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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Observers: Fallujah operation Abadi granted a temporary respite from the political crisis



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Observers: Fallujah operation Abadi granted a temporary respite from the political crisis

Post by rocky on Wed 25 May 2016, 3:32 am

Observers: Fallujah operation Abadi granted a temporary respite from the political crisis

 Baghdad / AFP 

Granted restore the city of Fallujah from al Daash process, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al -Abadi outlet in the storm political crisis experienced by the country by diverting theattention of the claimants reforms Ssayash.oantlaq military operation to restore Fallujah (50 km west of Baghdad), Abadi given the opportunity to present himself as commander in chief armed forces fighting terrorism in exchange for his image as prime minister to face angry demonstrators stormed his office a few days ago. 
the media quoted on Monday showed footage of Ebadi , wearing military uniforms special forces while inspecting operations command headquarters in the battle of Fallujah, the most prominent strongholds of thejihadists in Iraq. 
and put pictures of Ebadi on networking sites social attached to the phrase " the prime minister runs thebattles" on the front lines in the front. 
said Patrick Skinner, a former officer in the Central intelligence agency CIA and the worker with the "tinder" Consulting Group currently, the Fallujah "for Ebadi, not a matter of distraction only. but a certain amount of actual control and leadership of Baghdad , the level may appear if it is well implemented. " He continued ,"It's not like good governance , but it needs to be all you can get it now." In 
turn, sees Zaid al - Ali, a professor at Princeton University and author of a book on Iraq, said the process could Provides for devotional service , but for a short time. Ali says that " the process of Fallujah form of Ebadi's political crisis , a temporary respite at best." 
He said Iraqi analyst , "no matter how much success will be achieved against al Daash in Fallujah, Iraqis will continue to demand radical reforms." But the outlet , even if temporarily an improvement important for thePrime Minister. 
The last Friday, protesters stormed the Green Zone , where the headquarters of the government and the House of Representatives, and went into his private office after they had stormed the parliament building during a previous demonstration late last month. 
It demands the protesters to form a government of technocrats, which Abadi seeks to achieve, but he faces a rejection of the big political parties that dominate the power and capabilities of the country. 
and took the security forces stationed at the entrance to the green Zone crackdown last Friday and fired stun grenades and other tear also directed water hoses to the protesters in an attempt to fend them off. The security forces fired into the air but nonetheless two demonstrators were shot dead and dozens injured from tear gas in particular. 
Following the fall of the victims by the angry demonstrations, Ebadi called for the House to approve the new government lineup , but the Council has not healed since the storming of the protesters premises last month. 
Before incursions, the House of Representatives failed to reach an agreement on the completion of voting on the candidates presented by al - Abadi , although the parliament passed a number of them in the prevention of a number of deputies from attending the session, in a move facing accountability Qanonah.lkn All eyes are now on Fallujah , which is under the control Daash ago about two and a half year, after his control in January 2014. 
He pointed out that al - Abadi Fallujah operation had been planned for several months, but was postponed due to political unrest in Baghdad. He said in a speech broadcast "" Iraqiya state television that "political problems as well as the events ... that threatened security in Baghdad worked to delay some of thepreparations." 
Involved the popular crowd forces, mostly Shi'ite factions backed by Iran, along with Iraqi forces to restore the Fallujah operation .obgd of the outcome, the battle of Fallujah granted Abadi automatic chance to appear stronger. 
sees Kirk Sowell, the publisher of "Inside Wairakei Politks" resident in Jordan, said al - Abadi , "presented thefirst two weeks of May attacks on television talk shows from all sides , which was considered weak ". Sewell said that "his appearance in military uniforms surrounded by men dressed in the same outfit to launch theFallujah operation, is exactly what it needs Abadi

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