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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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British newspapers: exhausting tour of urban warfare waiting for Iraqi forces in Fallujah



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British newspapers: exhausting tour of urban warfare waiting for Iraqi forces in Fallujah

Post by rocky on Thu 26 May 2016, 3:19 am

British newspapers: exhausting tour of urban warfare waiting for Iraqi forces in Fallujah

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It is no coincidence that the issue propaganda official in the organization Daash, Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, a new audio message to his followers on the eve of the battle ofFallujah current , especially as the besieged by forces loyal to the Iraqi government the city. Also , US fighter planes flying in the air in support of her as that since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, according to a report quoted by the British newspaper The Telegraph.Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi and his military commanders are well aware of this, and they are preparing for months for this attack. It became Markia Fallujah in 2004 - since he became President George W. Bush " the words of the task ended," into a quagmire of armed insurgency - and a stain on the conscience of US -British alliance. In the beginning knew Westerners Fallujah when four American security contractors in the city killed after ambush them in March 2004, and the suspension of their bodies were charred on one of thebridges while bystanders cheered and took pictures. Having realized the Americans that the acts of resistance that could turn into a major popular uprising, tried to storm the city to assert their authority, but they were forced to withdraw. city and exposed to physical destruction, and did not unable to city residents from returning to their homes , and she continued the cycle of violence. It was necessary to postpone the broad offensive until November of that year. The attack was successful , but the number of victims - thousands ofmilitants and 80 from the American side - making Westerners realize that the fight proved to be a permanent conflict of another kind, not just drop the system. The images of US soldiers, wearing body armor and applying under the umbrella of the aerial bombardment, remember the people American war in Vietnam, and was at the same time a powerful means of recruitment for the benefit of Abu Musab al - Zarqawi , the leader of the group named after the then - Qaida in Iraq. That group - now called Daash- were not stuck to the task of land as long as the Americans are present, but they made ​​a lot of areas with a Sunni majority in Iraq buffer zones. If we get forward toward 2016 , we see that another exhausting round of urban warfare in sight, but this time the onus is on Iraqi - led purely practical to defeat not only Daash on the ground forces, but also to defeat the mentality of the same rebellion. that 's what makes Aladnana message is very important, he said in a surprise to those who flocked from all over the world to the alleged caliphate " of no importance for the territories we Nmskha, you Snndhr if we lose Mosul or Sirte or tenderness or other, and come back as we were before? No, the only Faalandhar is the loss of the will to fight. " physical destruction is uncertain, after shelling and street fighting will leave Daash behind a series of mines and booby fields if what pulled out at the end. But if the mass human too, and could not the people to return to their homes while ensuring their future, the wheel of violence will continue to rotate. In turn considered "Daily Star", in a report published yesterday, said the Fallujah rebel city days were the same small shopping site on the Euphrates River , just 50 km west of Baghdad, but the clout in modern Iraq outweigh the relatively modest size. The Sunni tribes strong always in Fallujah that preceded its reputation, an exciting city to trouble US - led invasion in 2003. considered Fallujah religious center an important year in Iraq, where he stands in the sky hundreds ofminarets making it dubbed " the city of mosques." At the beginning of 2014 fell Fallujah , but fighters anti-government after the withdrawal of security forces during the unrest , which began when the troops cleared aprotest camp against the government near Ramadi what sparked the fighting that has spread to Fallujah. the city was the fall - which later became one of the main strongholds of the Daash - the first time the exercise ofanti-government forces such overt control in the Iraqi city since the height of the violence that followed the US - led invasion in 2003. the broad Daash - an attack which dominated Mosul - until June of 2014 did not occur, so the majority of Iraqis see Fallujah as a place where all things began and took they call it "head of thesnake

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