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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Masum congratulating the battle of Fallujah: he won the world's admiration and appreciation



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Masum congratulating the battle of Fallujah: he won the world's admiration and appreciation

Post by rocky on Wed 25 May 2016, 3:27 am

Masum congratulating the battle of Fallujah: he won the world's admiration and appreciation

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Congratulated the President of the Republic, Fuad Masum, the Iraqi people to "heroic victories" achieved by the joint forces in Fallujah, while counting to continue became the subject of "admired and appreciated throughout the world," he expressed confidence that it represents a step "critical towards the final victory near" the Daash and the liberalization of Mosul. 
Masum said, in a telegram addressed to the Iraqi people, on Monday evening, received a (long - Presse) acopy of it, "We congratulate our people steadfast heroic victories of our armed forces continue to accomplish the organization Daash terrorist and remnants of the gangs in all axes Fallujah operations since the start of the process of liberalization the city and culminated in today 's success to restore its control over the vine strategic bridge. " 
He called on the President to" continue these victories that have become highly appreciated and admired throughout the world, " and praised the " bravery of our armed forces from the army and the federal police and the crowd and folk tribesmen, as well as the army Aviation pounce on dens Daash in Fallujah if thestarting liberation of the city process. " 
saluted infallible," valuable contribution to aviation international coalition in support of the battle of the holy people to purge all the cities and the territory of Iraq from the Conception terrorism to protect the democratic system and the future generations , "and expressed" fixed confident that this victory illustrious represents adecisive step towards final victory near the terrorism and edit private Mosul. " 
in the same context, the head of the Sunni Endowment, Abdul Latif Alhmam, called for the" blessing " theefforts and sacrifices of the armed forces formations all, it is supported in its efforts to liberate Fallujah and other Iraqi cities . " usurped "by Daash. 
he Alhmam, in a statement, received (range Press) copy of it, he was " more than two years and cries forhelp launched by Hrairna and our children that continue from the city of minarets Fallujah steadfastness, already burdened months ago throughout under the influence of the occupation gang Daash terrorist. " 
He pointed out that" the Sunni Endowment appealed repeatedly gave the initiative to liberate our city usurped and provide relief to its people, and after the flood is enough hit, and available appropriate circumstances, responded to the General command of the armed forces, and Iraqi forces common to all its different forms and configurations, to break into the city and expel the terrorists of them, and ridding thousands of families besieged them, who taste death daily intimidation and terror and hunger and heartbreak to those they havelost. " 
the head of the Sunni Endowment, that with the " springboard edit Fallujah operations, we overlooked sedition again through some Almrgevin, who traded with the blood of the sons of Anbar, and they like editing cities of the province and the expulsion of terrorism of them, and they are now promoting strife and division in support of the guerrilla terrorist Daash , "stressing that" it requires the blessing of the efforts and sacrifices of theheroes of all kinds of armed forces brave, and their supporters in their efforts to liberate Fallujah steadfast and all the cities of Iraq usurped Daash terrorist gangs. " 
He continued Alhmam, that "answered the call home came from southern Iraq, middle , or north , coming to Anbar of grants to himself racing against his brothers for the support of Fallujah or the testimony in its territory, is the pride of Iraq and the Iraqis does not seek to discredit him , but Daasha or a traitor , " calling on "our people in the private and Anbar , Fallujah General and Iraq, to be backing and support and stand behind their troops heroine in all configurations, in its war against terrorism Aldaasha obscurantist, do not pay attention to the voices of Almrgevin. " 
the president of the Court, there was a " day fronts no third between them, either with the right and his men to achieve a brilliant victory and Izt terrorism at its roots, and either with falsehood and terrorism that hasusurped our land and support from Almrgevin in the ground and the end is near , God willing, " and urged thesecurity forces , " the heroine to take the utmost caution and keep innocent civilians from danger, and rid them of Aldoaash terrorists who have taken them as human shields. "

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