing to logic and dialogue with the people the head of the parliamentary bloc , thenational coalition MP Kadhim al - Shammari said the situation in Iraq arrived in stages portend the risk oflarge, while Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi demanded by appealing to logic and dialogue with the people. Al -Shammari said that " the situation in Iraq arrived in stages portend a great danger, at the time rejoiced everyone is good in light of the victories achieved by our armed forces on Daash , " noting that " the people are the source resolution, and everyone is forced to stand with him as he is brought all politicians to what they him from office . "he added chairman of the national coalition" emphasize the peaceful demonstrations as anaspect of the democratic order are not taken to exploit terrorist groups "and urged Prime Minister Haider al -Abadi to" the importance of resorting to the logic and work on a dialogue with the demonstrators. " President of the Republic will present an initiative for a meeting of a national Deputy for coalition forces Kurdistan Ares Abdullah, said the President of the Republic Fuad Masum move and his meetings with the political blocs ,including Kurdish, is to develop a national general meeting, to resolve the current crisis. Abdullah said "there is a serious attempt infallible resolve the crisis experienced by the country, and the development of a national general meeting or a unified program out of the current crisis." said Kurdish lawmaker that " the initiative ismeeting national, will bring the solutions to get out a crucial agreement of the political crisis, which overshadowed on the security reality, especially in the capital Baghdad , ".oroy Ares Abdullah , he said that" the interests of the masses if it does not conflict with the supreme interests of the country, we will reach a good result, after each party waives part of the right for the public interest. " Daash become anemic after theliberation of wetlands confirmed to the security and defense committee member of the parliamentary Qasim al - Araji said edit wetlands in Anbar province , making the enemy put gaunt . He said al - Araji "while we congratulate the Iraqi people edit wet spend we affirm that this is a major achievement and a serious blow to terrorism . " He added a member of the security committee parliamentary that " wetlands adjacent to thestates controls the borders of terrorism, though the security services managed and crowd hero that areeditors fully, "called to" invest this great victory and build - up in the media and the military for the Liberation of Fallujah in particular , and it is immune to our heroine ".ooaln Iraqi army, on Thursday, for regaining control the strategic wetland area Bmhaafth Anbar after its liberation from the organization "Daash" which was controlled since June 2014. the draft "conscription" stuck in the Council of Ministers a member of theparliamentary legal committee Amin Bakr said the draft of conscription "stuck" in the Council of Ministers after the law The disruption of the work of the House of Representatives. Bakr said that " the legal committees and Security parliamentary have taken important steps on the wording of a draft mandatory service law and sent the draft law to the Council of Ministers and waiting to return the cabinet to the Commission for the purpose of the amendment for it and then presented to a vote." The member of the legal Committee " the draft conscription law is still" stuck "in the Council of Ministers because of the recent events that offer them the House of Representatives." the Commission on Security and defense parliamentary revealed, earlier, that thecompulsory service law will be many changes in parliament.

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