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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The fight against terrorism carried out a "mission impossible" paved the way for the start of the pr



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The fight against terrorism carried out a "mission impossible" paved the way for the start of the pr

Post by rocky on Wed May 25, 2016 4:28 am

The fight against terrorism carried out a "mission impossible" paved the way for the start of the process of liberalization of Fallujah

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

An informed source at the Joint SpecialOperations Command, on Tuesday, about thequality of the process of "Impossible" wascarried out by a team of tactical force in thefight against terrorism device at the center of the south - east of Fallujah, west of Baghdad, paved the way for the start of liberation of the city operations, kill all the snipers who are deployed to the organization and the destruction of sniping sites . 
the source says in an interview to the (long - Presse) that " the organization Daash had published a sniper in the Shuhada neighborhood southeast of Fallujah, and a number of other areas to prevent the combined forces of progress toward the city, especially as the city besieged weeks of 6 axes since , " noting that "joint Specialoperations command officers and put a plan to penetrate the enemy deep in the presence of a single axes to kill the snipers who are deployed organization, after monitoring enemy movements through satellite and intelligence." 
"impossible was the least that can be described by the plan, but it was necessary for the forces that will move Fallujah , about to be able to achieve a real foothold feet and keeping the land in the inner neighborhoods of Fallujah , "according to the source , who points out that" the form team of the most efficient officers and associates of the special anti - terrorism device tactical force, to implement the duty. " According to thesource, " the team ahead of the liberation of Fallujah operation, move lowered the air, and with the first hours of the night of Friday , May 20, in the no - go zone where no military cuts do not exist and there is also the presence of elements Daash, but very close to the regulated line of fire "pointing out that" the choice of theregion has been high accuracy, where it was landing after the incumbent army Aviation and field guns of theenemy several missile strikes to confuse snipers. " 
The team was able to avoid the obstacle of improvised explosive devices planted intensively at repulsed theenemy lines, through detection devices carrying explosives experts in the landing team, where he was the first goal through thermal binoculars night to determine who was hiding one of the structures, leading to two of the finest officers and they can kill him with knives without drawing attention. 
According to the source, that " the team know the identity of the the goal , where it turned out he was asniper foreigner, and found him Bndeghita sniper mineral water and foodstuffs canned, because stationed at the target site and begin to monitor the rest of the snipers, but to no avail, did not show them one. " 
in spite of the orders were strict exercise caution and not rush, but that military jealousy among Iraqi fighter abt only have to pay one associate to march towards the second target of a sniper holed up in an iron - tight Tower, and after waiting for more than two hours managed to kill him, noting that " the sniper was also aforeigner was found in possession of an American sniper - made ​​gun, a Kalashnikov rifle . " 
after the success of the enrollee in the process sent the agreed reference to the team, to march towards theplace of the iron tower, actually was done after receiving the signal, indicating that the " wheel approached the tower after three hours later however specifically Fajr, prompting team members to hide with affiliated stay in the tower. " 
wheel was carrying one element of the organization Daash, got out and went up to the tower to find affiliated waiting for him, where he managed affiliated to tighten control of it in collaboration with the officer went straight after him, where they were disarmed and tied and Tkamimh, stressing that the " commander theteam gave then an order to withdraw to the first target location, where they were to withdraw quietly before sunrise , accompanied by the detainee. " 
shows the source, that" the team conducted in- depth investigations with detainees as soon as a return to thefirst goal of the importance of speed factor site, where it was found that a sniper and Musharraf to deliver food sites snipers organization called (Abu Suleiman al - Ansari) , "pointing out that" the detainee identified the strength of the whereabouts of all the snipers in the axis of Shuhada neighborhood. " 
immediately after the conclusion of the investigation, I contacted force immediately led joint operations and identified them snipers sites, where they were targeted by aircraft Iraqi F16 strikes directly resulted in all of the deaths, stressing that " the team remained on alert inside the structure which is ready for a full day incase of any emergency , " .oafatt source, that "orders were issued after that to Saraya commandos federal police progress to the front block lines in the neighborhood martyrs , "asserting that" orders were issued while the other team tactical withdrawal, along with the detainee who confessed to present names in the Shuhada neighborhood of the elements Daash by mentioning their names and Knahm and their descriptions. "

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