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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Fallujah, the process of waiting for the "zero hour.". The federal share is 20 thousand fighters



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Fallujah, the process of waiting for the "zero hour.". The federal share is 20 thousand fighters

Post by rocky on Mon May 23, 2016 4:32 am

Fallujah, the process of waiting for the "zero hour.". The federal share is 20 thousand fighters

 Baghdad / term 

It announced the Anbar Provincial Council, on Sunday, the appointment of Lt. Gen. Abdul Wahab al - Saadi commander of operations edit Fallujah. He revealed that the joint security forces fired designation (breaking terrorism) on the process. He said Rajeh Barakat al - Issawi, a member of the security committee in the Anbar provincial council in an interview with(long - Presse) that "Lt. Gen. Abdul Wahab al - Saadi was chosen by the military leadership as head of Liberation Fallujah officially the supervisor of the military units to liberate the city from the guerrilla organization Daash terrorist. " Issawi said that" the liberation of Fallujah process came very close, and it is hoped the implementation of the combat phase and the process of the raid on Fallujah axes during the next few hours after the end of all security forces from the preparations proliferation and concentration in thebreakers responsibility . " He pointed local administrator that " the joint security forces fired designation (breaking terrorism) on the battle to liberate Fallujah from the control elements regulate Daash , " noting that " the tribal fighters will be participating actively in the introduction of ground forces to storm Fallujah axes." He pointed Issawi that " the forces security that will participate battle of liberation of Fallujah is the army and theband eighth counterterrorism operations Anbar Brigade withstand the hand Amiriyah and a brigade of armor Fallujah and regiments tribal fighters with the support of Air Alliance international. " He said al - Issawi that" the next few days will witness the implementation stages of editing Fallujah operation, especially after decreasing the numbers of the organization , according to intelligence information , "adding that" the number of elements of the organization amounted to less than 600 element within the city, while the number ofinnocent civilians in Fallujah amounted to less than 50 thousand people. " in the meantime, the leadership of the Federal police, yesterday, announced the arrival of 20 thousand element of its fighters escorted byarmored vehicles and artillery mechanisms to the outskirts of the city of Fallujah in preparation for the storm and its liberation from the control of the organization (Daash).  he said the federal police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat, said in a brief statement received, (long - Presse) a copy of it, that "20 thousand element Federal police forces fighters backed by armored vehicles and battalions and artillery arrived at the outskirts of the city of Fallujah in preparation for the storm , ".sv informed source in Anbar operations, said yesterday. in conjunction with the imminent launch of liberalization Fallujah operation, the leaders of the security forces and the crowd People joint meeting, east of the city was held. a source early in Anbar operations, (long - Presse), " the leaders of the army and the police and the fight against terrorism and popular crowd held this morning, a security expanded the farm camp, east of Fallujah, to finalize plans to storm the city of Falluja and freed from the control of the organization of a meeting (Daash) . " said the source, who asked not to be named, said : " the meeting focused on the importance of determining the concentration of sites (Daash) and destroy and blow up headquarters , which they use with ready combat troops to storm Fallujah axes of Prime important ways to ensure the evacuation of civilians from the fighting positions . "In this Meanwhile, Karim al - Nuri, said a spokesman for the Badr Corps, one of the main factions of the popular crowd, told AFP yesterday, "now everything is ready and only operation starting left , " stressing that " the process is very close and wait for zero hour." Furthermore, quoted by AFP Qais al - Khazali, commander of the League of theRighteous, one of the main factions of the popular crowd, saying , "will see these days the battle to liberate the area of the most important areas and high specificity of the Aldoaash." the al - Khazali said "honorable Iraqis from all provinces, especially the center and south are able to liberate every inch from our dear, today Fallujah and tomorrow Mosul. " turn called the war the media cell, yesterday, the people of Fallujah preparedness out of the city via the safe ways. the media war cell, in an appeal to the people of Fallujah, said that" all citizens who are still inside Fallujah preparedness out of the city via the secure ways will show you later , "calling on citizens to" stay away from the headquarters of gangs Daash groupings as it will be treated as targets for warplanes. " the statement said the cell, received a (long - Presse) a copy of it, that" all citizens in Fallujah provide information and ask for help by sending messages on the free line 195 ", and urged the families that can not get out of Fallujah to" raise the white flags on their location. " she cell to the" liberation of Fallujah operation is a military operation Iraqi common to all sectors of the army and the counter terrorism, the police and the crowd and popular tribal and air force and army Aviation , "indicating that" these forces will play battle option and sole victory and the liberation of Fallujah from Conception Daash terrorist. "he continued military cell a statement addressing the residents that" the liberation of Fallujah process for you and for the re - Fallujah to her family , a a victory for all Iraqis, especially the sons of Anbar. " in a related context, said a member of the security committee in the Anbar province , see Barakat al - Issawi said in aninterview to the (long - Presse)," the 20 families were able to escape from inside Fallujah and its outskirts and go to the security forces , "noting that " The security forces moved them to hand Amiriyah, south of Fallujah, and the provision of food and medical materials they need." Issawi said, that " the families were able to escape the behavior is far from the presence of elements of the organization , which prevents civilians to move out of their areas and Atakzhm human shields ways", pointing out that " the joint forces will determine the areas of safe, roads in the axes and the area around Fallujah to evacuate innocent civilians and taking them to the reception of displaced people that have been identified in terms of Amiriyah and city tourism and Habbaniyah, with scrutiny of all civilian identities of men and young people to ensure that no breakthrough Daash civilians who are being evicted centers."

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