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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Collapse and split Aldoaash inside Fallujah



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Collapse and split Aldoaash inside Fallujah

Post by rocky on Thu 26 May 2016, 4:07 am

Collapse and split Aldoaash inside Fallujah

5/26/2016 0:00 

[rtl] Baghdad -abbah MOSUL - Sunrise Maher 
expanded edit Fallujah operation that resulted inthe clearance of the goals of the task and large tracts record time .. launching campaigns double and Asotai scale Wednesday the first for theLiberation of Khalidiya island north of the city and the second on the axis of the intersection of peace to the south of Fallujah , which iswitnessing a collapse and split the ranks of Aldoaash inside , including the execution of anumber of their fellow escapees and spare Age others , along with the youth of its people clashed with terrorists who imposed exorbitant amounts on all those who wish toleave the city over a secure outlets provided by our forces of stand on the perimeter ofFallujah. Khalidiya island commander of the Anbar operations Maj . Gen. Ismail Mahlawi, announced the launch of two operations and Asotai scale for the Liberation of Khalidiya island of peace and intersection, explaining that the pieces infantry Division eighth mechanism made ​​at dawn yesterday from Amiriyah Fallujah until the intersection ofpeace toward the Euphrates River to the southern Ocean to Fallujah to liberate theremaining areas of the definitive responsibility.    He also kicked off pieces of X band towards the island Khalidiya toward the Japanese bridge to the confluence with thepieces of the band 14. explaining that the operations were done with the participation oftribal fighters and air force and army Aviation and the international coalition, tanks and artillery. the media war cell in a statement, said that the security forces to the X band made ​​clear progress in the liberalization Khalidiya Island operation , noting that theartillery division was able to inflict Daash terrorist gangs great human and material losses in the areas of Albu Bali Albu Obaid in the northern axis. intersection of peace also said a statement issued by the Ministry of defense, said the Champions eighth band also made ​​good progress after setting off from the Amiriyah Fallujah until the intersection peace toward the Euphrates River .. the statement continued: in and out of theChampions seventh band ten and under the direct supervision by the division commander , Maj . Gen. Jabbar Naima Karam their progress within the axis infantry Brigade 55 and the axis of progress infantry Brigade 60 child strongholds Daash terrorist in an orchard Tikriti area and Zoba bridge Alveban and Mahasna and Ma'ameer , resulting in the killing and wounding dozens of terrorists and dismantle 25 of an explosive device, destroying two houses Mfajgen, while the engineering effort for theband to open safe corridors for the purpose out of the besieged families have been cleared a number of roads and houses that Fajchtha terrorist Daash gangs, and had men artillery battalion band 17 big role in DC terrorist strongholds and pieces of theband still continuing progress towards the goals set them. end the front page   , detect and Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban, during his stay on the outskirts ofFallujah, that the plan to liberate the city will be in three phases, the first to encircle thecity and the second to sweep through neighborhoods liberated hemmed and third intrusion , pointing out that the security forces approached the completion of the first phase.  He pointed out that the security forces victories achieved great in record time and cleared a wide range of areas and villages in the vine and in the outskirts ofFallujah, indicating that Daash terrorist gangs trying to use civilians as human shields, to stop offering the pieces, stressing that the security forces have taken a number of measures and actions that aim to isolate the populated areas, which includes civilians to preserve their lives, and that the security forces are keen to re - Fallujah to theirowners. the crowd does not enter Fallujah so stressed commander of the joint forces ,Lt. Gen. Talib Hgati, yesterday, that popular mobilization forces leaders have declared not to participate to enter Fallujah Center, noting that the security forces are will storm the city, while stressing the need to secure the exit of civilians innocents.  he said that the popular crowd leaders have announced they will not enter Fallujah, indicating that thesecurity forces are will process breakthrough and enter the city through specific themes, noting that the most important challenges we face is to keep the civilians and infrastructure in the city and started planning her constantly to protect them and keep them safe corridors for their exit, stressing the existence of a clear and information instructions for everyone to get out of peaceful citizens and protect them, pointing out that we have the detailed information about the terrorists and their networks within thecity of Fallujah. infighting within the city and within the city of Fallujah , according tointelligence sources obtaining a split in the ranks of the remnants of Daash. Intelligence reported as the popular crowd, the so - called (and to Fallujah) is Arab and foreign leaders not to deal with people from the people of Fallujah who are fighting with Daash they are cowards and can not be relied upon. He said (and to Fallujah) is collecting families in the market area and was commissioned belongs to Daash of Fallujah residents Bmhasrthm and prevent their escape. The sources said that a group of young people refused to fight with Daash There were fierce clashes with them in theneighborhood of Engineers central Fallujah.   As a result of the defeats suffered by theterrorists .. proceeded gangs Daash to the execution of 10 of its members fleeing from the face of the Champions our popular and crowd in the vine, in the square in central Fallujah and before the eyes of citizens, at the same place they have those gangs also cut off the tongues 5 of elements disgruntled and who tried to escape from the an exit for the people and in spite of confirmation member of the parliamentary security committee MP Qasim al - Araji, that the forces and the popular crowd managed, yesterday secured through Fallujah Barrage toward the intersection of peace as an outlet last to exit families from Fallujah, but the commander of west Baghdad operations , Maj .Gen. Saad warship, pointed out that a small number of families managed to get out of the city since the start of military operations , two days ago as the terrorist Daash gangs are holding these families as human shields, recalling that security forces opened safe several exit crossings and contribute to the evacuation to the dedicated and far from danger Aldoaash places. while , according to local sources that terrorists Daash given achoice of families between the penalty or pay exorbitant amounts of money of not less than 6 million dinars per family in exchange for the freedom of it. But it did not bow to these options imposed by forcibly so - called (military officer) in the south of Fallujah terrorist boycotted (Iyad Al - Marzouq) , who was rumored he was killed recently.Victories achieved    from the field, the nicest federal police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat, Aldoaash losses, adding that operations conducted in accordance with the decree by her joint operations, and more than 80 percent of the dead terrorists , foreigners, stressing killed hundreds of people and the flight of many of them, as well as the bombing ofdozens of bombs , wheels and raise thousands of improvised explosive devices, inaddition to clearing all the roads and villages stretching from vine city even the entrance to Fallujah. the completion of editing large areas on the axis east of Fallujah and thevillages of Naif Al - Ali and Subaihat , and the flames and the Awakening and Albuaaad and the Council of my karma, refractory and fibrous Shihabi, beautiful and Albu iron and Albu Sete and Alboaudh and Alsjr, Chinese and village worship and Kabissat and Albuabad and laboratory cement and lab blue and raise the Iraqi flag over the municipal Council on the vine. for his part, al - Moussawi , which is fucking brigade popular crowd managed to crowd Champions on Wednesday, pieces of Albu per record crossings to Fallujah hand blather they move clearly against the very weak resistance from theremnants of the defeated Aldoaash in that region as well as free of the families.


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